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  1. A guy "rededicating" himself in a contract year. Imagine that.
  2. No way...I'm guessing PatsFNTx
  3. I remember in the mid to late 90's the Toronto Blue Jays had a young pitcher who had it all......size, velocity, secondary pitches. He was rushed to the majors, got pounded, and was sent back down to A ball to learn how to pitch again. Came back a few years later, mechanically sound, and went on to have a pretty decent career. His name is Roy Halladay. Point being, if the Jets have to break Hack down and he becomes a great QB, it will be well worth it.
  4. Lots of new position coaches this year, who will hopefully have more input into who plays.
  5. Yet, Chad did somehow win 2 playoff games during his time here, something that the sainted Andy Dalton, who so many on this site swear is an elite QB, has never done. Talk about bums, the list begins and ends with Dalton.
  6. If my team declined my 5th year option, I would have gotten in the best shape of my life, been the first guy at camp, and make them regret their decision for the rest of their lives. The drafting of two guys who play my position would have been the icing on the cake.
  7. Remember about 20 years ago or so when Ditka suggested that they go back to the old helmets without facemasks because he felt the players didn't respect the game and each other? Doesn't sound so crazy anymore.
  8. Dog has a great thing going...why ruin it with Francesa. It would be like you inviting Hack to be your partner at a member guest.
  9. I agree....HBO realized their mistake and canned it in like 4 weeks.
  10. Speaking of which, on a sad note, Cortez Kennedy passed away .RIP. One of two future Hall of Famer's the Jets passed over to take Blair Thomas. Junior Seau was the other. Kennedy had 55 sacks, and made 8 straight Pro Bowls.
  11. Looks like a smallish RB was running the pattern. You aren't going to be throwing that to a RB in a game. That ball was thrown perfectly to a normal receiver.
  12. If they teamed him with Carton, I'd bet they'd kill it.
  13. The one person in house I would hope gets the shot is Evan Roberts, solo. I could see them trying to lure Bill Simmons here, but the Boston rap wouldn't go over here. Plus, he's really just a whinier version of Mike Greenberg.