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  1. He would start on every team in the league.
  2. They got played. If it was Cleveland, the 49rs would have gotten better picks, but they would have lost the player they coveted, Thomas. No way he's there at 12, probably not at 5.The only team that could give them what they needed was the Bears, and they took them to the cleaners.
  3. Nick Saban said Anderson was the most complete player on his defense last year. Pretty high praise.
  4. Kinda like trying to get people to give up their seats on an overbooked United flight.
  5. Agree w/you on QB vs Safety importance. There was a story around that Colts really wanted McCaffrey, and wanted to get in front of Carolina. They had pick 15, I believe. If they had offered to swap firsts, a 4th this year and next years first, done! Good chance Colts may be pretty bad next year as well, so pick is more valuable than say what Bills got from Chiefs, since Chiefs probably will be good Also, picking 15th way better than 27. it's all in value from Macc's position. Also, Jets may truly believe Hack is "the guy" going forward, and were not ready to make the big bet on next years QB class. Buffalo and Cleveland may feel otherwise. Besides, if Jets are going to be as bad as many think this year, we may not need extra help to be high in the draft.
  6. You still haven't said who you would have taken in that spot, same scenario, no trade. I would have taken Mike Williams, but I totally understand why Macc did what he did. You can't always be an armchair QB. Sometimes you have to put your $ where your mouth is. And lets not be ridiculous, what I said isn't even close to be being "not civil" compared to what goes on every day here.
  7. Spot on. Thing is, apart from complaining, there are never any alternatives from this crowd. They are like Pavlov's dogs, they don't know any better.
  8. The Raiders take Conley at 24, who may or may not be in trouble, great value pick. The 49rs take Foster, with two bad shoulders and a failed test, great value. We take a guy at 6 who is clean as a whistle, leader, rated as no worse than 4th pick in every damn scenario, and we're idiots. I swear, there are guys here who would be pissed if they won a 25million dollar lottery because they had to pay taxes. It's nauseating.
  9. I am civil, probably one of the most on this board. You, as a mod, know that. For starters, nobody in their right mind would have made the trade Buffalo did. Second, the only team high up that traded down was the 49rs, only because the Bears are fools. You are so jaded in your hatred for Macc, and basically everything that has to do with the Jets, you can't see clearly anymore. That's my point.
  10. You always have all the answers. So enlighten us all, genius, what was the "great" trade that we could have pulled off that would have been better for us? Give us all the answer, or please, for the sake of God, shut the hell up.
  11. Talk about not knowing your market. They would have gotten their guy at 3, because the 49rs wanted Thomas and couldn't trade with Cleveland for a much better deal because he would not be there at 12. Lynch, for his first night, seems to have done very well.
  12. If Trubisky was there, it would have opened this up.
  13. Trubisky being gone changed the whole thing. The 49rs played the Bears like a fiddle. It's obvious that they wanted Thomas all along. They could get him at 3, definitely couldn't if they had traded with Browns to go to 12. They got two picks to move one spot. If Jets fans are mad at Macc, I can only wonder what the Bears boards are like this morning.
  14. Buffalo went from 10 to 27 and got a 3rd and a 1 next year from a team that may pick lower than 27 next year. If that was a call Macc got for pick # 6, kuddos to him for saying no.
  15. Maybe means taking Trubisky #1 and see how draft falls to them at 12?