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  1. Mauldin stinks , he gets a lot of love around here and I never really understood why...If this is even remotely true cut him .
  2. The police want him , that doesn't count ? You said nobody .
  3. Bwahahahahahhaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. A steal like Stephen Hill would be a nice pickup here for us
  5. Giants should hope so ...a young Keller in that offense would be a huge weapon .
  6. I like Williams , but he's the best player on a horrible , dreadful defense on a losing team last year . We still don't know if it was the right pick .
  7. There's football player named Forest Lamp? I say we draft that guy, just cuz.
  8. Agreed 100% , great points ...I feel the same way , while Adams looks like a solid pick, it's hard to call out fans as complainers who watch us draft Defense every single year for almost a decade with not a lot of results .
  9. Just let Jeremy Bates fix Petty in 10 minutes , best and most obvious plan , and we won't even have to trade Scott Kazmir this time .
  10. You realize every one of those teams are looking at us as a Win for them right ?
  11. Does this mean it's safe for Wes Welker to re-sign with the Pats ?
  12. This reminds me of when Rick Peterson was the Mets most important offseason acquisition. Don't count on it .
  13. So I was 0-4 lol....anyway I thought it was a reallly solid finale , other than I'm disappointed that it took so long for Michonne to kill that damn garbage pail girl . Edit , I was 1-4 I forgot shasha...was such a no brianer it doesn't count
  14. BTW , the guy who plays Simon is doing a great job also ...underrated good character
  15. So what's the predictions for tonight ? I'm guessing 2 out of these 3 die tonight , Sasha , Simon , Morgan . edit : Gregory also ....unfortunately I think he's going 1st..gonna miss him he's hysterical .