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  1. Adams is everything you want in a player and leader. Thats my pick. Also wouldn't mind Fournette or Mike Williams.
  2. Powell can pick up blitzes well enough. Doesn't mean he is a future starter, just that the ability is there.
  3. Harris should have been "sitting" in the retirement home 4 years ago because his legs barely work anymore.
  4. I like Max Kellerman on there a lot more than I did with Skip.
  5. I am very confident he won't be gone by #6 lol, I could see him gone by #12 though which is why you play it safe and only trade down a few slots even if it means taking less compensation to get your guy.
  6. So if I'm Mac I'm trading down to get OJ Howard and then a solid running back in round 2-3(depending on what our pick is from the 1st round trade) then also going corner and safety early so then you wind up with your playmaker/security blanket and a running back who won't have to produce AS much being that Forte will play his last year here and Powell will probably feature him heavily.
  7. You are always in this..even when you are out of it. Deal with it.😂
  8. I'm starting to think you are the most mellow dramatic cry baby poster this team has ever had. it was NEVER this bad even during Joewilly12's time.
  9. Plenty of good teams have picked up sh*t players. Your point?
  10. Minter please.
  11. Hopefully a two year deal with injury clauses.
  12. Can someone catch Manish on the streets and just black an eye or two. Dude looks like an evil nerd.
  13. When they moved him from DE.😁
  14. Maybe Donta' was whoo-ed by our fancy facility. We do one of the nicest.😉
  15. Hard negotiators huh? Good thing we bought him as many cupcakes as Jet fans tears.