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  1. no i just didn't understand what you meant. Sorry if I came across wrong. I agree with everything you said. I actually think the weakest link for the team is Right Tackle and an aging OL.
  2. what do you mean "not sure if he will be with the Jets long term" either somebody is great or not. If u don't think he will be great ok but what u said makes no sense.
  3. yes agreed. I could live with either Martin or Miller (both former first round picks) but isn't it cheaper on cap to grab a good RB in draft even if it's at pick #20?
  4. From today's NY Post. Cool article.
  5. Rich Cimini talks about impressive win and Bowles "new look" pass rush on SNY last night.
  6. Bowles addressed this last night when asked directly about the incident. Said it was a football decision and he wanted the faster pass rusher in Catapano who he could utilize instead of having Coples rot on sideline taking up the roster spot. Here is the video. "Bowles Talks Coples Release" on YouTube
  7. go study the tape...Catapano played awesome. Had more pressure than Mauldin all day. Mauldin had the sack and Catapano just missed a few but was disruptive all afternoon. The defense looks 100 times better with those 2 coming off the edge. They went from a team who blitzed half the time in 3rd downs to a team yesterday that barely blitzed at all and still got pressure.
  8. ummm actually no he wears #53 and is an OLB....the website is incorrect. Him and Sheldon Richardson play 2 different positions, so one has nothing to do with the other. He took Coples spot and is being used as a rush OLB
  9. you need opportunities to make plays. Catapano was activated the same day the team left for Houston. So of course he wasn't in the game plan. It's true he hasn't seen the field much but when he has played he has done well. Only played his rookie season and missed last season with an illness. Hopefully he gets his chance so we can see what he can do. It's not like our outside linebackers are exactly lighting it up.
  10. Why are you listing him with defensive lineman? Catapano is a linebacker.
  11. From Scouting Mike Catapano:
  12. true he was playing out if position but was still ranked as one of the top DEs in NFL preseason by PFF even as an interior lineman.