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  1. It kinda is, you know? Because if you were even half decent as a rookie, I don't think Sh!tzpatrick and Petty would've stood in the way the way they did. I mean, look at wk17. We went with the effing Beard instead of Hackensuck.
  2. Mangold stood up against the FO and took a metaphorical dump on it last year. That's not leadership. Besides, it's not like he wasn't paid as one of the highest paid C for most of his time here. Had he moved on from that idiotic Fitz saga, I would've thaought differently. Leaders don't demand the FO to pay another guy. Allies towards a negotiating party does.
  3. If the Jets players were to walk to UConn, you're right. It would seem light years away.
  4. I didn't know the mods played tennis.
  5. Actually, it's not comforting. If his 2nd round pick was a BPA on his board and he failed to take a single snap in a season we would've benefitted from even Tom Tupa playing QB, that's extremely worrisome, not comforting. I take my words back actually. Tom Tupa was probably a better QB of the two.
  6. Yeah, well, because none of them have taken an NFL snap either I guess.
  7. So the Bills n Texans had him rated very high. I guess I'm sold too then. Who better than the Bills and Texans when evaluating a QB?
  8. Not that this matters. But Mixon hadn't taken a single snap yet in college. Why should the girl know who Mixon was? Even if she did know him, what difference does it make? Mixon didn't claim she knew him or anything.
  9. I know what you're saying, but Mixon's story just doesn't add up. "Hit me so hard, it felt like a dude"? The hell? I wonder if it was the girl who had the v*g*n* or Mixon. Lost his credibility right there.
  10. Its all he said and she said as far as the cause. Here's the girls account: Here's Mixon's account: So for no reason, Mixon follows those two in the restaurant where the "gay dude" says nigga to which Mixon replies "you got me messed up...fag". Really? Thats the reason he gave for the confrontation? I'd much rather believe the girl's story than the guy's. Sounds more credible and detailed as opposed to Mixon's short story (called me nigga, I called him fag, girl hit me so hard like man and I've never been hit that hard playing RB so I smashed the living hell out of her).
  11. True. Idzik drove this team to the ground. Macc buried it. He needs to hit massively in this years draft if wants to survive a few more years. His atrocious drafts (well, unless you got the opportunity to pick the consensus best player of the draft at the time) has us staring at first overall pick in 2018, three years after he took over the team.
  12. Im not a McCown fan either. I don't understand the move. He will want every opportunity to start here, especially with it being a one year deal. He wants to look out for himself for next year, rightfully so. If he gets to play even due to injuries, I have a feeling he'll win a third of the games he starts, which will hurt very badly.
  13. I know you two have been making out over this debate for a while but I have not followed it. But here's my opinion. Men should not hit women 'in general'. Now if the woman has a gun in her hand and is threatening to shoot you, by all means knock the f*** out of her. But only when you are threatened for your security/well being. In this case, we are talking about a college RB. One little shove by a younger woman shouldn't result in knocking the sh!t out of her. why act like a douche? Why put yourself in a position where a woman wants to hit you? I understand there are plenty psychos out there and there are always exceptions to all the rules, but having read on this story, the girl was somewhat provoked. Gender equality is a term that is used to give power to females. It just doesn't apply to everything.
  14. The public outcry/outburst in NY would be massive.