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  1. McCown's' last 32 games

    I fully expect McCown to start but due to his injury history and add he is older he just wont stand up to the grind that is the NFL season. Its just depends how this team does during the period he starts. With this defense and the way it looks to shaping up I could see the Jets winning 5 to 7 games. The burning question is why? Why would they do that when you have one of the best projected QB drafts in recent years? It just doesn't make sense.
  2. If its him he probably bought the election. Unless its based on PSL advocacy or a gauge of money spent at the Stadium since its inception(which I'm sure he can tell you down to the penny) then he's a shoe in.
  3. Well typical Bowles. This sound familiar? McCown has career year, Jets just miss playoff's Macc see's no reason to draft a QB in the first round and signs McCown to a 1 yr 10 mil++ contract after a long hold out. Its all just a case of history repeating as the old song goes.
  4. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    I disagree with you here. A players body needs to be able to withstand the rigors of the NFL season. While some guys are injury prone some are more susceptible to injury than others. Bulking up a little will only help him. Not to the extent that it will take away any speed but a little lifting never hurt anyone.
  5. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Never listened to the woman so I will take your word for it but going by appearance she kinda looks like the Glenn Close character from Fatal Attraction. Must be the hair.
  6. You have to walk before you can fly. Hack looked decent. Much better than the last time on the field. What needs to happen is improvement next time out and so on. McCown made a decent throw on the long play and they moved the ball well. All in all it was better than I thought it would be. You can't expect much the first time out and I look forward to them stretching out the offense in Detroit. Can't wait to go and see some live football! Football is back baby!
  7. Reputation \ Reactions

    Well you can have a neutral reaction to something. Its also called not giving a F%$& about it. So I guess by not replying it would mean the same thing. Why not name it something more colorful like Switzerland(disregard blatant attempt to be young and hip here)?
  8. Please don't put words in my mouth. I never mentioned this was an evil gateway drug and I know the difference between THC and Cannabinoids. The problem as I see it is simply this. With all these new drugs coming out with all these known side effects we simply cannot know the long term effects of any of them. Some of the so-called treatments are worse than the diseases they claim to help. So while in the short term things look great the long term effects cannot be discounted or predicted. Proceeding with caution is the logical and right path to take.
  9. You really can't make a legit comparison until they see real game action when it counts. A lot of these guys will be bagging groceries when the season starts. Of course then if Hack looks bad "real jet fans" will use the roster is gutted excuse and blah blah blah. FO.
  10. A once QB lining up as a TE? Only on the Jets guys, only on the Jets. Is there such thing as a TE option?
  11. I like how he refers to it as my cbd. Can we please see what or any side effects there are before we give it to children or anyone for that matter?
  12. Reputation \ Reactions

    I like the new look. I'm good either way on everything else. I'm just happy to have a place to go for Jets stuff. You really learn to appreciate these things when living outside of NY.
  13. How Invested Are You?

    I'm a Jet Fan. I cannot help it. So I will sit through the blowouts, 6-3 games, buttfumbles, and all that goes with it. It is my gift and my curse. Bleed Green for life baby! Gave myself my first buttfumble!