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  1. Of course Mac sees something in him. Even if there is nothing there. It was the right move to let hackenberg play before you take another qb early in draft. But We all should be glad for another reason. Jets are likely getting a top 5 pick next yr, and there is MUCH better qbs in next' yrs draft.
  2. You are right. You can go with the probability but still. These are not two guys that you really are going to say " ohh no " if they were picked. We the huge holes we have, there was no one position /player that we absolutely had to have.
  3. The problem is mac froze again, took a player in 2nd round that probably wasn't getting picked until the 3rd. Same exact scenario as last yr. Nobody else was picking hackenberg in the 2nd. I don't think teams were lining up for Darren lee either. I just want to hold this guy accountable. Just because they love a guy doesn't mean they shouldn't evaluate wether other teams like the guy as much. If mac was smart about that he could have traded down and still very acquired maye.
  4. Why the smart gms take advantage of young incompetent gms like Mac. They moved up and it only cost them worthless pics
  5. At least we are guaranteed to pick higher than the browns in next yrs draft 👍
  6. who ever the new GM will be then won't feel obligated to re-sign then
  7. At least we didn't pick D. This guy won't come place to replacing Marshall's production
  8. Ya right. It's going to be another pick for secondary count on it
  9. I don't know but I'm willing to bet no one has ever taking back to back safeties in 1st two rounds before 👍
  10. Lol no just stating the obvious. I know you're always the good company guy who would give thumps up to mac even if he drafted a place kicker here lol
  11. I love that if they do become very good, we will have so much $$$ tied into the "safety" position 🙉. Nobody does that. It is a position you can easily plug in. How awesome was Jim Leonard ? He wasn't even drafted
  12. Ya they both so good at being versatile that they both won't ever be dominant at either 👍
  13. The only thing I can give credit to mac for. He is all in for tanking for a top pick next yr in very good qb class 👍
  14. 2nd yr in a row we could have easily traded down in 2nd round and got same pick in the 3rd. Only the jets
  15. Jets don't draft offensive players that play