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  1. Fans cant help but be negative. Even when wilkerson,richardson,and others were drafted fans were negative. Unfortunetly is a trademark for our fanbase lol
  2. Can we close this thread for pure stupidity?
  3. Lets be honest our fans complain for the sake of complaining. Even mo wilkerson and richardson were bashed as bad picks even though most will deny it
  4. Some fans THINK they know more. Let me ask you something if you know more than jets management then why dont you have a job there instead of mcdonalds or wherever the hell you work
  5. You are an embarrassment...go to sleep
  6. I think people are misinterpreting the situation. The jets and our fans WANT wilkerson to be here BUT this is a salary cap world and he wants a massive contract that is too much. Its the nature of the business
  7. Stop being a drama queen. Everyone likes mo including management but you simply cant pay that much money. This is the nature of the beast in a salary cap world. Getting leonard williams makes it a bit easier to move him
  8. Why would you trade a great young talent on a ROOKIE contract just so wilkerson can get his money. Look i like Mo but leonard williams has tremdous upside and mo wants too much money. Id love to keep both but its simply not possible
  9. I dont have much faith in the d. Even with mo they were getting owned
  10. Defense costing us the season
  11. Zero pass rush. All these first rounders and we cant touch a QB
  12. Defense has been a disappointment. The bills dont have a good offense yet they look like the pats against our defense