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  1. Wow...the Texans are pure trash.
  2. Texans beat the Chiefs but can't stay out of they're own way against a 3rd string rookie? Smh. I will be even more upset if we lose Sunday.
  3. They aren't being nearly aggressive enough.
  4. Maclin hasn't looked that good these past two games anyway. Don't know what Charles has left in the tank but I expect him to have a lackluster showing vs. our D line.
  5. He's also on the last year of his contract. Teams aren't going to pay much at all.
  6. And Miami STILL can't find a way to score. I'm convinced they will suck forever.
  7. Lol coming from the guy who is still a free agent...J.R Smith is a shooter with terrible shot selection . The guy comes off the bench in games to go 4-12 on 3's.
  8. Think he'd be a solid third option at running back.
  9. He went 11 for 33 against the 3rd stringers....stop it.
  10. I have Lamar Miller and Devonte Freemam as my running friend tried to get me to trade for Forte because I'm a Jets fan...not happening. I don't see Forte having a better year than my other guys.
  11. You mean Polo
  12. I agree, that's another chain mover that has to be on the same page. Marshall, Decker, Enunwa, Robby and Forte all on the field at the same time is dangerous. I expect this offense to click early and be a top 10 unit reason they shouldn't be.
  13. Enuwa and Robby Anderson need to be on the same page at all time with Fitz too and we'll be solid. A few touchdowns coming from different WR's last year could of made the difference in Wins and Losses
  14. Yeah...seems like click bait on the surface lol. if you are serious about just wanting our opinions then paste the article.
  15. Lollol not bad for predications but too detailed and negative for my taste. Ima just go with 10-6/11-5 being the ceiling and 7-9 being the floor.