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  1. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Amazing isn't it? One bad call or one bad bounce of the ball or one tipped pass can have so much influence on a season. That's the frustrating part of all this. Maybe they come out of this playing hard or they could backslide. Just because of a botched call and the whole season totters on the teams reaction to it come game time. I think the vets need to step up for the kids this time. Guys like Mo and Leo gotta come up big against the Fins Sunday. This game is big for the psyche of this team. If they could show no ill effects from a loss such as the one they suffered Sunday it will go a long way towards changing my outlook on the rest of this season's games.
  2. Brad Kaaya just got cut

    Looked okay in the pre-season but not really worth the time. Why load up on QB's when they got 1 less than mediocre one, 1 don't know what and 1 question mark? A case of better the devil you know.
  3. What do you want him to say? They suck? They are an embarrassment? Hey they are 3-3. No one expected that(well maybe Max). Enjoy the ride because from here on out it gets a little rougher every week from now until the end of the season. Lets see what they can do. I don't think they will win many more games but as long as they are competitive the rest of the way isn't that the point? If they win some unexpected games that's not necessarily a bad thing. It will give the young guys something to play for and valuable experience. Take the good with the bad and lets see what happens.
  4. Its funny. I had season tix at Shea and the Meadowlands right up until the PSL crap started. I got into my share of brawls as my Meadowlands tix were right next to the visiting fans section. Always had a few rowdy guys to deal with but normally it was just confined to that section. Any opposing fan would not dare screw around too much in the parking lot though. It was rowdy there and I remember porta pottys getting shoved over with people inside before they put up those wooden fences to prevent it. Much has changed though with stub hub and the ease in which tickets have become available. I have been to many Lions games at Ford Field and have seen people tailgating but not too much violence. Maybe its because its in the middle of Detroit and all the parking lots are individually owned. I pay 40 bucks to park indoors and I am steps away from the Stadium entrance. Believe it or not the only times I have had any trouble is when they play the Jets. I always wear my Joe Klecko Jersey when I go to any NFL game and usually only have a comment from 1 or 2 people but when they play each other is the only time I have almost come to blows. Lions fans are kinda kindred though as that team invents worse ways to lose then the Jets do.
  5. Jets still in playoff hunt

    LOL DUH. If you read the post maybe you would understand why I wrote what I did about the Dolphins game. If they come out playing like they did against the Pats it will show that they have no ill effects or hangover from the horrible loss they suffered on Sunday. If they come out flat and listless that will mean they are suffering from the after effects of that terrible loss. Got it? Good. The Jets and Bills usually split as does Miami and the Jets. We will see though. All of this depends on their motivation or lack thereof.
  6. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Next 4 games are at Dolphins, Falcons and Bills at home and at Bucs. Realistically I see them going 1-3 or at best 2-2. Miami is traditionally a tough place to win and they will be looking for some payback. This is the one where we see exactly what this team is made of. If they show no ill effects from yesterdays loss and come out like they did against the Pats I may think differently. If they come out flat then look out because the wheels just may come off. I will judge all other games based on their performance in this one. I see them beating the Bills at home but other than that its hard to predict. After the bye however I see one winnable game and thats the Chargers. So 5-11 or 6-10 is where I see them ending up. Maybe they get a surprise win late in the season but I am skeptical. We can only see what plays out but realistically this is where we are at. It is what it is.
  7. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Exactly. When the offense gets into a rhythm and hitting on all cylinders you have to keep it going. Thats what good teams and coaches do. Downshifting with a lead disrupts that flow and it is very hard to get it back. Just ask Atlanta. A classic case that happened in last years Super Bowl. They did it and could not turn it back on. They wound up blowing a big lead and losing it as we all know. When Bowles gets a lead he stops playing to win and starts playing not to lose. Playing scared never works out well as we all have witnessed. This team does have some promise but is not good enough to turn it on and off. Yes they were ripped off horribly and had a win stolen from them. They still played hard but the damage was done. Bowles has to stick with what works and it seems to me he has not learned that yet. This is one of his major flaws. It will ultimately lead to his downfall. He also has little ability to make adjustments on Defense when confronted with an opposing coach who does make adjustments. His pigheaded and predictable calls especially on 3rd down are hurting this team late in games. This is something he does almost every game. When have you ever seen him show blitz and then drop guys back into coverage? The answer is hardly if ever if at all. Bowles must adapt in game and he is simply not doing it. This is also a major flaw and must be corrected or it will add to his demise. These are things a HC learns over time. Bowles has had some experience as a HC now and he still hasn't learned these things. This says volumes about his coaching ability. Something has to change and it will probably end up with it being the coach.
  8. Yeah I know what you guys mean. Just totally pissed off about this game. To have it taken from you like that is going to be an issue down the line for me. The one thing I am worried about is how its gonna effect the team. Bowles lost them last year and this is going to test this teams resolve. If they come out flat next week I think he will be on that same road this season. Big test for this coaching staff next week as far as getting them ready to play after a major blow to the teams psyche like that. This will show if Bowles is a competent leader or has learned anything from last year. The fact that he didn't go ballistic after that call may make some players feel like he hasn't got their backs. That sows the seeds of dissent on a team when the players feel that way. Lets see how stone face handles it.
  9. Jets still in playoff hunt

  10. And where exactly do they find that? In the draft? FA? Darnold is most likely staying in school and judging by his up and down play rightly so. That and his inability to handle the pressure at USC show's that he is not ready for the microscope that is playing in NY. Cousins? Okay. Your gonna have to overpay him to come here as he will be coming to a team that IS young and hungry but has holes and a suspect OL. Anyone else is a crap shoot when it comes to a "HOF GRADE SUPERSTAR" and Cousins is not even at that level yet. The only way to find that guy is too develop him yourself. With this coaching staff I agree that's a long shot. I sincerely don't have an answer when it comes to what to do for the future of this team at the QB position. I like Mayfields game alot but once again there are questions concerning him. I do believe he could handle playing here but will Bowles play him? NO. The best I can come up with is try to get Alex Smith and draft a guy like Mayfield or whomever distinguishes themselves through the end of the CFB season. Smith plays a few seasons and they hand the reigns to that guy when they feel he is ready. Hopefully it won't be Bowles that is the HC because he is not the guy to have at the helm.
  11. Gentlemen. I have read through this whole thread and I gotta say simply this. Before this season McCown had what 2 wins in 3 years? So if he "gives us the best chance to win" what does that say about the state of the position on the NY Jets? McCown has been playing above his head in these 6 games. He looks incredibly bad when he plays poorly and a little better than average when he plays well. IMHO it falls on the coach. The play calling became conservative when playing with a lead. When you start conservative play on offense it takes the team out of its established rhythm. This has happened with other OC's on this staff so you can't really blame the current guy. Bowles is still making first or second year HC mistakes. His clock management skills have stayed the same or gotten worse. He has no idea of how to work the refs or show any kind of emotion at all on the field. He insists on playing a 3-4 defense when it clearly is not generating a pass rush and when he had "the best defensive line in the league" he still stayed with the 3-4. He consistently fails at making in game adjustments on defense and is either clueless or stubborn while sticking with the game plan. I know not a lot was expected from this team and they are what they are but they have shown growth. All except the HC. Changing the QB won't make a difference but changing the HC will. Just my opinion here guys agree or disagree it will not change my mind. Bowles is simply not the guy going forward. Hopefully the rest of these games this season will bring that too light.
  12. Why not call timeout there? Wasted 12 seconds before the play was even snapped. They should have used the timeout to at least talk it over. Thats on Bowles.