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  1. Idk, Lee is an OLB converting to an ILB while Pryor was a S who they played in the box as an OLB in passing situation. Lee to me is Daryl Washington while Pryor is Buchanon.
  2. SS/OLB is Pryor's position in our Nickle package. No matter what position you want to label him he'll, be in the box once again covering RB/FB/TE. The confusion must of been thinking he was a 3-4 OLB, but no I'm talking in a 4 DL alignment.
  3. Jets are in their subpack more then 75% of the time which is above the league average of 65%. DE-Wilkerson, DT-Williams, DT-Richardson, DE Maudlin/Jenkins OLB-Pryor, MLB-Harris, OLB Lee CB-Revis, CB- Shrine, CB-Milliner/Williams, FS Gilchrist That's a dangerous and fast unit on the field with the exception of Harris.
  4. He must of had the combine of a 5th round pick (to last until the 3rd round) because his film is of the performance of an late 1st- early 2nd round pick. Dude can flat out play it seems and I'm happy we went this direction. Our young LB core couldn't be thirst into a better situation with the DL that either in front our inside them along with the vet Harris. Don't expect him to drop into coverage must be he does needs to grasp some basic drop back fundamental which starts with his awareness.
  5. Anyone in favor of drafting the next great kicker? Roberto Aguayo, K, Florida State Height: 6-1. Weight: 204. Projected Round (2016): 4-6. 4/27/16: Aguayo is one of the top kickers in college football history and was a three-time First-Team All-American. He connected on 81 percent, 90 percent, and 96 percent of his field goal attempts over the past three seasons, respectively. Aguayo has a strong leg and never missed an extra point over three years. With the change of the NFL's extra point rules, Aguayo is even more valuable. He is a rare prospect who could go in the early rounds on the third day of the draft.
  6. Don't think he'll fall to us but I would like Spriggs. Another prospect is Austin Hooper, TE, Standford. Haven't heard his name thrown around much but he would give us another weapon to our air attack.
  7. Deone Bucannon at 210-15 lbs played OLB for the Cards. Not sure why Lee couldn't do the same along with play ILB on Nickle situation.
  8. Picking Williams over Vic Beasley
  9. I would have to disagree as it most important to get after the passer then stopping the run. It's also proven by the paychecks and demand in the draft for 5 techniques. Also Richardson has 3-4 years till he hits FA so why are we concern about giving him a new contract? Are we also trying to make room for a Milliner as well if has a comeback year lol? We can't cut Skrine as he has guaranteed money next year unlike Cro. But to keep both Snacks and Mo would be great however we'll be sacrificing our capital to invest else where.
  10. What his future with the team? A lot of people link Williams to Wilkerson and leave out Snacks. What is the going rate for the top tiers DTs. Would it make sense to to let Harrison walk and find another 1-2 down NT with us investing that money into Wilkerson? It will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  11. A couple of questions: 1) What team out there as of now can bank on getting a high draft pick next year? 2) If so why should they trade it if that's the case? 3) Why should they trade this high draft pick for Mo Wilkerson on a one year contract?
  12. Makes no sense to not extend him now while his stock is low coming of a 5.5 sack season. I could just image how high his demand would be going in as a free agency with a 2013 season of 10.5 sacks. At that point the figures may be out of hand. Yes we could franchise him but I'll rather bet on him now for less money. His figure now is only $7 mil. Give him a $8 mil signing bonus so his 1st year salary can remain the same against the cap and he can bring home $15 mil in year one. While the other years can lay around $9 mil. I'm not going to get to far into Quinn contract as I'm not to sure of the details. But I know only $15 mil was fully guaranteed.
  13. Ryan Logan, Malcom Butler, Bradley Fletcher ?? Who are these people! This year the Pats* will finish 4th in the standings bank on it. Their defense is just way too suspects. I expect Easley to have a good season though if he can overcome the rust from the ACL injury.
  14. One of my co-workers ask me was I watching wrestling lol.