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  1. Geno should be cut tomorrow morning just for the way he acted tonight . I honestly believe that .
  2. Ok so Fitz is clearly trying to get benched , he's smart remember ? Collect that money risk free ....can Bowles just accommodate at this point ?
  3. 21-3 and Arians is blatantly trying not to embarrass Bowles God what are the Pats gonna do to us .
  4. It's Desean Jacksons fault we have to deal with Gruden?
  5. Yea that was good stuff , haven't heard an announcer call out a league like that in forever
  6. You did , you were right , now I know how Robert Downeys character in True Believer felt " does this mean the phone company killed Kennedy "?
  7. I for one think it's time we stopped hiring all these offensive minded head coaches and bring in a hot , highly coveted , defensive mind that has never had a head coaching job before's that time .
  8. Agreed , he's throwing a hissy fit because Mo is apprently the first athlete not to answer questions after a loss ?..F Manish
  9. All I know is that when do make a change , I want Woody to do something different , maybe look for a defensive guy , coordinator of some sort , someone with zero experience .
  10. GM has done nothing so far
  11. On he bright side , rumors are already floating that next week of practice will be even more spirited and energetic than this weeks were .
  12. Same person since January 1969....Satan .