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  1. Speaking of the Raiders game, wasn't that the game Fitz also took an unnecessary shot? Geno lost his job to Vick cuz Geno didn't have a WR to throw to. There's a reason he got the job back n that's because Vick didn't have a WR either. How was Geno after the benching? You know, when he had Decker n Mr. Migraines (forgot his name but this works) for longer than a wk?
  2. Wow. The only QBs that maintain their level of play into the 40s are those that were elite to begin with, not backups. And you're not pinning last season on Geno, are you? Even if you believe that one game was the reason Jets didn't make the playoffs, it was still not Geno's fault and if I need to explain why not, then I'm afraid you didn't watch the game. David Carr had a field day against our secondary combined with a big running game while we rushed for 28 yards on 18 carries. You're looking at win totals. I saw us beating all sh*t teams (except Pats). And we were a very balanced team last year. Best DL in the league, possibly the best WR duo, PB RB, average OL, and good secondary. That leaves the LBs where we were below avg n a non existent TE. A half decent QB would've slapped Buffalo around twice. How will the team be better this year with Fitz? To bring him on, we would have to either rid ourselves of that bust Mo if not more players. Yeah, that makes us a better team.
  3. I haven't looked into roster talent but let's assume you're right. Last year's Jets were a pretty balanced team with a good mix of talent all around. He still failed to take us into the playoffs. To top it off, he had the leagues easiest schedule handed to him on a platter. My point is, he has peaked. We've seen the best of him he has to offer and it's not good enough to reach the playoffs with the leagues easiest schedule. I keep repeating that but it's a fact. There's no building on here. He's 33 years old. Don't want him. Glad we didn't cave in and we'll see exactly how much you can trust Maccs words over the next couple of months.
  4. Or we can give Fitz his 13th chance. Perfect sense!
  5. I'n convinced Fitz isn't a playoff QB n I'm ok with saving $16 mil for a known failure n taking my chances with Geno.
  6. Hopefully one of those get cut to realize what an atrocious amount of money a garbage backup QB wants.
  7. We have our 2nd stubborn coach in a row. We were 4-2 defeating some outstanding teams such as the Browns, Colts, Fish n Deadskins. The coach looked at the 4-2 start n thought "wow, we are playing lights out! Let's continue the (failed) playoff journey with a QB that's never been to one in dozen years". Fitz continued to beat crappy teams n piled up stats, but shat the bed when he was guaranteed a playoff spot. He's peaked. Geno hasn't n he's still better than Fitz. Don't want Fitz back here on that supremely overpriced contract while guaranteeing a non-playoff season. No team wanted him n there were several teams this year in search of a starting QB that wanted nothing to do with Fitz. Says a lot.
  8. Patriot QB draft pick Brissett

    Don't forget Jimmy Clausen.
  9. Let's play Devils Advocate.

    He licked what?
  10. Correction: I didn't mentioned "tweets". You brought em up. I said articles, which are a little more than 50 characters, hence detailed. And if there ever was a day Fitz outplayed Geno, it was still a day he was playing with the 2nds. There really was no comparison and there really was no competition even though Fitz already knew the offense n was a 40 year vet while it was Geno's first year in the offense n playing with actual NFL WR n not some makeshift car salesmen pretending to be WRs (excluding Decker on one hammy).
  11. Those "tweets" you speak of, almost always said Geno was on a different level than Fitz. How do I know this? Because Geno didn't throw a pick the entire training camp until that last practice. Fitzy was mostly taking 2nd teams reps btw so I'm not sure why there is even a debate.
  12. Fitz was 100% in mini camp in 5 on 7s n Geno pretty much owned him everyday. The one day Geno didn't own him, he literally got sucker punched. And that was just a few days before the first pre season game. N I don't need to be at the camps to know all this. There were dozens of reports everyday suggesting the way Geno loses his job would be a 5 pick practice (or a sucker punch), cuz Fitz isn't taking anyone's starting role with his arm or legs (which are as dumb as Geno's but most people around here call it bravado for some reason).
  13. Literally speaking, he was full to go in mini camp n then the training camp. He was nowhere near taking the starting job n Geno was lights out last off season (regardless of how you wanna beat the dead horse). Metaphorically speaking, Fitz has never had legs under him.
  14. How Mac answers every question while answering nothing.