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  1. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    Unfortunately when I get extremely interested in a ball club, hobby, music artist, etc..I go back and dig deep into everything that has ever happened since the existence of said 'interest'..lol. I may have not lived through the pain but i know the pain all too well.😂 Whenever me and friends get into an argument about football..the FIRST line that comes up EVERY time is "when's the last time the Jets won the super bowl" .. all I have to come back with is "Super bowl 3 was the most important Super Bowl to date." 🤦🏻‍♂️😂😂😒
  2. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    Im 21.. was born in 96' so really the only successful seasons I lived through actually knowing what I was watching was 09 and 10' ..sad but I was the proudest I have ever been of them. Jets defeating the Patriots in that division round after getting blown out 43-3 6 weeks prior...man that cemented it as my favorite game ever...favorite season ever as well.
  3. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    At least the first two out of six. Then we kept blowing coverage 24/7 and getting raped on runs up the middle...i still have no explanation how or why. Oh yeah..Kyle Wilson, Coples, etc. boy for Tanny to draft so good in 2007-2008...he really screwed up after that.
  4. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    Nah man, I was honestly joking. I know you are a fan. I respect your opinion but I do believe there is very much a comparison to be made. I witnessed greatness that year man. Unique greatness.
  5. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    Right! Really sucks he kept getting injured. Vocal leader too. Big presence on the field and in the locker room.. we were stout. A younger David Harris, Bart Scott, Revis(prime), Shaun Ellis, Jenkins, Leonard was no slouch.
  6. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    Jet hater.😒
  7. 2000 Ravens D vs 2009 Jets D

    10 yard penalty all the way from Chattanooga University 2 years into the future. Boy, that must of been one hell of hold.
  8. Watched Hard Knocks: 2010 Jets today and it got me reminiscing over those two glory years..found this article from way back in 09'. I was a little surprised by the comparison. https://fifthdown.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/01/20/comparing-2009-jets-with-2000-ravens/ Comparing 2009 Jets With 2000 Ravens BY LUIS DELOUREIRO JANUARY 20, 2010 6:00 AMJanuary 20, 2010 6:00 am Luis DeLoureiro is building a better passer rating, among other statistical pursuits, at NFLStatAnalysis.net. He also contributes at classactsports.com. Recent history suggests that it’s possible to win the Super Bowl with mediocre quarterback play if you have an exceptional (not good….not great…..exceptional) defense. In terms of both yards and points, the 2009 Jets had the league’s No. 1 defense. They were particularly strong against the pass, giving up under 2,500 yards and only 8 TDs through the air. This is no small feat for a team that finished 2008 16th in yards allowed and 18th in points allowed. More surprising was their improvement against the pass – where they ranked 29th in yards allowed in 2008. As we all know by now, that defense has led Rex Ryan’s team all the way to the A.F.C. championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. This got me to thinking. We know how good this defense is when compared to the other 2009 teams. But how good are they when compared with other top defenses of the past decade? I decided to compare the 2009 Jets to the ultimate defensive benchmark of the last 10 years – the 2000 Baltimore Ravens. I wasn’t expecting a fair fight. I came away somewhat surprised by what I found. Below are some key statistics comparing the Jets with the 2000 Ravens. The table includes both the actual metric and rank when compared to all defenses between 2000 and 2009 (out of 315). Keep in mind that offenses – particularly passing offenses – have changed significantly since 2000. I’ll try to address that a bit further down in the post. Defensive Metrics 2000 Ravens 2009 Jets Value Rank Since 2000 Value Rank Since 2000 Points 165 1 236 12 Total Yards 4,037 3 3,967 4 Total Yards Per Play 4.3 7 4.2 5 Passing Yards 2,997 54 2,459 3 Passing Yards Per Att. 5.7 33 4.9 3 Rushing Yards 970 1 1,578 72 Rushing Yards Per Att 2.7 1 3.8 63 • The Ravens and Jets were very close – ranked 3rd and 4th in the decade – in terms of total yards allowed. The 2008 Steelers and the 2000 Titans were the top two in this metric. (That’s right, the Ravens did not finish number one in 2000 in total yards allowed). • The 2000 Ravens had a clear edge in points allowed. However, the Jets’ No. 12 ranking is a bit deceiving. The data includes all scores – not just those given up by the defense. The Jets actually gave up seven TDs on kick, fumble and interception returns – compared with four for the 2000 Ravens. While the Ravens would still prevail in points yielded – 137 points 187 – the Jets would probably climb into the top five for the decade. The two teams differed in their areas of strength. • The 2000 Ravens had the decade’s top rushing defense – giving up under 1,000 yards for the entire season. The 2006 Minnesota Vikings were the only other defense to give up under 1,000 yards on the ground. • The Ravens allowed only 2.7 yards per rush attempt and five touchdown runs. • Meanwhile, the 2009 Jets’ defense finished 3rd in the decade in total passing yards (2,459) and passing yards per attempt (4.91). They allowed only eight passing touchdowns. The 2006 Raiders and the 2000 Titans gave up fewer passing yards. The 2002 Bucs and the 2008 Steelers gave up fewer yards per attempt. This analysis would indicate – not surprisingly – that the 2000 Ravens were the superior defense. However, the raw gap between the two was smaller than would have been expected. Further, when considering the league-wide increases in production via the passing game – 10 quarterbacks surpassed 4,000 yards passing in 2009 – the Jets’ performance against the pass merits further attention. Adjusting for Offensive Trends The 2000 Ravens’ dominance in the running game requires no further review — raw figures tell the story. However, as superb as the Jets’ pass defense appears looking only at the 2009 raw numbers, the results become even more impressive when you consider that league-wide passing numbers have been on the upswing for a few years. To account for the changing offensive trends, I have created a separate calculation that looks at each team’s performance in key statistics against the league’s average in that metric for the given year. For example, the Jets yielded 2,459 passing yards in 2009. The average 16-game passing total in 2009 for all 32 teams was 3,495. The Jets gave up 30% fewer yards than the league average. Below are the averages in several key metrics in 2000 and 2009. Metrics are per game — unless otherwise indicated. Year Total Yds Total Pts Passing Yds Passing Y/A Rushing Yds Rushing Y/A 2000 319.4 20.7 206.9 6.3 112.6 4.1 2009 335.1 22.0 218.5 6.6 116.7 4.2 Difference 15.7 1.4 11.6 0.3 4.1 0.2 In terms of raw passing yards yielded, the 2009 Jets were the third-best pass defense of the decade. However, when you adjust for the league average, the Jets actually had the stingiest defense in terms of yards allowed – yielding 30% fewer yards than the league average. (See the table below) Rank Year Team Passing Yds Avg for Year Diff. From Avg 1 2009 New York Jets 2459 3,495 -30% 2 2000 Tennessee Titans 2423 3,310 -27% 3 2006 Oakland Raiders 2413 3,277 -26% 4 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 2511 3,381 -26% 5 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2490 3,350 -26% When adjusting for offenses, the Jets move into second place in the decade for yards per pass attempt. Rank Year Team Y/A Avg for Year Diff. From Avg 1 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers 4.71 6.58 -28% 2 2009 New York Jets 4.91 6.58 -25% 3 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4.88 6.18 -21% 4 2007 Pittsburgh Steelers 5.27 6.45 -18% 5 2004 Buffalo Bills 5.40 6.58 -18% If you look at the two tables above, you’ll notice that the teams listed were, with a couple of exceptions, very successful. The 2008 Steelers and the 2002 Buccaneers each won the Super Bowl. The 2000 Titans were edged out of the Super Bowl by the Baltimore Ravens, after beating the Ravens in the old A.F.C. Central. The exceptions on the list are the 2004 Bills, who narrowly missed the playoffs, and the 2006 Raiders, who faced only 410 attempts for the entire year. (This was perhaps because they fell behind early and opposing teams were running out the clock). Getting Hot at the Right Time Since a Week 11 loss to the New England Patriots – the last game in a 1-6 stretch when the Jets conceded over 22 points per game – the Jets have given up just over nine points per game and under 150 yards passing per game. And, in the aerial assault that is the 2009 N.F.L., the ability to stop the pass can come in handy.
  9. Top 5, Top 5.

    Exactly. Numbers factor in as much as people don't want to accept it. Martin was running on ****ed up ankles by the time he was 31 and still had 1,697 yards..the oldest to take the league rushing title. These ARE things people have to consider.
  10. Is Petty The Guy?

    Like if Hack sucks..oh wait. Like if it was bad picking Safety back to back...oh wait. Like how many games it takes this season to get 3 wins...oh wait. Like if Darnold is the second coming of Jesus? ...oh wait. Like if Rex Ryan should get another chance here...yes..yes that's the one I'm looking for.🤦🏻‍♂️ It's offseason. Nothing is as good as this.😂
  11. Is Petty The Guy?

    Lol...doesn't kill me that Jamal Adams is a Jet. I mean I'm just sayin....😂
  12. Sam Darnold not a lock to enter draft

    Lol...honestly don't think his decision to not come out will solely depend on if the Jets have the first pick.
  13. Sam Darnold not a lock to enter draft

    We are really still doing this crap? Jamal Adams over Mahomes? LOL..Jet fans man..
  14. Top 5, Top 5.

    I'll never sin again.