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  1. How about an effing trade down? ****, just trade down 3 spots and pick up a day 3 pick. Mac does not know what trade down mean.
  2. True, cuz they'll have the top pick anyways, unless Jets underperform and win 2 games instead of 3.
  3. Pryor has a massive market imo, just not in the NFL.
  4. Imagine the Packers drafting Hooker. They'd have Hooker and Dix playing safety, ironically.
  5. We're drafting Latti-IR-more.
  6. Ditto! Myles Garretr won't be sliding to 6 though.
  7. They were the laughing stock for two and a half years.
  8. Lets start the day off with a positive reaction. Never mind. We never have a positive reaction. Right there at the end of the gif, they have a moment, which suggests they are probably mods here at JN. Adonbilivit! Why did we pick this guy??
  9. Dilute sample. Not the end of the world. There seems to be a reasonable reason.
  10. Why should that affect drafting Peppers?
  11. Since the rookie wage scale, I really don't care if we paid him an extra mil or two. Most rookies don't contribute much the first year.
  12. It's a universal fact that Trubisky will not last beyond #6