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  1. We traded up from 2nd to a first with Packers to pick up Dustin Keller, while Packers picked up Jordy Nelson. Something tells me even if we had lost that day, we probably still would've drafted the Ghost.
  2. Yeah, like by a FG while he's 47
  3. 1. We've run a hybrid of 3-4/4-3 almost the entire year. Our scheme isn't the issue. 2. We haven't had a pure pass rushing LB in forever. We had Mo and Sheldon on the line along with McClendon. Line wasn't an issue. We picked up Williams and now we had 4 DL starters. So much for a 3-4 team. 3. What Vic has done for the Falcons D is huge. Just because they haven't been 10 points better than the Jets doesn't mean Vic isn't as valuable. Vic would've improved our D by 3 points a game. That's huge considering who he was to replace (Leo). 4. Vic led the league in sacks. Not sure if you need anything else to prove how impactful 16 sacks and 6 forced fumbles are. Considering the Jets front 7 had 25 sacks (18 in the last 15 games) and 6 forced fumbles as a whole, I'd think Vic had a monstrous season.
  4. JPP

    We need all the DL help we can get. Sign me up. Can we trade for Suh as well?
  5. What? This thread is dumb.
  6. Of course he's underpaid. Mac would be idiotic to cut him.
  7. Click here to read the full story... Half a mil "per-game" roster bonus is probably just $500k roster bonus.
  8. If we are building through the draft, then we should expect a lot of cap room. Mac doesn't get a pass on this. He effed up the cap situation here when Idzik handed him probably the best cap situation in the whole league on a silver platter. Building through the draft, yet not SUITING UP your 'would-be future franchise QB' isn't really the ideal situation. We're not even talking about him playing. Yeah, he'll learn a lot being a ghost.
  9. I think about every team in the NFL can make 7-8 cuts and generate 30m cap space. Problem is, when we had 50mil of cap space couple of years ago, and this year we had to borrow money from the future cap and end up with 5 wins, someone should be answerable to that.
  10. Good football organizations? Just because they drafted a QB that wasn't bust, doesn't mean they were good organizations. It just means they got lucky their QB happened to work out for them. I can point where they failed numerous times in the first rounds. A lot of it is luck. Jets drafted Sanchez and he seemed like he was ready to take the next step until we took way all his WRs and stopped his development. Not many QBs have four playoff victories on their resumes. Its not like we haven't tried to find that franchise QB. We've just been unlucky. How are Patriots a good organization drafting their franchise QB in the 6th round? If they knew what he would become, I can assure you they would've picked him up in the first round even if the rest of the world thought he was a 6th round talent. Luck is very important when it comes to drafts. sh*tsburgh and Gnats aren't "good organizations" for drafting their QBs (technically, Giants didn't even draft Eli).
  11. Yeah. We had Chad who was still full of a lot of potential in 2004.
  12. I've seen far worst drafts than our 2013 and 2014.
  13. So you're saying theres more than a 1/3rd of a chance to win the SB if we draft a QB in the first 5 picks? Almost 50 years and no SB appearance, let along a victory, I think I like the odds.