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  1. Potential 2nd Round Picks?

    Skip the 2nd round, nothing good happens there for us , kindve like how some Hotels go from the 12th to the 14th floor .
  2. The Lee pick reminds me of

    beat me to it, since when was Vilma some super stud? My lasting memories of him are him getting blown up by running backs on a regular basis. He was average.Above average on a good day.
  3. The Lee pick reminds me of

    yup, and we all got lectured about BPA that night also…can't be reaching for those project QB's and all.
  4. Size, Schmize…..I'm just happy we went Defense again…only stupid teams waste first round picks on Offense.
  5. i just hope we don't do anything stupid , like draft an offensive player, tonight. That would really bother me.
  6. How come the best player on our board is never offense ?
  7. Like bugs bunny...only smaller
  8. How come the " best available player " that falls to us is never an offensive player ? Strange is all
  9. 2nd round picks are our specialty...we got this in the bag.
  10. Not for nothing but a lot of Yankee fans are the same way, not the old school ones but the ones who think baseball was invented in 1996...not sticking up for Pats fans but it's just the way it is now .
  11. I have no idea about the center you mentioned but as a general rule I like drafting O lineman in the first round , fan bases usually hate doing it because it's not sexy , until October comes and you literally can't run your offense cuz you can't block anyone .
  12. Yes but is he gritty ?
  13. Only white guys are described as high motor, are you suggesting we only draft white guys? Different but I'm willing to try anything at this point .
  14. Agreed , I zeroed in on Marshall but to your point there's not one WR in the league who wants to play with any rookie QB, I remember Steve Smith going into diva mode when cam newton got and obviously front office should understand that.
  15. Marshall is a 30 something WR trying to pad his stats for an eventual HOF candidacy, he doesn't have the Jets long term thoughts in his head at all, I really don't care what he thinks , neither should our front office .