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  1. A bunch of middle class white guys threatening street justice on each other ?
  2. Please let that be true
  3. We have no QB , if he's there at 6 you have to take him at this point ...almost no choice , after last night he most likely won't be there at 6 though .
  4. He's going to get overdrafted because of Elliot , just like Darren McFadden was overdrafted due to Adrian Petersons rookie year ...I wouldn't touch him .
  5. Good post , the jury is still out on McAdoo also
  6. We're the Art Howe Mets right now .
  7. This is probably all for show cuz of the ambassador thing ...Woodys smart , he's gonna run things in disguise like Bobby V after an ejection .
  8. Toms right , none of these Belichick guys are coming here again's not worth even thinking about , even if Obrien is available....he's not available to us .
  9. If Sean Payton is really available he's the guy to go get , if he gets traded and we go into next year and go 4-12 with Bowles again I don't know how Woody recovers from that one with the fan base ...not that he gives a s##%
  10. I can't wait until we get the Cowboys Oline , and the 90's Montana 49ers skill position players , oh and build a dome we can start evaluating us some QB's already dammit.
  11. The coaching staff is all time bad , and don't look now but the GM may not be much better , that's the story , nothing else ...end this Woody .
  12. Another reason to hate that little weasel Mehta...We only hired Bowles because Mehta bullied Woody into not hiring Doug Marrone