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  1. With the 173 pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Tedric Thompson FS Colorado. The Falcons @JIF are OTC
  2. So right. I remember watching part of the combine, and one of the guys quipped 'If you need OL this year, get it in FA." Think the centers are ok, though. Hoping Macc takes a C with one of our two 3rd's.
  3. @Dcat If you are still looking for a punter for your comp, here's 3 guys. 1) Austin Rehkow...Idaho 2) Justin Vogel Miami 3) Cameron Johnston "The" Ohio State University.
  4. Is that the guy who drafted Rex Grossman? Yeah, I'd listen to what he has to say.
  5. Forget TE, how about edge rusher?
  6. Hack was picked 51st, Manuel like 20. Not even close. And, by the way, Hack can play, Manuel is a bum.
  7. I think we will draft a center on the second day who will the starter. Don't think he gets cut, but won't start at center.
  8. I think because he knows that with one of our two 3rd rd picks this year, he's history.
  9. Hassan Reddick?
  10. This seems like a pretty deep draft. You will be getting good to starters in the 5th round.
  11. @Dcat......Let 23 picks go by and still get your guy. You have a steel set.
  12. With the 105th pick, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Dalvin Tomlinson DT, Alabama @ NYJetsVets91 is OTC
  13. Did your homework for sure. Is he a return guy, too?
  14. @Lil Woody......your guy ran a 4.28?