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  1. Looking back, Ogden would've been the smart choice, but I wanted Keyshawn.
  2. Trading Down

    That would be some draft, although I'm thinking they like Gordon based on their involvement during his workout.
  3. Hackenberg is only a sophomore. Why not just draft Winston and have him sit for a season? Don't most quarterbacks have huge egos? Aren't you looking for the confident, alpha male trait in a quarterback?
  4. He's not garbage or a garage. He'd be an immediate upgrade over Geno.
  5. Are we supposed to dismiss the Heisman and championship last year because of tonights game? Down year, ok, but his team was 12-0 heading into tonights matchup. Threw a bunch of ints this season, but its about projection. If he can grow up, big if, he'll develop into a legit starting qb. Hard to pass that up.
  6. I don't mind the yelling. Shows he cares.
  7. Cooper vs White...

    First time watching Cooper was this past weekend against Auburn. I understand Auburn isn't a defensive powerhouse, but he looked like a man against boys. Doesn't seem to be a freak, but looks very polished. Playing top competition year round and playing for a top collegiate coach should give him the nod IMO.
  8. Draft board watching

    Jets have been looking for a superstar qb prospect forever. Winston has to be the guy. Hire a staff just to keep him in line until he matures.
  9. #1 receivers

    The draft is loaded with wrs but with the way the free agency period is unfolding, the cb position may be a bigger need come May.
  10. Baseball's Worst Contracts

    Tied at number 8 should've been the Youkilis contract. Last year, Cashman gave him 13 mil to miss half a season. Youkilis should've offered to play for free this year.
  11. 2013 Senior Bowl 4:00 PM Today

    Would the niners offensive system best suit Manuel?
  12. When watching the Red zone channel, even the commentator felt bad replaying the Sanchez pick 6's.
  13. Charlie Campbell ( Mock Draft

    I know guard is an unpopular position to take that high, but if Warmack is Steve Hutchinson. Do you take him?
  14. Who is left to build around?

    Do the Jets have a full allotment of draft choices this year or did Mister T manage to deal them all before he left?