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  1. I dont have much faith in the d. Even with mo they were getting owned
  2. Defense costing us the season
  3. Zero pass rush. All these first rounders and we cant touch a QB
  4. Defense has been a disappointment. The bills dont have a good offense yet they look like the pats against our defense
  5. Gailey deserves plenty of blame
  6. No More excuses for the defense

    Yup.  As negative as our fanbase is they never bash the defense at least as much as they deserve.  We have zero pass rush considering all the talent we have up front, we cant tackle, or cover guys it seems. 
  7. No offense but this has to be the dumbest post ever.  The season is far from over.  Its not like were are .500 or below .500
  8. Its funny because all the criticism goes toward the offense and in particular Fitzpatrick/Geno.  The truth is that the Jets lost the past 2 games because of the defense.  Last week the offense did enough to beat the Patriots but the defense blew the game in the second half.  This week the defense got assraped by the Raiders on pretty much every drive.  At least the offense tried to make a impossible comeback.  I understand our defense is the strength of the team but I feel many people let them off the hook way too much. 
  9. You have sand in your vagina again?
  10. our defensive front is overrated.....they never get to the QB
  11. Our defense gives up too many long drives despite the praise they get. We lost last week because the defense
  12. Our defense has dug us in a hole