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  1. Question about Multiple 0-16 teams

    The Pats won the last Super Bowl on a coin flip.
  2. Question about Multiple 0-16 teams

    It's only week #2. Wait till these guys really get into the teeth of the season. You ain't seen nothing yet.
  3. Bowles keeps putting an undrafted,FA from Holy Cross out to fumble punts. He's definitely on his game, totally dialed in.
  4. We will not be picking 3. Think higher.
  5. I don't think you have enough beer for this one. See you tomorrow.
  6. Elite QB's...who are they?

    Agree with you, with one difference. I'd add Big Ben to the elite group.
  7. Four QB Scenarios

    #4. The rest are jokes, right? Tell me you really weren't serious. Please!!!!
  8. One thing to remember about that '09 defense.....the guy who made it all work, Big Jenks missed most of the year. If only..........
  9. Mayfield & Jackson QB Article

    +1. I'm thinking Macc would have taken Leaf over Peyton. Seriously.
  10. Could probably get a conditional 4-5-6 for Mclendon to the right team. Doubt you could get the balls or the tee for Skrine.
  11. +1. Why in hell would you trade young players that lots of other teams have an interest in? Oh, yeah, we're talking the Woody Jets here.
  12. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    Forgetting an injury for the moment, in any game there are 3 scenario's of how it will unfold. 1) Jets win in a blow-out 2) Raiders win in a blow-out. 3) close game till the end. If #1 or 2 happen, there is a very good chance Hack plays on Sunday. I'd say the odds are pretty strong that happens.
  13. History Repeating Itself?

  14. History Repeating Itself?

    As long as lucky sperm club Woody owns this team, the simple answer to your question is.......No