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  1. Peake and Anderson have outside ability..they could very well become very solid players. Similar feel with Rontez Miles a few year back.
  2. Anyone who watched the redskins game knows he played like sh*t. Simple as that. He didn't help his own case but he will remain the 2nd QB off pure experience.
  3. I believe it was the entire regime. He didn't like Rex and he thought we were poorly run clowns...which was true to an extent. The minute they brought in Macc and Bowles he praised us and expressed his respect and liking towards those two and what they are doing with the team. He's pretty much a fan now lol.
  4. Kellen Davis needs to gtfo. He's brought in to block well and hasn't even shown decency in that area lol...don't even get me started on his catching either.
  5. Marshall has showed way more promise on Offense this offseason than Walt....I'm not letting one bad preseason game change my mind on that either.
  6. Also really liked the fact when asked who the young guy Mac likes the most so far, he said Robby Anderson.. Him and J.Marsh are going to wind up on the 53 man roster. Bank on that.
  7. Some great interviews here. Marshall one was classic.
  8. Don't think they make that decision until the preseason is over.
  9. He has a good understanding of timing and when to jump, use his body, ect..that's what I'm saying.
  10. He's learning from Brandon Marshall to use his body to shield catches. I know he isn't the strongest(he's about 195-ish) but he still can get those passes because he is so tall.
  11. He had over 100 yards catching and clearly understands how to high point the ball...which is very important when trying to have success in this league.
  12. We haven't seen what Robinson can do yet..with that said we have seen what this guy can do so I say take a chance on him if it's possible.
  13. Been saying it since OTA's
  14. Lololol...he's a rookie UDFA.