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  1. Jettington added a post in a topic This year's defense vs. Ryan's defense   

    Rex is a great defensive mind, we know this. I just think one of his major flaws was refusing to tailor his system to his players. His system always came first no matter what. I remember the first game of the 2010 season how he hung Kyle Wilson in his first game out to dry putting him in solo coverage for pretty much the entire game. If you all remember that game Wilson got taken to school, flags called on him, etc but Rex didn't give him any relief if I recall. 
    And last season with Pryor. Calvin was playing out of his natural position all year, he looked like an invisible man week after week. But now I notice Pryor every week making some great tackles and plays. It was hard to believe he only got his first interception this year. 
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  2. Jettington added a post in a topic Sheldon Return?   

    I hope the NFL does nothing. I'm getting tired of the NFL's disciplinary policy. Does any other business operate like this? Where they tack on to legal penalties with penalties of their own? It's getting ridiculous how the NFL is trying to set up their own parallel justice system. If I were in charge my policy would simply be "that's a legal matter to be handled by the state" whenever a player gets into trouble. As long as they are under contract, they will play in order to get paid. FREE SHELDON!
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  3. Jettington added a post in a topic A few things that are really pissing me off....   

    Top things that pissed me off about today's game:
    1 The Referees: Those two huge pass interference penalties that gifted Miami a TD, both of those balls were uncatchable and there was barely any contact. The calls reeked of the NFL whispering to the refs to call a tighter game to make it more competitive for the London audience. 
    2 Devin Smith: It seems like he is running completely incoherent routes because he and Fitz are clearly not on the same page. Also that Fitz interception play.. it looked like Smith flopped in order to try and get a call rather than fight for the ball and tackle the CB after the pick. 
    3: Special Teams: Punt it out of bounds! Jarvis Landry had a field day when it came to returns, it felt like he could score every time. Just punt it out of bounds! The punt coverage team worries me a lot, I don't have much confidence in them. Also, why can't we just kick out the back of the end zone on kickoffs? Is Folk not strong enough? Make them go 80 yards every time. When we let them return it, we are only pushing them back 10 yards or less, and more often than not they get past the 20 or we risk a long return. 
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  4. Jettington added a post in a topic Anyone have a Gif of that Ivory run where he brushes Suh off like a mosquito?   

    Dolphin fans must love how Suh gingerly pranced after Ivory after missing the tackle. 
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  5. Jettington added a post in a topic In first 4 games, Jets allowed only 14 second half points   

    Finally this defense is making needed stops. Rex's defenses would routinely give up late game and late 2nd quarter drives for scores. Loved how we stopped the Dolphins on 8th and goal today with the Revis pick. Felt the refs were giving Miami calls all game to make it competitive for the London audience. 
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  6. Jettington added a post in a topic WEEK 4 GAMES   

    Just after I finished that post, another unsportsmanlike conduct. Never seen a team called for 3 unsportsmanlike conducts in less than a minute or so of game time. 
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  7. Jettington added a post in a topic WEEK 4 GAMES   

    Bills just got back to back unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, unbelievable!!!
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  8. Jettington added a post in a topic ****Official Jets vs. Dolphins London Game Day Thread****   

    Neither of those balls was catchable. 
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  9. Jettington added a post in a topic England definitely wants a permanent team in the NFL   

    It's a terrible idea, but the NFL is such a glutton that they will go through with it anyway. 
    My fear is that they will tear apart the AFC East to get this done. They will move Miami to the AFC South, and then put the London Jaguars in the AFC East. As a group of 3 in a division, NYJ, BUF, and NE would have the shortest flights to London so the NFL will make our division suffer for London's sake. It's logistically the sensible move, I hate the idea, but I think this is what is going to happen.
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  10. Jettington added a post in a topic Jets at Eagles - Predictions   

    "Pain..." - Clubber Lang
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  11. Jettington added a post in a topic Whiteout Tomorrow!!   

    I think we're the only team besides the Cowboys that wears our away uniform more often than our home uniform. Personally I love the white jersey, white pants combo and wouldn't mind if they wore it for all 16 games. 
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  12. Jettington added a post in a topic Jets among shaky 2-0 teams   

    The media is so ridiculous...
    After week 1, the story was "you just beat the Browns let's see what happens when you play a real team!" 
    After week 2, the story was "you just beat a Colts team that is in complete disarray, let's see what happens when you play a real team!" In spite of the fact that many people picked the Colts to go to the super bowl. 
    Now for week 3, we are playing the Eagles, many media members' pick to make the playoffs and go to the Super Bowl and now suddenly winning this game won't mean a thing because of how the Eagles have looked in the regular season. 
    We are gonna continue to have doubters because we don't play any serious contenders until New England at the end of October. Just keep winning in the meantime. 
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  13. Jettington added a post in a topic Cro giving Eagles some bulletin board material?   

    The only way a bulletin board is going to help the Eagles is if it can block better than their o-linemen. 
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  14. Jettington added a post in a topic Bills @ Dolphins this Sunday   

    I'm hoping for both teams to get beat up and exhausted with Miami winning in a heartbreaker for Buffalo. Miami rolls into London feeling good and a little too high off of their win, then we stomp all over them at Wembley. 
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  15. Jettington added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Bills @ Dolphins this Sunday
    Buffalo is heading down to Miami for a late afternoon game this Sunday so who do we root for? 
    I think down the road Buffalo is going to be a bigger threat to us because I have just no confidence in what I've seen from the Dolphins who lost to the Jaguars and barely beat a mediocre Redskins team. I also think if Rex's Bills start to dig a hole by losing a lot early things might come crashing down in that locker room with all of his stale bluster. 
    Here's an interesting stat that no one is talking about: In 2013 the Bills were 29th in Pass Defense, in 2014 they were 30th in Pass Defense, and now 2 games into 2015 they are 31st in Pass Defense. The success of Rex's defenses revolve around having good play in the secondary and we as Jets fans have seen first hand what happens when he doesn't have the personnel to run his defense. I think people way over estimated how good this Bills defense was going to be and we are going to see them torched a lot this season, I'm expecting Tannehill to have a big game. 
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