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  1. 2016 Draft Round 1: ILB Darron Lee Round 2: QB Christian Hackenberg Round 3: OLB Jordan Jenkins Round 4: CB Juston Burris Round 5: T Brandon Shell Round 7: P Lachlan Edwards Round 7: WR Charone Peake 2015 Draft Round 1, Pick 6 Leonard Williams, DL Round 2, Pick 37, Devin Smith, WR Round 3, Pick 83, Lorenzo Mauldin, OLB Round 4, Pick 103, Bryce Petty, QB Round 5, Pick 152, Jarvis Harrison G Round 5, Pick 223, Deon Simon, DT
  2. I sure did. PS - WFH is Wayne effing Hunter.
  3. Don't forget the poll
  4. The next position pick essentially drops your draft position in many cases by almost a full round. That alone would generally mean lesser talent. If we did the same thing for the 'previous position pick', I think the answer would be yes to both drafts. I haven't looked it up but this assumes a better player than the original one.
  5. In 27 career games at ‘Bama, the 5’11”, 204-pound Stewart hauled in 117 receptions for 1,564 yards with 12 scores. “When I went to see him workout, his route running was a lot better than it showed on film because they only did certain things,” Bowles said of Stewart after the Draft “He caught the ball well with his hands and he’s explosive with the ball in his hands. He’s tough, he brings a lot of attitude to the game and he plays it the right way. We really thought he could help us.” Transitioning from an attack that featured Brandon Marshall the past two years, the Jets are learning a new offense under offensive coordinator John Morton. Stewart believes his experience with former Alabama OC Lane Kiffin will help him learn Morton’s West Coast concepts. “Coach Kiffin did a lot of things and I had to make a lot of adjustments on my part,” Stewart said. “When things change like the defense, I just switch some things up. It’s a lot of different terminology I have to pick up. The routes are the same, it’s just the wording.” VIEW GALLERY | 50 Photos Best Photos from Minicamp Stewart, who planned on saying up in New Jersey this summer to get treatment, is expected back for training camp. “You’re going to determine the men from the boys then and who has that dog, that fight,” he said. “When those pads come on, it’s a whole different story. You’re going to have contact and see how you react to it.” Stewart is known for his physicality, a receiver looking for YAC and a guy willing to block on the outside. On the mend, he is looking forward to mixing it up for his first time as a pro. “That’s me all the way, 100%,” he said. “That’s Stew Stew.” Thanks Kelly
  6. Without looking, its tough. You lose out on Leonard. Players like him don't come around too often to NY. I'll stick to it. This should've been a poll. Can a mod create a poll here? @Maxman?
  7. Where's Sanchez?? This is borderline blasphemy!
  8. Powell, ASJ, Enunwa and Robbie.
  9. All those teams are still better than Macc's Jets.
  10. I don't care much for Todd Bowles. Rex was in a similar situation his final year and got canned. He happened to win 4 playoff games, something Toilet Bowles and sh*tzpatrick can only dream of. Time to find the right HC and maybe even a half decent GM.
  11. I think Leo would be vets minimum.
  12. As if our GM has been outstanding.
  13. Don't worry, Jeff cumberland will be signed soon.
  14. Accomplishment? Same team next year and they laid a big fat egg. Maybe it's the fact we faced one of the easiest schedule with some atrocious Ds. The word aberration comes to mind. Not accomplishment.