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  1. Least Favorite Offseason Move?

    Picking Williams over Vic Beasley
  2. Damon Harrison future w/ Jets

    We can't cut Skrine as he has guaranteed money next year unlike Cro. But to keep both Snacks and Mo would be great however we'll be sacrificing our capital to invest else where.
  3. What his future with the team? A lot of people link Williams to Wilkerson and leave out Snacks. What is the going rate for the top tiers DTs. Would it make sense to to let Harrison walk and find another 1-2 down NT with us investing that money into Wilkerson? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  4. A couple of questions: 1) What team out there as of now can bank on getting a high draft pick next year? 2) If so why should they trade it if that's the case? 3) Why should they trade this high draft pick for Mo Wilkerson on a one year contract?
  5. Makes no sense to not extend him now while his stock is low coming of a 5.5 sack season. I could just image how high his demand would be going in as a free agency with a 2013 season of 10.5 sacks. At that point the figures may be out of hand. Yes we could franchise him but I'll rather bet on him now for less money. His figure now is only $7 mil. Give him a $8 mil signing bonus so his 1st year salary can remain the same against the cap and he can bring home $15 mil in year one. While the other years can lay around $9 mil. I'm not going to get to far into Quinn contract as I'm not to sure of the details. But I know only $15 mil was fully guaranteed.
  6. Pats to release Kyle Arrington

    Ryan Logan, Malcom Butler, Bradley Fletcher ?? Who are these people! This year the Pats* will finish 4th in the standings bank on it. Their defense is just way too suspects. I expect Easley to have a good season though if he can overcome the rust from the ACL injury.
  7. I feel like this is a Hollywood award show.

    One of my co-workers ask me was I watching wrestling lol.
  8. So the consensus seems to be Kevin White

    Why is White better than Parker? Parker would of had a monster year had he not missed 7 games. Sh*t he had just under 900 yards in just 6 games.
  9. Josina Anderson has spoken

    Had De'Vante Parker not gotten hurt he would have been the clear cut 2nd WR production wise.
  10. Josina Anderson has spoken

    Huh? He didn't state anything about about earning the honor of making it to the HOF. More so he talk about his ability so dam much you would think he thought he was in line to go there. Talked up his Bama game so dam much as if other good prospect haven't had those types of performances routinely.
  11. Josina Anderson has spoken

    White has a yuke mouth. Was watching him speak on tv for 2 minutes and was already turn off. He believes he already in line to go to the HOF someday. So if we had to choose I would rather Parker who is more of an Jeffrey's type WR. White can yap his mouth about his diva greatness is another locker room.
  12. The Bengals will have no problem picking him.
  13. Mayock mock draft

    Anyone has a good streaming link? If not can someone keep folks updated?
  14. Not to be rude but I hope he never makes it to the podium and we trade back up in the 1st round if a stud is there. If not it would be great to see him get the honor of announcing the pick.