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  1. Amazing how many adjustments these WRs had to make.
  2. Fitz was brought in as a backup. Geno won that competition. Just because Geno got hurt doesn't mean he wasnt running away with the competition. And I agree, if Fitz comes back, the FO will never let Geno start due to ego issues. Seattle started Wilson in his rookie year even after signing Matt Flynn to a relatively big deal. Sometimes it's best to not let your ego in the way. We'll see how the season plays out. I've rooted for Jason Taylor so I won't have an issue in rooting for Fitz if he starts.
  3. Lol at you seeing him in the pre season. That was Fitz. And lol at you for seeing enough of him in the Oakland game. Too bad he couldn't play D. Mand there are 31 other teams that feel Fitz has nothing to offer. Maybe Mac knows more about Fitz. Or maybe he's still holding back.
  4. Worst set of offense in the league further depleted with injuries with a sophomore QB. Did I mention he played really well when he had two healthy WRs? How did Fitz play in the games he didn't have his backup RB?
  5. he was clearly the #1. Obviously it didn't reach wk1 but it was literally days away from the first pre season game n Geno was set to start. And Geno was anointed the starter long time ago only for the coaches to backtrack n hold a half hearted QB competition.
  6. I base my opinion on Geno's last 7 games plus some improvement. And yes, he outplayed Fitz in OTAs and the entire training camp. He only lost yeah job due to injury. Jets didn't want to switch back to him cuz we started beating up on some bad teams.
  7. Wait, what? You got this thing totally wrong bro.
  8. Imagine Hackenberg starting all 16 games this year and then we decide to use this year's performance as the benchmark for his entire career.
  9. Or 8 in less than a quarter of a season for Fitz. It's funny how these stats keep popping up.
  10. Would you rather wanna talk about 2015s season finale? I'm open to that as well
  11. But an always under performing QB that has never made the playoffs is? Through the roof type ceiling, I must add.
  12. Yeah it was comical seeing how he lit the Dollphins on fire.
  13. Closest thing that resembles it is training camp outside of NFL games. As long as there was competition between the two, there was no competition. Fitznutz point at how Geno took that hit at the sidelines n the sack against Oakland. But fail to realize Fitz took a dumb hit too in the same game n ended up with a broken thumb (or an amputated arm, as the Fitznutz would make you believe it). He also threw the ball in the middle of the field with 15 seconds on the clock without a TO against the Pats that ended the game. In this Jets offense, I would love to get Fitz back so Geno can whoop his behind all summer long and hopefully the stubborn HC can start the better QB.