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  1. Lol woah bro. You really stuck it to me there. You are doing a great job of getting under my skin and deeply hurting my feelings. I think I'll need to schedule extra therapy meetings for the next 3 years just to cope with reality you have placed in front of me. How can I even recover? .....okay so you done? Because you really are boring the sh*t out of me with these lame insults mixed with lack of intelligence and priceless arrogance. You sound like this conversation really boosted your confidence and gave you what you needed to get out of bed and not feel like a worthless loser with nothing better to do but insult people you don't even know over a sports forum. All that said..glad I could help. Now can you move on as hard as that's going to be for you?
  2. The sad part is you're ******* serious too. Disappointed in you. No disgusted tbh. He TOOK ANOTHER HUMAN'S LIFE OVER A TRAFFIC ISSUE. Joe died for a petty reason and you think this scumbag is innocent???? Joe will never be happy, sad, angry, eat, drink, love or feel again because of a loser with deep mental issues. Bro, you need to take a step back and evaluate your damn self. What if Joe McKnight was your dad, your son, your uncle, your brother. Would the check he couldn't cash matter then?
  3. I'm obviously not trying to be witty or snap some crazy come back at you. Trust me, it doesn't take a genius to argue points of views and facts with someone else. I'm just extremely lazy and my perspective has been long enough stretched to the point where I'm honestly bored with this thread now. I responded with "ok negative Nancy" in hopes you would give it up and find something better to do besides argue the Jets season with me. You obviously feel the need to keep this going and insult my intelligence with sh*tty have a ball. Doesn't hurt my feelings. You only make yourself look like a jackass in the end.
  4. If you say so negative Nancy..😒
  5. LOL
  6. As long as Nick Mangold doesn't go..I could care less.
  7. Anybody in their right mind wouldn't barbecue a coach/GM for something a player did on his off time. Team displine comes within the season not during a time when coaches and GM's have the least amount of contact with a player during the year. That's his off time and he screwed up. This is no inditement on any FO member. It's idiotic to even be making that argument. Just stop...
  8. I'm not a Rex lover nor have I ever said anything to indicate that I would give him a weren't even around the board when Rex was in charge. You just like to talk out of your ass 99% of the time huh?
  9. Right. We all need to make a collective effort to tone it the hell down.😂
  10. I'm sorry but this is way more dysfunctional than us. This is just..setting a new precedent.
  11. You don't give up a proven player for unproven players. Simple as that. Especially when that player is younger than half the players in the next draft. He is apart of the rebuild not a victim of it.
  12. you. But really it is harder to compare the two roster because one team is a 53 man squad and the other is a 15 man squad. Based on the lone fact their are twice as many players on one team you can take away that there is bound to be at least a few more decent players compared to what the Knicks have. Even tho Wilk and Sheldon have let us down they are still extremely talented. Adams will be a star. Enunwa while isn't proven at #1 WR is still talented. It's just hard to compare an NBA team to an NFL team talent wise because of the mandatory roster size. The NBA is built off superstars because you only have 2 round drafts. The best of the best get into the top 10 and most the time mid 1st round projections turn out to be garbage way more opposed to the NFL..where 1st round mid selections aren't viewed in the same light. With all that said..I feel like we are still more talented
  13. Being completely honest with you.. I'm very optimistic and I feel like a lot of the young players in place are very talented and I'm hyper about the coaching staff that was put in place this year. If we don't have a QB step up then we will fail but that doesn't necessarily mean the season is a failure based on 90% of everyone else's progression. I wanted this young movement from the jump so I have been on board the entire time.
  14. He's untouchable for the reasons@Gas2No99 pointed out. I really won't add much more. You think everyone is going crazy now? Let that happen and see the chaos at unfolds.
  15. I agree on the ownership similarities. Dolan is using Jackson as a human shield because he is just that incompetent himself. With all that said though..the Jets have had WAY more success than the Knicks in recent years which is actually sad. Knicks go to the playoffs once in a blue moon and when they do it's a first round exit. Atleast the Jets have those 2009/2010 deep runs.