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  1. It was funny going back three, four, five ago.The team was playing way over their heads and a lot of the media was out there with the obligatory fire Terry bull sh!t.
  2. Every team has ups and downs, and things go wrong, usually. I liked the team going in, I don't think I could've asked for more. It's about health half the time too. If healthy they're in the mix. They're in the mix now as I see it, and there's so many more options for Sandy now as the season progresses also, compared to the past, because of the deeper pool of players. Lugo and Noah hurts tho. It would appear that Noah will be back eventually. I have my fingers crossed with Lugo. I liked him more than Gsellman, but the patience that Sandy shows with players is impressive. It usually works for him too.
  3. I was very skeptical of Rivera last year early on. But the kid just puts the bat on the ball, and has been a good contributor. Bruce has been very good for us and is a bit of a leader too. He obviously wants to win badly also. I was hoping he wasn't traded. But I never thought Sandy would just give him away either, 30 and 100 is nothing to take lightly. With Conforto and Bruce doing well, Cespedes in between them will be murder. I'm rooting for Harvey to make a difference.
  4. Zack looking swell for the W
  5. Harvey apologized to the team. Saw a couple of clips of Bruce and Grandy speaking about it, and those two guys are top shelf dudes. Terry's clubhouse is tight knit. Harvey has all the support of the team and now hopefully he stays on board, and plays for his team mates.
  6. I think the best thing about the movie was RG. They used a few tracks of his. Really a B tv movie type deal from N. Ireland. The actors were good tho.
  7. Nice win last night in the windy city boyz!!
  8. Very good. I just happened hear that on Netflix watching an amusing little movie called 'A Patch Of Fog' I never really gave RG a chance back when, but am much more open to checking him out, and inclined to like him now. Just bought that album too last night on Amazon.
  9. +1 Nice win. Good job by everyone. Never say die
  10. So Hackenburg was hitting him in the hands then!? Connor Hughes. Really?
  11. Sleaze Serby haha. Hey Sleaze, do you still wear woman's panties? I still wanna **** him up thirty five years later and still haven't read an article by him...
  12. Ha ha. Guess I shouldn't jump to conclusions I guess Matt needed some Matt time away from the team Smh