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  1. Since you seem to follow my posts, you know that I am one of the biggest Hackenberg guys on this site. I fully expect him to be the QB this year, and for many years after that. My point is, I would bring in a cheap vet, for one year, with a clearly defined role, if Hack isn't ready to go week one. To me, this is much smarter than going after a Glennon, Taylor, or Cutler, guys who will only go where they will be the starter. You tell said vet that you are here to backup Hack, and possibly to play 4-5 weeks until he moves in for good. I fully believe the plan is for Hack to start the season, but this is a cheap insurance policy if it is delayed for a month, or so. As far as Hoyer being worse than Geno, I think the record says otherwise. Hoyer's career QB rating is 84.8, with a 44-26 TD to INT ratio. For the past 3 years, where he got starters time, 27 games worth, his QB ratings were 76.5, 91.4 and 98, with a TD to INT ratio of 37-20. Hoyer has shown some success when given a chance to start, Geno, not so much.
  2. Marshall can't handle not being the #1 guy. He checked out last year big time when Petty targeted Anderson more than him. He would absolutely poison the Colts.
  3. Geno would love to have the career Fitz has had.
  4. I still marvel how the same moronic fans who say Hackenberg should be cut because he sucks, even though he's never thrown an NFL pass, want to bring back Geno Smith, who HAS proven for 4 years that he does suck, both on and off the field.
  5. Back in 1983, in December, we went down to Miami to see the Jets play the Dolphins on a Friday night. It was in the Orange Bowl, and it was one of the last games Richard Todd played for the Jets. Oh yeah, we lost.
  6. Or Ovlosky from West Va.
  7. I know football is a business, but this is still a sad day in Jet land. Nick, from the bottom of my heart, as a 38 year season ticket holder, thank you for everything these last 11 years. You are all class. And then some.
  8. They did last year when they drafted Hackenberg, also a 2nd round pick. That's why he will be the starter this year, and Geno will be an ex Jet .The Jets have seen enough of Geno and his tired act .
  9. Classic! Caddy Shack is great, but I think back to School is just as good.
  10. Or when she asks Rodney what happened to his marriage? "She was a water sign and I was an earth sign. Together, we made mud."
  11. This is what I believe. The Jets feel Hackenberg is their guy, and will be the starter this year, my guess is week 5-6. The only way they take a QB in this draft would be on day 2 or 3, to battle Petty for a roster spot as #2 or 3. Geno would only fit into this equation if he would take a cheap, one year deal, to hold the fort until week 5-6 when Hack takes over for good. This would require Geno to be a good teammate, work hard, and be on the same page with the plan here.I don't see him doing that, so my best guess is the Jets have seen the last of Geno.
  12. I agree. Sign a guy like McCown or Hoyer to a one year deal like 3-4 million. The job is to be a good teammate, play until week 5-6 , and then be the backup when Hackenberg takes over.
  13. Our last three Qb's were Sanchez, Geno and Fitzpatrick. I don't know if that's the argument I'd use.
  14. You're right, usually they don't. But they don't lose them like bad QB's do, either.