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  1. Wow
  2. No, not really, but if it floats your boat... Abs the fact you brought up his injury history n that Petty will definitely be playing the 4th game with 3rd stringers suggests Geno isn't on the out without something drastic happening.
  3. You're just reaching here big time buddy. Backup QBs play the 4th game all the time. Even starters get a drive every now n then.
  4. Ah, the perfect response when you don't have one.
  5. Petty hasn't proven anything. He was on the brink of being cut if it wasn't for his last 2-3 practices n a half against Redskins 3rd stringers. If Geno is so bad, Petty is worse (for now). Like it or not. For what it's worth, Geno has played well in his last 6-7 NFL games. Agreed, but like I said, Petty is far from being ready right now. Strongly disagree. If Petty was ready to step in incase if an (imminent) injury to Fitz, Geno would've been long gone Petty is not ready to start an NFL game. Jets backup WILL get a game or more to start this year. Geno gives them a much better chance at winning that game(s). It could be the difference between an 8-8 season or a 10-6 season. He won 8 games his rookie season with Holmes n Hills as his primary targets. He can win more than 8 with Decker n Marshall. Enough said.
  6. It wasn't a joke.
  7. TWSS to you?
  8. The only difference is, Dak and Semen have played against starting Ds and have shown plenty. Besides, Cowboys nation is very lucky to have Dak, who has performed admirably albeit the preseason. Their seasons have derailed very quickly when Romo went down in previous seasons.
  9. Its always wise to set the trade standards with the Marshall trade, cuz we all know Jets really had to persuade the Bears to trade him away. Geno can easily fetch a 5th. If not, Jets can simply keep him and take the compensatory pick for him. Having said that, trading away Geno would be the single most idiotic move Mac would make. Why? Because of Fitz. First, his playing style is what I call "head first". He's going to get injured. Its just a matter of time. He's had two seasons where he played all 16 games (2011 n 2012) in 11 years. If Fitz goes down, you really want to roll with Petty, who hasn't passed once in his career against NFL starters? That too when you have a playoff caliber team around? Second, Fitz has looked every bit a journeyman he has been this preseason. Geno may not hold a lot of value outside of NY, but he holds plenty of value for the Jets due to circumstances around him. He's not going anywhere. Petty isn't ready to be the #2 this year. Hack is right where we expected him to be, #4.
  10. Wait, you took 3 wks to respond and this is what you came up with?
  11. We have a franchise record setting QB returning so we might as well book our tickets to the SB.
  12. The only problem is, Fitz has looked worse. Outside of that one good pass to Decker, Fitz was poor.
  13. I know there isn't a limit, but Smith is expected back this year and no way I'd want him to be the guy to come off IR (only one player can come back from IR and no need to do an "IR Designated To Return" this year).
  14. Or PUP. Not sure what the rules are to put a player on PUP. I'd like Smith to come back but I'd much rather save that IR spot for a possible starter down the road. PUP would mean 6 wks break for Smith, enough time for him to heal I'm guessing.