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  1. Dee Milliner and REVISionist History.

    VTF, nice job!
  2. Who do you want in round 4?

  3. Idzik, Rex, Geno Smith. The holy trinity!

    Yea, it makes it feel like the Dolphin locker room....
  4. Stephen Hill....

    This is an issue with all of our receivers. They need to fight for the ball. Last night no one fought for the ball. SHill is struggling but Gates has to go first. Play Spadola!
  5. Clyde Gates

    Our receivers wait for the ball ALL the time. No one goes and gets it. They need to fight for every ball and I just don't see that.
  6. Jets Should Bring Back OL Moore

    Liked Moore but we've moved on. Winters is the future and the future is.............. now.
  7. What I've liked, not been impressed by, so far is that he always talks about getting better. To me he gets it. Does that mean he becomes a franchise qb, not really. But if he keeps that mindset he has a chance. Physical tools are there but as most all of us know - it's the mental part of the game that separates the good ones from the also rans. As much as I get the question it is too early to tell. Tomorrow is another chance for him to grow and get better. We'll see....
  8. I like our chances

    It will come down to our D standing up against the fast paced NE Offense. They are going to try and hurry us up and get those lineman tired so it alleviates the pass rush. Offensively we'll need to establish run game this week to make sure Tommy Boy stays on the bench for long stretches. Rex is no dope, he'll have this team ready.
  9. Quick reactions - Jets-Bucs

    Positives: D 1) Richardson is a beast, when it really clicks in for him and Couples gets back WATCH OUT 2) Barnes played situationally really well (see comment about Couples coming back) 3) Milliner is just getting his feet wet and we will see some growing pains but he can fly and eventually will be very good 4) Ellis & Snacks are going to go a long way in creating havoc on run defense 5) Front four can really help this secondary O 1) Geno is not a running QB but knows WHEN to run and that makes him dangerous (he also knows how to slide) 2) TB stacked the front on our running game, we'll see a lot of this but we kept running 3) Hill looked good, our TE's looked good and will continue to in MM's offense 4) Screens and more screens ST 1) Didn't make any stupid mistakes 2) Folk and Malone where big all day Coaching 1) Rex and staff continue to be very good at halftime adjustments Negatives 1) Rex still doesn't have a great grasp of clock management at the end of the game 2) Ball protection Geno! 3) I thought Gates came up small more than a few times as a receiver 4) a few missed assignments on blitzes 5) I hated the Kerley run on 3rd and short and I hope they get rid of that play from the 3rd and short page of the playbook BUT - We won!
  10. TE's will have huge impact in this offense, look at what Celik (sp?) did with Eagles. I think Hill, Kerley and Holmes will all have improved numbers. In the end we will all be saying "in Marty we trust".
  11. Willie Colon:'Santonio is back'

    Holmes has to play... NFL is changing to a league where inexpensive youth is in and expensive veterans unless they really produce are out. If he sits around he plays for league minimum next year and has an uncertain future. IMO if he plays well he has a chance to sign a longer term contract with either us or someone else. I hope someone else.
  12. The QB eye test

    I have to agree here. Eli didn't start right away and came on and made some mistakes but got better. Give Sanchez until the bye and if things are going south let Geno take over.
  13. Jets Cut Hayden Smith

    There are too many good TE's that will be cut in the next week who are already better than this kid who I'm sure the Jets Pro personnel dept have ID'd. Well at least that's what I'd think they would do but past experience says probably not.