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  1. Petty CAN read NFL defenses pretty alright it seems like. Most of the colts game he was making great reads hindered by a bad pass during his incompletions. I think Petty some potential. He obviously isn't clueless out there. 90% of the time he knows where to go with the ball. These next 4 games will be fun seeing his progression.
  2. Glennon if the only option is through FA.
  3. Exactly. He just couldn't stay healthy early and the team gave up on his afterwards...just to get another great QB in Phillips
  4. Why did the Redskins draft cousins when they drafted RG3 already. Not to say Winston is RG3 but things work out weird sometimes...
  5. The size of the picture makes Bowles eye look like it doesn't wanna play with the other one
  6. LOL like this is even feasible for Jet fans.
  7. This is the only one I'm okay with them winning. Other wise I'm hoping for good draft placement .. #WIN4JOEMCKNIGHT
  8. I'm hurt that his life was taken in such a savage way..such a young soul gone too soon. Man that really sucks....
  9. McKnight was 190 pounds....
  10. Frank? No thank you. Norv and Jim? That ain't a half bad idea..
  11. Yeah 31-12 as in his TD/INT ratio...what else could I of meant? Clady was absolutely great in Denver for a short span of time. Injuries got the best of him and when you are pinned in a situation where your anchor LT is take your chances. I applaud him for taking the chance more than I scrutinize him for the result. Robby was a walk on from temple and has flashed way more potential than some of the wide outs actually taken inside the draft rounds. Last weeks game was meh but I'm not using it to epitomize his career or the signing of Anderson, period. Good pick up by Mac.
  12. Marshalls 2015 production for a 5th round pick was amazing. as much as I hate to say Fitz 31-12 season was WELL worth the 6th round pick. Did he screw up re-signing the guy? Sure but hindsight is always 20/20 and you expect him to do everything perfect... it's how he finishes this Fitz situation in the off season that counts. It's called learning from mistakes. Clady for a 5th wasn't that bad. Get a 27 year old ex-pro-bowler when your LT retires unexpectedly and see how it goes. That wasn't a huge blow. he found Robby Anderson who is a keeper. When's the last time a Jets GM found a good undrafted gem besides Snacks.
  13. If they think anything other than Fitz is asinine than maybe the staff is more incompetent than we thought! Leads the league in Interceptions and they barely throw risky passes. Short and intermediate in predictable spots doesn't compliment what Fitz brings to the table as a QB. Both need to gooooo...