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  1. Trading Richardson

  2. cotchery is going to get a ring in 2 weeks

    Torn between wanting Peyton to go out with a ring like Ray Lewis because honestly Peyton deserves it.. And I think if he gets this last one before he goes out, it erases most of the critics who drape on the one flaw in Peyton's career; Playoff choking. But on the other hand I love Cotch and want him to get his ring, tough decision.
  3. Some Options at each position of need for FA

    Kearse would look great in Green/White.
  4. we are playing to strength. This guy named Leonard Williams fell in our lap last year.
  5. he had 12 sacks... that's production for us. How was it a mistake to keep him?
  6. ARZ Observations (Jet Related)

    If we can just get some speed I think we can be an even better defense than our 09/10 season. Imagine David Harris, Bruce Irvin or Danny Trevathan plus a 1st/2nd round LB developing behind them. Would finally fill the void there.  
  7. Hahaha Belichick's bitch knocked him out

    He probably kissed his daughter on the cheek and she didn't appreciate the lack of attention she was receiving.
  8. Perfect Player For This Team

    Ashlon Jeffery..? Marvin Jones..? both good players who will be FA's. We need big bodies wide outs who can interchange and make 3rd down catches. As for running back, there will be plenty of great options in the draft and a few nice pick ups in FA. Same with LB because I know we need that. I say we target WR and LB in FA and draft RB and OL in the draft. We need that injection of youth along with some more seasoned players to complement the rest of the roster.
  9. Chase Daniel or Drew Stanton = UFA

    wondering the same. That's sh*t confused me.
  10. WIlkerson or Von Miller?

    There's no doubt in my mind he will get his extension. Tagged is absurd though.
  11. WIlkerson or Von Miller?

    Too bad Danny Trevathan is a Bronco. There's another top Linebacker with speed who this team could really use. As long as we get either that would satisfy me although there's a solid chance we get neither.
  12. WIlkerson or Von Miller?

    well there goes that idea...although it is difficult seeing him walk anyway. Broncos will do something.. That's a franchise type guy. Just like Deymarius Thomas last year. It was hard but they got it done.
  13. but could he of been the one to get us to that Win and We're In game? C'mon...
  14. WIlkerson or Von Miller?

    agreed. They will sign him to an extension and tag Miller... Unless they are in cap hell?