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  1. How Invested Are You?

    Let's see....this is my 38th year of having season tickets.Over that span, I've never had fewer than 4 seats, and for many years had as many as 9. We go to all home games, and one road game each year.You tell me, how invested am I?
  2. Has Anyone Heard From Villian?

    I think he's with Paradis at the pity party for Lynch and Glennon.
  3. Concern And A Question

    Serious question...would you want your son playing behind this offensive line?
  4. 2017 Jets Depth Chart

    Didn't the Jets bring in 2-3 UDFA punters? Have they all been released? Just curious, because it doesn't sound like they are really in love with Edwards?

    It's Jon Snow who is her nephew..... Khallissi's brother is his father.
  6. Pre-preseason predictions

    Ya think?
  7. Throw in the fact that we "share" a stadium with a team that has been to 5 Super Bowls, won 4, and has a great chance to be there again this year, and it's pretty easy to vote for the Jets in this poll.
  8. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    One of your top 5 posts of all time. You are 100% right. One D put teams away, the other choked games away.
  9. And this was starting out to be such a good day.
  10. If "everything" breaks right, isn't the answer 19?
  11. Think about how truly sad and dangerous that is.
  12. Passed away at 63. Truly a great character from a classic movie. " Son, fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life." Little did we know that Dean Wormer was talking about Jet Fans.
  13. Coaches Corner from Mini Camp

    Slight change, more accurate.
  14. FA Rumors / Signings / Cuts

    Is he related to Coples or Kyle Wilson?
  15. Absolutely, and it won't even be close.