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  1. Unless Verb is himself the town gov? Idk. I dislike.
  2. This is why there are three masons and an IC; it doesn't matter if we lynch scum because they don't die.
  3. Nyn are you trolling. I NEED TO KNOW.
  4. If you could I would appreciate it! XD That's probably what it is Nyn Forgot to Unvote Vote: Verb
  5. Also for some reason when I try to log onto JN on my new phone it throws up a notice saying there is a virus; I don't even. o.o
  6. So...you're angry? I have enjoyed myself We have a weiner! I mean winner. We have a winner. Vote: Verb Gonna go for it and hope.
  7. I agree there. I was initially feeling ok about Crusher, but that has dropped. Still would rather vote JC. Not getting the Verbal votes.
  8. Literally the only scum in that group would be Verbal.
  9. Decker also not scum. Sorry.
  11. Not 100% like I am with Nolder. But he's my best guess for now.
  12. Can we move on and lynch JC?
  13. No. Its...almost like I know that Nolder IS TOWN You were.
  14. Probably hot and bothered, we were voice chatting earlier.
  15. I'm not, and I can prove it. but keep it up, please.