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  1. Well the good news is that now bowles has no choice but to let petty play. Team has given up and fitz sucks
  2. I agree. Dak can basically do 25 jumping jacks or run a marathon with the time he has lol. I give the kid credit but he definetly gets a huge amount of support
  3. Look Prescott has had a great year BUT lets be real he has the luxary of playing behind arguably the best O-line in football and the amount of weapons he has in Elliot,bryant,and witten make it hard too fail
  4. Look I'm not gonna bash Fitzpatrick but there are ZERO reasons to start him anymore. The season is over, he wont be here next year, and how can we ever try to develop and QB unless we give them some time to play.
  5. Revis has always been an a$$hole BUT at least he used to be great so you would put up with his antics. Now he is just terrible and he doesn't even care as long as he gets paid
  6. Bowles has some sort of loyalty to Fitz. the season is over...Petty needs to play
  7. The amount of injuries he had would knock any player out of the NFL. Even before the draft he already had 4-5 major injuries/surgeries and that continued in his first 3 years, Despite that the kid had a lot of talent but those injuries just took too much out of him
  8. Nope. First off Geno started right away so it was a totally different situation. Putting him back on the bench accomplishes nothing at this point. There is no pressure on him to win since the season over. The thing to look for is progress. His first start wasnt bad especially since the coaches did him no favors
  9. You are misunderstanding. Nobody said he was READY or that he was even good. However the best way yo get better is by experience. Lets be honest the playcallig made it pretty much impossible for him to get into a rhythm. I'm not saying he didn't make bad throws...he clearly did. BUT I bet against a defense that isn't as tough as the Rams and some freedom Petty could make some good throws. Either way he needs to play
  10. I understand your point BUT people have been fair with their criticism. For two years he bitched and moaned about how disrespected he felt by the Jets. He said he deserved to be paid like JJ Watt. He called himself a leader. This season aall those things he clamied have been the total opposite. I cut him a little slack with the injury BUT that doesn't mean he should play like total crap. He has also missed a ton of meetings which he never did before at least to our knowledge. He definetly coasted after getting his money. He has a lot to prove next year
  11. Funny but true
  12. I'm not susprised.....This is Darelle revis we are taking about. The king of the holdouts. They guy has always been a ME FIRST player. That's why I wasn't upset when he was traded and wasn't thrilled when we resigned him
  13. Petty had a up and down start but I cut him slack because it was his first start, against a tough defense, and the playcalling was pretty atrocious. There is no reasons to go back to Fitz at this point. We might as well see how Petty does the rest of the way. Lets see if he learns from mistakes and if they allow him to air the ball out a little
  14. Truthfully I would explore trading down. Definetly need to plug in a lot of holes especially on the O-line
  15. So far petty and the offense looks much more smooth