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  1. Preseason Power Rankings

    Yeah, but the problem is, we aren't tanking. We just suck. And three years later, it's still idziks fault.
  2. Preseason Power Rankings

    No, even ESPN isn't that cursed.
  3. In other news, Quinton Coples is also on the verge of a breakout year.
  4. Broken Foot for Lucky

    Big loss for the ST. Jets just can't find and keep a half decent KR even with a 2nd round pick (cough Justin miller cough!)!
  5. Well, we did spend like $50 mil worth of cap on the D in 2015. A team with a 130mil cap usage vs the same team with an extra 30 mil cap usage will have an obvious talent variation. Let's see. 3 new corners and a new safety. That's your entire secondary, something the Jets didn't have the year before because Idzik. When Rex had Revis n Cromartie, his defenses were much better. If Bowles D was awesome in 2015, then why was it not awesome a year later? I refuse to give Bowles credit for 2015 D if the same D sucked a year later. Something tells me we were facing an average schedule in 2016 and not THE easiest schedule in the league like 2015. Simple rule of thumb: Avoid crediting Bowles.
  6. And your point is? It's Todd Bowles. We already know there's nothing logical about any of his decisions.
  7. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Oh yes, how can I forget the 500 yards against the 3rd and 4th CBs? Put a safety up top, and your #2 CB on him and then we'll see how big of a superstar he is. Average? Possibly. Underrated? Not at 500 yards!
  8. I can't believe you actually rewrote the entire paragraph. Some people prefer to head out to the strip club, some hit the t*tty bar but whatever gets you hard. No judging here.
  9. Good point, but it's preseason game one, year two. For a QB that was supposed to be a franchise QB. His progress is extremely slow. That's worrisome. Yes, he's made progress but at that rate, we may not see him on the field this year either. And it's not like the Chad Pennington situation where you had another two time pro bowl QB taking snaps ahead of him. Im willing to wait this year as well if that means he'll be your average NFL QB next year. Being average means right below the Daltons and Rivers of the NFL. Jets haven't had an average passer for a while.
  10. Is Robbie Anderson Underrated

    Anderson? Underrated? If we've learned anything recently, it's that the Jets fan quickly fail to realize couple of plays in the first pre season game means nothing. That goes for Robbie and Hack. Remember Clowney and Brett "preseason HoF QB" Ratliff?
  11. This. The only reason you don't get a failing grade is because you completed most of your dinks n dunks, didn't throw an int and too much negative has been said yet he showed a sign of life. If this was Week 1 and he put up zero points, he will get an F from me even if he throws for 300 yards. I'd rather he throws for 150 yards n 2 TDs, 0 ints and 24+ points instead.
  12. It was all dinks n dunks. Zero scoring drives. You don't get an A+ for that. Maybe a C- instead of an F.