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  1. 6'1. Not the tallest but certainly not short. Now he can bulk up a little but being skinny was supposed to help him in his coverage skills. He's not a bust by any means, not yet at least. He needs to show more to justify the selection. Maybe he'll get a good coach one of these days?
  2. I guess it wasn't great coverage after all.
  3. Agreed.
  4. I wonder how many games Fitz cost? Hmmm...
  5. aww...you want Jif's help...what a shame. One of these days you'll bring a gun to a gun fight.
  6. What else do you expect? They play soggy-bread.
  7. He tends to do that when he gets owned. His next line would normally be "you walked right into that". That, in fact, is "so cute"...not.
  8. Geno was crucified for keeping his mouth shut. I can't even imagine the outburst if he said something. And yeah, afjf would definitely spam the whole site.
  9. Delusional, as usual. Just plain old back tracking and suck-up job.
  10. Why do you always call him "Badmagic"? Oh I know. Cuz he sucks.
  11. You didn't happen to catch the Bills games, did you? Remind me again how many games your all-world QB won when he had to score 23+ points to win? That, my friend, is not the type of QB I was referring to. And lets not compare the Jets D to the Broncos D from last year. You're relying to too many anomalies.
  12. He also threw 3 in the next game. He's got 14 in his last 7 starts. Or 8 in his last 6 games not counting the "outlier". You know what IS an outlier? His 10 wins last year.
  13. First off, I hate Brady. Second, Brady would have an orgy with Jets offense. Third, Brady doesn't need Bowles or Chan to tell him what to do. He's been doing it for too long to know what he has to do...successfully, I must add. Last, we tried to build the Broncos D last year. Spent half the budget on the secondary, drafted the best DL and had the best DL on paper. But that didn't help when the QB was garbage. You can hide all your flaws with a good QB.
  14. Of course he wouldn't. Doesn't change the fact he'd make this team a contender even if we had our 3rd string D out there.
  15. Doesn't matter. It's all guaranteed now.