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  1. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    Jets pick #1 next yr if hack starts and plays all yr. I still would like to see more of petty. He could prove to be a solid # 2 going forward, when we do get a qb next yrs draft or FA. Hack will go back to #3
  2. You know you suck when you get burned like a former scrub like Vince young lol
  3. For 3 million.. and jets paid 12 million for his services a yr ago 😂
  4. I wonder how many of his kids he has actually met?
  5. So who's our next GM?

    I'm sure if Rex was our coach 10 yrs ago he too would have picked dbrick and mangold in the 1st round 😂
  6. So who's our next GM?

    Knowing woody he will bring back mike T and Rex in a yr Lol.. nothing would change, DEFENSE would still be 80% of our draft
  7. We don't need him to try to be a leader. That is earned on it's on. He needs to focus on improving his cover skills, not let up big plays by playing too over aggressive.
  8. Kapernick - why the hell not?

    No thanks. The last place a unpatriotic scumbag should be in in NY/NJ
  9. And Mac knows he can hide his bust pick by not playing him this yr, and then just drafting a qb top of next yrs draft.
  10. What is Mo willing to bet ? 2 million? Otherwise it's bs talk.
  11. Joe finally said something intelligent. Why hide hack another yr ? We are likely picking a qb top of next yrs draft. Unless hackenberg gets in there and shocks the world. Might as well give him that long shot before we call him a bust before he even gets a shot.
  12. This Is What You Want To Hear ...

    Would be nice if there was even 10% focus put on offense though 👍
  13. Robby Anderson Arrested

    I don't know. He isn't in college anymore. He is a professional athlete. Even if he was in college or HS, we can't be making excuses for a kid to attack a police officer. That is just enabling the punk lifestyle some of these young athletes admire today. I know we aren't expecting much out of the jets this yr, but it's important to get the environment right. This isn't Rex Ryan's brawlers anymore.
  14. Robby Anderson Arrested

    If this story is anywhere close to being true there is no excuse. If it's totally fabricated by the officer then the officer gets fired. Cops were called because Robbie wouldn't leave and was being disorderly to security. That is bad enough. Resisting arrest and assaulting a officer is not just a fine. He is looking at jail time. I suspect he will take a plea to avoid that. Thus admitting to exactly what happened. The jets are not going to come out and say " well we really don't think he did anything wrong, he just admitted to all of that in court to avoid jail." If you don't nip these punks and punish them right away it only gets worse. Look at mets situation with matt Harvey.
  15. Robby Anderson Arrested

    Of course. And when it's verified and we all can agree there is no excuse, suspend him for 6 games 👍