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  1. Didn't see this coming , still early in the year but they look bad , even more so considering how bad Dallas looked yesterday a week after manhandling them.
  2. Week # 2 Positives/Negatives

    Positives....I just figured out Todd Bowles looks exactly like a fat version of Rafael Montero...it's been bothering me for awhile . I can put that to rest now .
  3. Predict our next coach

    Do anything and everything it takes to get Sean Payton , the way Hess did with Parcells .
  4. It's really looking that way , I never thought I would see someone worse than Kotite but this guy is right there .
  5. It does seem low for a base , but after massive bonuses for ratings wins coupled with all the other stuff he does , I would think he's still pulling in well over a million a year salary .
  6. Agree on all points , he's going to federal prison that's already a certainty, just a matter of for how long .
  7. I agree with your premise , but they are more than co workers ...they've been referring to each other as outside of work best friends for years now ..this hurts Boomers credibility big time .
  8. Quality stuff Sar...agreed .
  9. Your right ..let's call this what it is , i actually like Boomer more than most Jet fans ...but he had to know something .
  10. Fair assessment of Hack

    He's got Brady speed ? That sounds useful , I didn't realize that ,nice pickup .
  11. Trader Mike II?

    Good points, but I disagree with the last sentence , I think Buffalo beats us handily ...I don't think most people even on this board have accepted yet just how bad we are going to be ...2 to 3 wins tops, and 1-15 is on the table.
  12. Agreed on everything except the Taco Bell comment , the WR's we brought in that year couldn't have passed the background check there .
  13. Mauldin stinks , he gets a lot of love around here and I never really understood why...If this is even remotely true cut him .