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  1. Agree 100%, I'm getting done , obviously it's a zombie show so it's hard to talk about " realistic "...but cmon ...Rick is a hardened F'ing killer ..he's had Negan alone 3 times now in 2 episodes and bowed down to him for what reason again ? Carol took out 15 wolves singlehandedly , your telling me with a damn arsenal in Alexandria that they just let Negan and his Happy Days looking out of shape slobs roll in knock on the door and enslave them ?? It's just beyond stupid at this point , I haven't missed an episode in 7 seasons but it's as bad as it's ever been . I agree with your point , this was most likely supposed to be a 2 to 2-1/2 season story line ....they should seriously consider wrapping it up in the 2nd half of season 7....Negan is the biggest television bust since Gerlado popped open Al Calpones vault .
  2. Wasn't he Micheal Sam's roomie in college ? Maybe we should defer to him on this one .
  3. yea I bet we're looking at a minimum of two full seasons of Negan..maybe more.
  4. Who knows how they play it out , it would be a nice twist if Morgan and Carol were a big part of taking down Negan eventually , when they are both on their game they are clearly the two people that have he mental and emotional capability of outsmarting Negan...that's not Ricks strongest assett .
  5. At least Hardwick is getting paid , who's the "super fan " guy they rolled out who needed to mourn with his fellow fans , smh
  6. Phenomenal premiere right ? Geez ...I take back all the bitching I did about the finale
  7. Geno should be cut tomorrow morning just for the way he acted tonight . I honestly believe that .
  8. Ok so Fitz is clearly trying to get benched , he's smart remember ? Collect that money risk free ....can Bowles just accommodate at this point ?
  9. 21-3 and Arians is blatantly trying not to embarrass Bowles God what are the Pats gonna do to us .
  10. It's Desean Jacksons fault we have to deal with Gruden?
  11. Yea that was good stuff , haven't heard an announcer call out a league like that in forever
  12. You did , you were right , now I know how Robert Downeys character in True Believer felt " does this mean the phone company killed Kennedy "?
  13. I for one think it's time we stopped hiring all these offensive minded head coaches and bring in a hot , highly coveted , defensive mind that has never had a head coaching job before's that time .