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  1. Lol..guy has issues.
  2. Lol .. you know I'm starting to understand why you get so much sh*t around here. When has Macc ever indicated that Erin is going to be a superstar? His contract didn't scream I think Erin's a superstar either lol.. it was a cheap prove it type contract because Erin played pretty well with Minnesota before his I don't know where the "didn't make it on other teams" line came from either . Erin earned his second contract ...he however didn't earn another and Macc did what he should of done, exactly when he should of done it.
  3. He did well enough in 2015 to get another year.. not going to say a reach especially because the price was cheap to retain depth..but he did need to go this year.
  4. Erin Henderson option has been declined. Keep em coming Mac. David Harris should be the next MLB gone.
  5. Obviously or we would have a few rings by now. I'm just emphasizing the talent at center for so many years.
  6. Mangold has intangibles out of this world. He could diagnose plays left and right at Center. That is the unique part about him compared to someone with the physical abilities Winston and Kevin had.
  7. The Jets have only had two starting centers since 1998. That says a lot.
  8. BM also has no guaranteed money though. It makes him the easy pick out of the two. And while I agree on looking towards the future and getting picks..we still need a proven guy out there catching balls.
  9. Don't think both WR's are. Most likely Marshall because of salary reasons.
  10. While I am very pleased with the fact we winded up with a 3rd.. I was also kinda thinking that in my head lol. Why 11th out of 11? Our luck shines in even the smallest of situations.
  11. Pryor should be on the block. Sheldon is a given.
  12. Lattimore. I'm not big into drafting corners so early...but in our case I'm definitely not spending it on a QB. I'm a solid believer in letting Hack and Petty battle it out this year and then re-addressing QB in 2018 when we have a full resume for both our young guys we already drafted.
  13. So 4 picks within the first 3 rounds. Interested to see how Macc uses them come draft time. Solid amount of picks though and we should have more after the inevitable Sheldon trade. We are looking at most likely 5 within 1-3 rounds.
  14. This is the pick we thought would be the 4th round compensation? Pretty good I'd say. Trade our 4th rounder and wind up with a late 3rd 2017 pick and Shell...
  15. I love the way this guy plays. He's an instant upgrade. He has solid tackling form and he flys around. We need sure tacklers..these big plays we are accustomed to giving up is a mixture of not knowing where to be and bad tackling. Minter is a big step in fixing that mess. He also knows the system well and that's a huge plus too. Sign this beast.