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  1. Why is it that the Vikings are on the clock again? What pick are we up to? Was there a trade down with the previous selector?
  2. With the 79th pick the Minnesota Vikings select: T.J. Logan, RB, North Carolina @Integrity28 (Colts) OTC
  3. I think Tyreek Hill was in a similar situation. Dude got kicked out OSU (Oklahoma) and dropped to the 5th round. After seeing him play I would give him the full authority to smack every women on my block and still sign him had I know he'd played like this. And yes, I'm just kidding or am I?
  4. I email Boozer a list of who to draft for me after his selection. Good thing I peaked on the board to see if he'd done so as that would have been a 6 hour wait between the both of us.
  5. The Miami Dolphins select with the 54th pick. Carlos Watkins, DT, Clemson TOmShane and the Giants are OTC
  6. With the 48th pick in the Minnesota Viking select: Dan Feeney, G, Indiana Redskins (Powpow) OTC Edit: Geez, I did everything but submit the pick. Smh. Had the page open for an hour on a side tap. Seems like someone made it for me and it was the same exact pick.
  7. I participated in this in 2014 and 15. Miss last year and it looks to be the same this season. If you guys run a 2.0 count me in.
  8. I don't even care about compensation. Just flat out cut him. Dude has no burst or ability to break tackles. His yards are strictly due to the OL and has nothing to due with individuals effort.
  9. If only this was like Madden where you can sim to the next year. J-UST E-ND T-HE S-EASON
  10. All of my former day 2 targets (mostly the 2nd round guys) seem to have creeped in the 1st after their proday including ; CB -Gareon Conly, OLB - TJ Watts, TE --Njoku, LB - Reddick. If that's the case who's the guys dropping out? T.J. Logan, RB, North Carolina DeMarcus Walker, DE/DT, Florida State Jordan Leggett, TE, Clemson Jake Butt, TE, Michigan Ryan Anderson, DE/OLB, Alabama
  11. Williams is a bust ready to happen but Robinson has a better outlook? Don't think so. Many evaluators are considering him a G in the pros.
  12. Michael (sp) Rivera, TE, Raiders coming in Monday to visit Mac.
  13. This season will be a lost season. Would rather trade back is the mid or high teen with a team willing to trade a 1st in 2018. In that range there should still be a handful of studs to select from. Those being selected top 6 not only are highly talented but they are expected to have an immediate impact which isn't necessary for this non-contending scrub Jets team. I wouldn't mind taking it even further in trading to the 20s for a package the Falcons gave up for Julio (1st and 2nd rounder along with a 1st the following season). I wouldn't even demand for the extra picks the Falcons had to throw in on top of that. In 2018 with the assets in cap space and ammo in the draft and Brady being a year older is when we should strike.
  14. If I had to choose between Williams or Howard, you have to go Williams. With that said, what Williams has done has been overlooked. It would be interesting to see the medical on him along with a workout.