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  1. I've been told by Fitz supporters that we are a 6-7 win team max n that the loss to KC was no big deal. However, they fail to mention why we are a 6-7 win team. So 7-3 seems like a pipe dream. But it is possible. Likely? No. Very unlikely? No. Cards been taking a beating. Steelers looked like a rotten toast. And Ravens are overrated imo. Seattle got off to a shaky start n Wilson won't have his legs to support his play. As we've always been saying, the pig is ripe, but the pig may just be us.
  2. Doesn't change my point. If makes you any happier, Idziks drafts were sh*t, just not the sh*ttiest this franchise has seen. The bar has been set pretty low (or high, depends how you look at it). Ghost was the single worst pick of the Jets history. His Jets draft class was one of the worst ever.
  3. I think you have your speculations/assumptions are all over the place. He might have a husband.
  4. They'll now be abundant...
  5. I think you think I'm debating whether or not it was a good draft. All I said was it wasn't the worst of our drafts. And all that means is that we've some really bad drafts. Historically bad. For instance, 2010 draft (Wilson, Ducasse, McKnight, Conner), 2008 (Ghost, Keller, Lowery, Ainge...), 2003 etc.
  6. I don't think anyone is disagreeing with you there. All I said was it wasn't the worst draft in our history. I can go back and dig up drafts but we both know we've some really terrible drafts, much worse than Idziks two draft classes, which also yielded Ivory at dirt salary.
  7. First off, Im not defending him by any stretch of the imagination. I was simply pointing out that he picked a few good players like you pointed out. Sheldon is an All-Pro. Don't care if he's dumb. And he's not getting suspended for a year. Not anymore. Either way, he's still here and is a still better than just "good player". Two starters from the draft, one All-Pro. Not bad. Pryor was a good pick. We needed safety. Yeah we passed over Bridgewater but we had just drafted Geno and he was the rookie of the month only a few months prior to the draft. And Bridgewater hasn't done anything to claim him the next Joe Montana. His Pro-Bowl ticket was a massive joke. Besides, its easy to nitpick when hindsight is 20/20. Are you saying our 2015 draft will also haunt us for years since we picked up Petty instead of Siemian? And 2016 since we passed on Lynch and Prescott?
  8. He had his fair share of nuts. Sheldon, Winters, Pryor, Enunwa. Not the most shabbiest drafts in our history.
  9. And Idzik becomes the first person to get inducted into the Hall of Fame while still holding a title.
  10. Thank Izdik.
  11. Here's how most of Miami games go. Miami scores, opponent scores, Miami turnover, opponent scores, Miami punt, opponent score Miami punt, opponent score. By the time its half time, Tannehill throws for 80 yards and an int while Miami is down 24-7. Its all catch up from there on wards and Tannehill pads stats against prevent D. I've never read "Terrific Tannehill leads Dolphins to a huge comeback!". He's a stat padded. So is Luck. Lucks opposition have been one of the worst lately. Texans, Titans, Jaguars. 6 games beating up on sh*tty teams (at least in the past) and then "suck for the next luck" outside of that...in general.
  12. Tannehill is hot garbage.