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  1. Driving home from work today I hit 57 or 58 mph at least twice , I feel so dirty
  2. Joe Montana....obviously
  3. I'm with you , Mario Williams destroyed the Jets locker room when Rex was here as well.
  4. My psychic told me.....oh and also because Rex sucks .
  5. You are destined for failure .
  6. A good play for the first team D or O during preseason is any play that ends with everyone getting up .
  7. without a doubt Glenn, maybe Abraham also…they're going to stick to the comics
  8. In fairness to Rex , I think whatever team won the Rob Ryan sweepstakes was the obvious winner of the offseason .
  9. It's real , i put on 10 pounds from stress eating during both of my wife's pregnancies . Advice , don't google anything and you'll stress less.
  10. I think we should play doubleheaders every Sunday , one game with Geno one with Fitz , it's the only way we know for sure .
  11. You just nailed it , it's the pink elephant nobody wants to bring up , ESPN is 100% targeting young black males as its audience . Years and years of doing this and they have lost and turned off a big part of the audience that they were built on . I hope nobody takes offense to my comment , It just seems obvious.
  12. As an older shcool guy I can't believe I'm saying this cuz I always thought the 100 pitch and innings limit stuff was nonsense , but it's real , for whatever reason , times have changed , it's real. Matz and Noah have been by far and away our best starters so far this year while Harvey and Degrom don't look the same , velocity down etc etc....hopefully as the season goes on the arms round into shape but I don't think it's a coincidence at this point .
  13. To me he just flat out looks out of shape, he has drinkers face also imo, Collins claiming it is fatigue from last year. It's hard to say , I would expect a 15 day DL stint announced any minute now .
  14. It's amazing what's happened to Harvey , there's obviously something wrong with him , I bet he gets shut down soon , even for a couple starts .
  15. Prayers to you and your family Max, she will beat this again .