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  1. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Question.. is Thursdays OTA practice open to media too?
  2. Longshot Predictions

    Fitzpatrick will stop being an a$$hole and do charity events.
  3. OTAs May 25th Tweets

  4. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    Bingo. Luck doesn't ever want to play for the Jets anyway.
  5. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    Kaaya isn't even a first round talent.
  6. Fair enough...not really. But I won't cause an uproar over it so fair enough.
  7. I understand some people like the guy and sometimes he DOES crack a funny. He has been here for awhile but 95% of his posts are so uncalled for and annoying. I don't understand him...why he's here or why he wants anything to do with a Jets message board. The other Pat fans that post here RARELY post and when they do it isn't at the same ignorant volume and pace that TX posts at.
  8. God.. You're a real a$$hole aren't you? at first I thought you had at least SOME value in your posts...but you really seem like you have nothing to do. It's just the same recycled bullsh*t every post with you.
  9. Just don't call him dude and he won't get angry.
  10. Watkins Breaks Foot

    He'll be ready to go by the start of the regular season so this really doesn't even matter.
  11. Is Jarvis Jenkins long for the Jets roster

    I don't see how people can dislike our GM's moves. I really love this guy. So professional, calculates his moves extremely well and doesn't give the media any ammunition. He is level headed and understands how to deal with the NY fan base. The guy is nearly flawless as a general manager and we still have fans who are ungrateful. Let's go back to the tanny days and make big splashy moves in FA until we can't afford it anymore or we no longer have draft picks. Look at the Dolphins,Browns, Bucs.. They all have incompetent staff... Meaning a title is far away. We have the first step an organization that we can put trust into to actually make good football decisions. I know one thing if Bowles doesn't stick...which I think he does, we atleast have a very competent GM. I'm sure of that. He hasn't showed me ONE sign of not being about to run this team and it's been two offseason a since he took reign.
  12. Is Jarvis Jenkins long for the Jets roster

    Jenkins was drafted in the third round and he isn't talking about our rookie OLB. That's Jarvis Jenkins. He's talking about Jarvis Jones.. The back up DE we signed. He has to be. This is the most idiotic post ever lol.😂😂😂
  13. Is Jarvis Jenkins long for the Jets roster

    You don't like this team. Because if you did then you wouldn't be so quick to post negitive things. We are all holding our breath but we see the good in what Mac has done. I could tell from first vibes that Mac was professional and we finally had a good one. Just because he does some things that you don't like...which by the way your opinion doesn't matter..but just because he does some things you don't like doesn't mean he is running anything into the ground. I wish posters like you would just find new teams if you forever are going to bitch about what the Jets do as a unit. Find a team that suits your way of thinking better. How about the Browns? Maybe the Titans?
  14. Gather your pitchforks, light your torches...

    I was going to post but I realized this is from March. It would of been too early to judge this offseason in May much less March lol. Wait until the season is over and then we can judge 2016 offseason.