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  1. Jets still in playoff hunt

    Wait, we are discussing playoffs after barely making it to the middle of October?
  2. When you start comparing a GM to Idzik, I think it's time to move on, no?
  3. He's called the National Football League.
  4. Or just hire a below average GM to do a better job than Mac. You make it sound like Mac has set a high standard.
  5. But what a great job Mac has done so far!
  6. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    WTF is wrong with Mac?
  7. Amari Cooper

    Traded him for a 2nd round pick for next year after the first game in my 12-team fantasy league.
  8. McCown a great addition

    I'm not sure how long we'll be pounding our chests over beating a winless team by 3 points but I'll enjoy the ride regardless.
  9. So about those Safeties

    So about that. You make a good point. Some may not like the fact idgaf, but you make a really really good point.
  10. So about those Safeties

    So about Deshaun Watson. He's good. Real good. Some might not like drafting a first round QB but he's good. Very very good. Give me Watson over Adams and Maye combined. It's not like we had a FHoF QB on our roster.
  11. Hacken-buried?

    What nonsense. Hack n goff had zero comparison last year. Hack's only comparisons from last year were against all non-NFL QBs, since you know he wasn't even capable of holding a clipboard on the sidelines. I don't think you need a support system for that. We effed up. It's time to move on. We don't have 6 years to develop garbage. He's not even good enough to be a backup. Petty being the #2QB is your answer to why Hack is buried and it's not because of a lack of support. Petty is clearly light years beyond that garbage. Your suggested environment only hinders Petty's development. Why provide that stepping stone for Hack instead of Petty? McCown isn't the answer, I'll give you that. But please don't use the word "ELITE" and Hack within the same sentence.
  12. I want to see more Stewart!

    I agree. Like maybe average a catch a game.
  13. McShay's Top 10 Prospects

    So I guess we won't be drafting any of these 10. I wonder who we'll reach for this time around as part of our BPA strategy?