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  1. Wilkerson bitched and moaned about a new contract and now he has it and he hasn't done much lately.
  2. Fitz had a career year against a softer schedule. He benefited but now we see what he is. Time to play petty or hackenburg. Season is over with this tough schedule we might as well see what we have
  3. Im hoping one of the kids get their chance. We need to see what we have with one of them. The good news is that we will most likely get a high draft pick either way
  4. I think you would agree that the bengals stole that game. Nothing wrong with that i would take it
  5. You are amazing dude. Too many little league games lol
  6. Maybe you should take the team out for ice cream
  7. Defense always struggles either right before halftime or the last drive
  8. Please hold them. The secondary needs to step up
  9. Some people were actually mad we took leonard williams lol