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  1. Lol it wasn't serious at all and if he was a starter he could of came back sooner.
  2. I'm not saying it can be. But from the head coaches perspective he won't give up on the season until mathmatically eliminated and if W's start coming you change? No.
  3. Eh...don't be too sure of that. When you have a guy as careless with the ball as Geno can be. Turnovers will make a coach re-think his own patience. Trust me, the team won't put up with 3 interceptions and a sack fumble in the first half if that comes true. They won't be leaving a guy in for the same reason they took the other out. Will he have a leash? Yeah, but don't expect it to be a 80ft leash when the offense still can't move the ball.
  4. Petty is fully healed and has been for almost two weeks. It's getting more reps since his long absence, after the preseason game he was injured in. Do I think Geno stays in our plans? Of course not. But the evaluation process will go by A. If he wins B. If the offense catches a spark and C. Individual success/stats. If he shows up I'm willing to bet they don't pull him for the rest of the season depending on if they feel at that point the season can be salvaged. I want Petty in also but that also has depending factors too.
  5. Huh? Lol I literally just said that...
  6. Doubt that happens. They will probably give Geno 2-3 games of evaluation and if he plays poor maybe pull him a week early. Doubt he gets pulled half time with Petty just getting back in the swing of thing's unless Geno throws like 3 picks in the 1st half or something.
  7. The Jets quarterback quandary will wind through Geno Smith before the inevitable next stop during this lost season: Bryce Petty's time is coming. The second-year quarterback offers this star-crossed franchise some hope for the future. Thetemporary transition from Ryan Fitzpatrick to the erratic Smith is doomed to fail. Petty will be next in line to show team decision makers that he deserves serious consideration to compete for the starting job in 2017. "To this point, I've been taking advantage of the checks," a candid Petty told the Daily News. "I want to contribute. I want to compete. But that's everybody in this locker room. So, I just have to continue to get better and study that book and study the gameplans and be ready to rock n' roll. That part hasn't changed since Day One…. So, definitely, yeah, I'm ready to play." Petty might have already had his chance if not for a shoulder injurysuffered in the preseason finale in Philadelphia that prompted him to miss five weeks of practice. He displayed poise, pocket presence and a cannon arm during a promising preseason that opened plenty of eyes within the organization. He was far from perfect, but he flashed enough to make decision makers wonder about the possibilities. Although Todd Bowles said that Petty, who returned to practice on a full-time basis last week, needs to "practice a good bit and get reps," before becoming a serious option to start, don't be fooled. Petty will get a chance when the 1-5 Jets lose their eighth game (signaling the unofficial official end to any flickering playoff hopes), if not sooner. "Shoot, I want game action," Petty said about getting a chance to play at some point this season. "I think that's what everybody in this locker room wants… is to get an opportunity. That's all you can ask for in life in general, much less in this game. So, I definitely want an opportunity. … My plan is to go in and prepare like I am and then just wait for my number to be called and just jump on that opportunity. I've been in this league a short amount of time, but what I have learned is that when you do get your opportunity, you got to jump on it. Because they're quick and few and far between." Petty's work ethic is commendable. He is literally the first quarterback to arrive at the facility at 5:30 each morning, according to people other than Petty. He has been a willing learner for the better part of the past year and a half. He has never complained, whined or tweeted cryptic messages about a lack of playing time. He is authentically humble. He has leadership qualities that should be cultivated. The organization's decision to draft Christian Hackenberg in the second round prompted him to elevate his game. He entered the preseason unsure whether he'd even make the Week 1 roster. He responded by outplaying Smith and Hackenberg before getting hurt. The preseason success emboldened him. "The biggest thing is the confidence level," Petty said. "When I was in the game, I was so much more comfortable than I was (last year). In the last two weeks on scout team… it's a totally different feel. I've built a foundation now from OTAs this past year to camp to preseason to where it's like, 'Man, you can play. You can do this.' And that's huge for the quarterback position. You got to be confident with your abilities. Last year was a whirl-wind like 'Man, this is a lot.' Now it's like, 'I can do this.'" Petty will lean on Fitzpatrick for guidance as always. Fitzpatrick is still the team leader even though his job description has changed. He's always willing to help. "Well, I still am," Fitzpatrick told The News about being the team leader. "I still am going to be looked at as that. I still have to go about my business that way, but it's hard because it's in a different capacity. But that just doesn't go away. … The respect that guys have for me just doesn't go away because I'm not out there playing. Fitzpatrick has been an invaluable resource to Petty, who's been smart enough to understand how helpful the veteran can be to his development. His time is coming. The Jets need to evaluate what they have in him. He provides hope.
  8. We need to get another first rounder one way or another.
  9. I liked what he did in the preseason but the regular season is a different beast. Petty probably is rusty from being on the shelf so long.
  10. Let's say Geno starts the next 2 games and doesn't do anything with his last opportunity. We then throw Petty in who goes off against the weaker part of the schedule. Do you not draft the best QB you can draft anyway or do you sign a vet to back Petty up in 2017 while still monitoring Hack?
  11. He still blew the competition out of the water in every preseason game even before Romo's back injury.
  12. Man, I'm BS-ing you at this point lmao... I did think you were serious at first, unfortunately some fans are that insane.
  13. 7 QB's with the high chance of 5-6 of them being useless compared to trying to fix the other glaring holes on offense while still going for a #1 round QB? There isn't nearly enough time for 7 rookie QB's to be evaluated and developed in one season. Hack barely got a rep when we carried four and you're okay with 7 lol. Go play Franchise mode on Madden.