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  1. I know a lot of people disagree , but if Watson is there at 6 I'm taking him .
  2. I think it will turn out that Eugene knows the only way to take Negan out is to stay undercover for awhile was the smart move, leaving with those 2 idiots at that point was suicide.
  3. So after months of doing nothing Sasha and Rosita had to kill Negan that specific day ? Was there a clock running out we don't know about ? So Negan went back inside the compound , so why couldn't they just sleep in the tower they were in , wait it out and take him out with a sniper shot the next day ? Or the day after ? They just had to storm the compound that night ? Bad episode imo dedicate a whole hour at this point on 2 fringe characters nobody cares about is terrible ....
  4. I remember it like it was yesterday, 1992 wow , I remember Bruce Smith comparing his toughness to Jim Kelly after we played the Bills , Nagle scuffled with Smith after a hit I believe ...Coslet calling him the Browning Rifle lol
  5. Combine HOF players with HOF coaches , good ownership and you get a dynasty , it's how it's worked forever , that's sports. Goes all the way back to the 20's Yankees , the 60's celtics 80's islanders etc etc ..countless examples ...spend a decade trying to beat them , or a decade waiting it out while they beat your brains in , but don't figure out how to try and change the rules to prevent it . It part of what makes sports great.
  6. " a mess with little to no starting potential" is how we should announce our 2nd round picks going forward ...with the 40 something pick of the 2017...18..19...draft , the Jets select....a mess with little to no starting potential .
  7. If he's there at 6 I think you take him .
  8. 63 guns , more than enough to ambush Negan, Lenny and Squggy when they come back to Alexandria...they took down the Governor and a damn Tank with less ...but let's hand them over to the Emos living in a landfill....good Lord, they screwed this Negan strotyline up so badly it's actually laughable at this point .
  9. Revis had the best year ever , but Klecko still had a better Jets career imo
  10. Agreed , AMC Negan would have been taken out by his own a long time ago , the latest reason, why would anyone sit around and watch him kill the ONLY doctor ( on the planet as far as they know ) for absolutely zero reason ...He goes before the doctor goes .
  11. Ok so I'm starting to think that they have screwed up the Negan character on such an epic level that the show may never recover , I like JDM I'm not saying it's him , I can't put my finger on exactly what it is , but Negan was meant to be one of us , a good guy who handled the apocalypse differently , but deep down a good guy , almost like what Shane would have turned out to be if he actually left the farm and formed his own crew . He's supposed to be Ricks ultimate rival , him and Rick are supposed to kind of envy each other in a way while they hate each other ...maybe it's just me , maybe I'm explaining it poorly , I don't know ...the character just isn't working for me whatsoever .
  12. Yea from ezikeils point of view he seems to have a decent thing going , why in the hell would he go to war because some stranger walked in and asked him to ? It would've been stupid if he just agreed right away . Disagree about Morgan , say what you want but he was right, people died that didn't have to because of Rick , and Morgan called it ..also he's the only one using his head again , why hadn't anyone else thought of what he said ? Just Kill Negan? He's always putting himself in vulnerable positions anyway , shouldn't be that hard actually . Agree on Gregory, the guy is hysterical! They're doing a bad job if they are trying to make the viewers hate him .
  13. Agreed , just like we knew Rick wasn't going to decide to fight until the last 5 minutes of episode 8....all out war will most likely start in the last 5 minutes of episode 16
  14. A bunch of middle class white guys threatening street justice on each other ?
  15. Please let that be true