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  1. LOL. You watching the same draft I am? While I like the WR picks there were plenty of guys available that could of contributed this year and taken some of the heat off of whoever is our starting QB available at the picks he traded. Unless he is trying to save some cap space for udfa's Mac has done poorly so far.
  2. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?". That is probably the Jets mindset coming into this draft. They meant well but were and remain clueless.
  3. I like the idea of young hungry guys being drafted. I just felt there were other ways to go with what was available on the board at the time they picked. Hopefully these guys will pan out but after watching this team since its inception and seeing them make mistake after mistake when it comes to player development its hard to be optimistic.
  4. Welcome to the Jets Ardarius. I admire your toughness and overall ability but since we don't have a proven guy to get you the ball I am looking forward to see you returning punts or kick-offs.
  5. Well since we don't even have one of those what's the harm? Can't be any worse than whats been done so far.
  6. Or you could go with Aruserious in front.
  7. Trade the 4th rounder and one of the 5th's to move up and grab Peterman. They won't, but at least it would be something to look forward too.
  8. They need to trade up and grab Peterman. This would go a long way towards starting the day off right. Would it make me forget the past 2 days? Probably not but in the underwhelming world that is being a Jet Fan you have to take what you can get.
  9. In this case more balls than brains.
  10. Well at least they didn't screw it up.
  11. How pathetic am I that I am staying up to watch this stuff?
  12. this is the draft......that got Mac fired......
  13. Well since your the king of those type of comments feel free.
  14. Well you always right that tired line whenever someone mentions your boy Geno. Kinda old ya know?