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  1. Boy Funchess tore it up!
  2. Holy sh*t man, that HOF candidate also had over 1400 yards and 12TDs the first two years. TO had the drops issue through out his career, yet he produced at such a level to be a FHOH. There's no comparison really. They play/played different positions. 
  3. I agree completely. Not sure why people are even complaining. The ball hit the ground n it moved. End of story. 
  4. Seymour was traded for a first round pick while he was 30. Wilkerson is 26 and hasn't even reached his peak, and still better than the player Seymour was, albeit the different position on the DL. I want nothing less than a 1st plus another 2nd day pick. Else, I'd like to keep him. However, Marshall was traded for a 5th so you never know.
  5. Kaepersh*t has no talent. Not someone we need. 
  6. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    In 2009, we drafted Sanchez, Shonn Greene and Slauson. That wasn't even remotely as bad as some of the drafts. All three were starters. Slauson has started every except as a rookie. Not bad for a 6th round guard. Shonn gave us two 1k seasons. Again, not bad for a 3rd round RB. Some of the RBs selected after him were, Glenn Coffee, Andre Brown, Ringer, Bernard Scott etc. He was clearly the best available, save for Arian Foster, who went undrafted. Sanchez was a big part of our 2nd AFCCG run. He had WRs and TEs that were out of the NFL 2-3 years later. Trust me when I say this, I've seen us do worst than Sanchez. 2010 was pretty bad. We got some years out of Kyle Wilson in the slot but thats about it. Compare that to 2003 and 2008. In 2003, we spend two firsts on Drob. Victor Hobson, BJ Askew, Pragel, Walters, Bollinger... In 2008, we drafted the Ghost, Keller, Lowery, Ainge, Henry, Garner. Keller was above average. Lowery wasn't fancy or anything, but he was serviceable. You know what, this is pretty sad. I can't even say anything about our sh*t drafts without getting worked up.
  7. Worst draft class you had the (dis)pleasure of watching?

    http://www.nfl.com/draft/history/fulldraft?teamId=3430&type=team   ill go with either 2003 or 2008. 
  8. Why are people making Revis ought to be some sort of saint? Of course Revis is open to restructuring his contract. He's not losing a single penny. He's still MEvis. Don't forget that. Ever. 
  9. $32mil is a lot. I'd pass for that amount. I think it'd be like $6 mil a year deal. 
  10. Trading Richardson

    Elite defensive linemen. No one will give a rats ass about his speeding ticket.