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  1. We were pretty much full strength the first several wks, save for Deckers injury. We shat the bed. Injuries weren't the reason we sucked last year
  2. Outside of last two years and 2010, Romo has only missed 5 games in his career in the other 11 seasons. 11 seasons. Let it sink in before you utter your garbage about him not making it through a PS game. It's football. Injuries happen. Taking a shot to the chest and breaking a rib while puncturing a lung doesn't make you anymore injury prone that a guy twisting his leg and tearing his ACL. All of his injuries have been on contact. Non-contact injuries worry me. His talent is undeniable. Glennon n Tyrod have done nothing so far in the NFL. Nothing.
  3. 1. Cowboys have plenty of media following. 2. He's not retiring. 3. Top 10 QBs have flooded the FA...right?
  4. Lol, you're talking like we have an excess of talent at QB.
  5. True. Lets just stick with the Beard.
  6. I think Romo would be a better option.
  7. I think what he's trying to say is Todd should've been the first one to be fired. Firing others but not Todd is essentially 'throwing them under the bus'.
  8. If you got something against ASJ, I want you to say it.
  9. Well, he does have 2 years to become a Pro Bowler, and ZERO years to be the Offensive Rookie of the Year, so there's that.
  10. So was Brooks Bollinger
  11. This. Most Jets fans pretend like Brady would've never realized his talent.
  12. Exactly. Pats have had two gift wrapped SBs (this one and the Pete Carroll brain-fart AKA Deflategate SB).
  13. Pete Carroll disagrees. Still does!
  14. He undoubtedly played great in the second half, but this was a brain fart job by the Falcons CS.
  15. No chance. Belichick gets too much credit for a man who was fired from several places and has never had any success without Brady.