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  1. Or the guy in that same flick that preaches togetherness and then tosses the women and children in his path as he runs from attacking zombies.
  2. Come on. Tone it down? This roster is in the bottom third of the League talent wise. Leo is basically the only stud on the team. Adams looks extremely good but is unproven on the field. Everyone else is a question mark plain and simple. Yes this team is in a rebuild and while its good that they have finally seen the light and are on the right track the GM and Coach have so far demonstrated that they are not the guys to do it. Bowles lost this team last year and while they have gotten rid of the so-called malcontents he has yet to prove he is a developer and molder of young talent. Mac is another story entirely. His drafts have produced 1 player who was a no-brainer pick at the time and Adams. His FA moves have essentially been busts and while it remains to be seen I have little faith in Mac's ability to build a winner. All of that coupled with the belief that next years draft pick will be the guy that will "save the franchise" makes me laugh. You don't know what will happen in this years collegiate season and their are no guarantees at all. Yet most guys who are advocating that the Jets will get their franchise QB are just assuming that this will happen. I have been watching this game to long and have seen too much happen in this game to bank on that. Until they prove it on the field and in the front office this team and organization need to be taken to task. Anyone who thinks differently is not watching the same thing I am or is incredibly naive. I am a Jet Fan first and foremost. I will live and die with this team every Sunday as I have for the past 40+ seasons. My one goal is to see this team win another Super Bowl before I die. All the years of bullspit, lethargy, bone headed moves, uninspired play, and just plain bad luck have left me not jaded but realistic. Is it too much to ask that this team act like a professional NFL team and not friggin circus? The current regime has so far not impressed me. If it has other fan's that's fine. Just don't insult my intelligence by telling me that everything will be okay when its plainly not and ask me to bank on players that are not even on the team yet or played a down in the NFL. That makes no sense at all.
  3. Well based on past history anything different with this offense is good.
  4. For the team that picks him up after his release? That's the only way he see's a Super Bowl this season.
  5. Well lets hope your right but without a guy to get them the ball its all moot.
  6. The Jets will be 4-1 after their first 5. The Jet Defense will be top ten in total defense. The Jet offense will will score 500+ points.
  7. LOL. Are you a moron? You have been spouting nonsense about a guy who remains a Jet Fan but gave up his season tickets. You called him a quitter BECAUSE he gave up his tix after 29 seasons. Read what you are posting about Nancy before you comment on it. LOL. What a clown.
  8. Horrible. So sorry for you and that family.
  9. I wanted Watson in the first round but can't really fault the Adams pick. It was a glaring need position so I'm okay with it. I really wanted Mixon but was realistic and knew Mac would not pick him. For a team that is so offensively challenged as this one is was it to much to ask to draft on that side of the ball? What reall pissed me off was the trade downs when need positions could have been filled on the OL especially at C. The third round had real value and Mac crapped the bed IMO.
  10. Rex Ryan is on these boards?
  11. Disagree. You can't see his face and as you stated you don't even know if its really him. The guy is basically crossing the line when he talks about his idea of what a "real fan" is anyway.
  12. WTF does that mean? You can't support the Jets unless you spend money on them? That's just ridiculous.
  13. The guy plainly states he is no longer supporting the team financially. Whats wrong with that? He refuses to continue paying for an inferior product. He states plainly he will support them emotionally meaning he will still root for them. Whats the problem?