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  1. Cooper doesn't have the size of the elite WRs, I'd much rather continue drafting defense. We can sign some midlevel WRs in FA. We are projected to draft Ronald Darby, which isn't bad.
  2. Thought this post was going to be about Greg Jennings lol
  3. We got a QB at the right time, and THE right QB! I cant believe people have Boyd and Manziel going in the first. (Here is a mock draft with Manziel going top 5). Geno was the right pick, and a NO BRAINER in the second round. And we did not even have to trade up to get him! We will look back and be thankful we didnt wait for Manziel.
  4. Nothing wrong with that!
  5. Great competitor, greatest QB in Jags history and ECU history as well. Applaud this man.