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  1. Uh, yeah n OJ is innocent.
  2. One of Enunwa/Devin Hopefully like the LT of the first 6 games and not the LT of the last 26 games.
  3. To be honest, he's certainly not going to be a better RB than he has been. His production did slow down a little last year n it's not far fetched to assume he won't be the same '1800-yard from scrimmage' Forte. If he can repeat what he did last year, maybe catch a few more passes, It'll be pretty good.
  4. He'll be lucky to be the 5th option behind the 3WRs n Forte.
  5. According to you, yeah. From what I heard, there hasn't been an exchange in weeks, possibly months. I wonder which table the offer is sitting on? The offer is, if you want 8mil a year, we'll talk, else stay at home.
  6. Yeah except last year Fitz wasn't playing golf for more than half the year. Like you pointed out, Jets have Geno at Florham Park the entire off season n they know what they have there. They also know who Fitz is n a starter he is not. A mod called him a "bottom feeder beater", n rightfully so.
  7. Maybe so to a limited extent, but it was day n night beyond that point. Pats won 11 games that year. Playoff-less? Yes, but certainly not an average team even with a backup QB. Fitz was a foregone conclusion until the sucker punch. His #1 WR was roomies with his competitor. He gained respect only after beating a bunch of below average teams.
  8. Or maybe because he was injured? The morale in the locker room was very high at 8-3 having just defeated the Pats at Gillette a wk earlier. So whereas Fitz was the locker room "leader" n "respected", Favre was nothing less at 8-3 in a season he "stunk". Winning cures everything. Why is that even arguable?
  9. When you win, everybody loves you. Favre was the sh*t in NY when we were 8-3. When he started losing after that, the entire town turned on him. It's the nature of the game. We kicked him to the curb and he went on to have another PB season while getting Bounty Gate'd in the championship game, same weekend Peyton Manning had our number. How big of a leader was he for the other 17 teams he's played for?
  10. Lee isn't being a dick. He's right to demand what every rookie demanded picked around his spot. This is solely on the Jets for trying to save $600k off a player they believe will become an All-Pro (that's the thinking at least). These rookie deals should be signed within a wk of being drafted. Not much to it. Would you rather wanna go back to the old system?
  11. Rookie wage scale means he's not getting more money, just more guarantee, which may not even matter in the long run. Revis signed a 6 year deal worth $36 mil when rookies were signing 5 year $15 mil deals around that spot. Lee can hold out but that $10.2 mil figure won't change.
  12. Yet people wanna pay $12 mil a year to a guy no one wants for even half that.
  13. That right there is too much sense for Fitz lovers to swallow b