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  1. A spin doctor..😂😂 the fact I caught on to what that meant, but knew it was a completely made up name you just though of.. Jeez. oooo you're a Spin Doctor @Integrity28
  2. Atlanta literally does not make mistakes. They score 7 every single time they touch the ball.
  3. I didn't even know who Gabriel(ex-Browns WR) was until tonight. Matt, Brady, Rodgers..try make no names become stars.
  4. Actually if you want to get down to the nitty gritty..he threw less interceptions per pass attempt his junior year compared to even his amazing freshman year.
  5. But that isn't the case for Matt Ryan. When they double Jones, Matt still throws strikes and he should be MVP this year, anyone who can't admit that is just doing it in spite of they're "points".
  6. I can't wait until someone drops the hammer...
  7. Steelers just don't match up with them well..ever.
  8. Steelers will lose if they don't take advantage of these few 3 and outs. This isn't Kansas can't beat NE with the kicker. Simply put.
  9. Personally, I don't think it will matter on mutual grounds. Especially when Georgia is close to Texas, but I do acknowledge your points. I see it being a 28-24 type of game. But then again, I thought that last week when first finding out it would be GB vs. you never know.
  10. The Pats are great, but I think you aren't giving Atlanta enough credit. Not only did they just blow Rodgers out of the water on a hot streak but they did the same to Wilson the week before.
  11. This. And they won't be cheering the Pats. Those fans couldn't care less about Bill O'Brian.😂 They put the Texans out. There will be a lot of red and black in that stadium.
  12. lol ridiculous statement man. 44 points. 1 punt 1 of the drives straight pay dirt. The D has been terrorizing Rodgers. Tha mixture is bad news for the Patriots. Texans did a nice job on defense but we all knew they were way too mediocre on offense to keep up..these Falcons will have ZERO issues keeping up. In fact, you can make an argument NE will have to keep up.
  13. I seen that. Broke his ankles down.
  14. Maybe two more scores and then you sit them lol.
  15. Especially against Rodgers. That's never a good idea.