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  1. SnoopyBowl 2014

    I'm planning a trip from Scotland to watch this year's pre season game against the Giants. I know it's normally the third game but need to confirm the exact date before I book flights and accommodation. Can anyone advise if the dates have been released yet? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Peter
  2. LP field & visiting fans

    Thanks for the info. Very much appreciated.
  3. Vlad's a good judge of character and was probably just giving kharma a night off. What goes around comes around eh!
  4. LP field & visiting fans

    Thanks Joe. That's very helpful. I'll take a look at stub hub or the like for the best view.
  5. Hi Folk's I live in Scotland in the UK and I'm coming over the pond in September for a well earned vacation. I plan on going to the JETS @ Titans game on 9-29-13 in Nashville but I need some advice on what section to get tickets for. Is there a section that the JETS fans or visiting fans would normally be seated?. Apologies if this sounds a bit strange but the football (soccer) stadiums over here have clearly segregated areas for opposing fans. I've been to Metlife stadium and been sat next to both sets of fans so I'm thinking this may be ok at the Titans but just want to make sure before I order the tickets. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Peter