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  1. I don't know , it's just percentages , sorta like waiting for your career journeyman stopgap QB to turn into Jim Plunkett or Rich Gannon ...when history says the overwhelming majority of them are just Sean Salsbury
  2. I've seen this Tiki Barber thing being thrown around since last night , not every young player who fumbles is Tiki Barber, it's an absurd comparison , J Marshall is not Tiki Barber , stop it every young player on every NFL team now should be allowed to fumble at will because once apon a time Tiki Barber fixed his fumbling problem ? It's a laughable argument. He's an undrafted rookie who at bare minimum should be benched , and the argument can be made should be cut outright or put on the PS...players much more talented with much more potential have been benched and cut for less by successful coaches and organizations .
  3. Your right , I've given it some less simplistic thought , ..Jalin Marshall , Brandon Marshall ...really no difference at all. I have no idea what I was thinking , once again ..good work by you .
  4. Yes cutting a potential hall of famer for dropping a couple balls is exactly the same thing as cutting an undrafted rookie for 2 scoop and scores in 10 days ...that's a great comparison by you , keep up the good work
  5. Honestly I think you cut the kid tomorrow morning, no choice , you have a new regime still trying to build a culture here. I feel bad for the kid but its what needs to be done.
  6. this is not even the most painful loss of this season…for f#@3ks sake
  7. If you're talking about winning the division it's going to take more than that
  8. Do we get credit for AJ Greens stats also ?
  9. Like if Forrest Gump was a sniveling snake in the grass instead of a well meaning simpleton
  10. Imagine you can get kicked out for doing the Decker first down " taunt " twice but not for that facemask ?
  11. Totally agree , I watched Jim Kelly's teams pound us into submission twice a year mercilessly for a decade , maybe some forgot or are too young to remember ...I still hate the Bills.
  12. She once hit Bill in the head with a flower pot from 30 yards out , on the run , and he was moving fast back then .
  13. Bowles knows the onside kick is a low percentage play ? Ok cool , I feel better now , he's one sharp cookie