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  1. Game Observations (TEN)

    Maybe this will be a silver lining in this season - that at least the guys are hungry and will give effort. Saw a few Cleveland games last year, and though they always lose, at least they compete, but eventually wear down by the second half because they don't have the talent to maintain it. Last year our effort was atrocious, and it will be refreshing if this season we play fast and spirited, even if we lose. At least you can root for a team like that.
  2. Forum Upgrade Complete

    New site is nice, but I'm going to miss that cute bell on the top right, where I would look to see if there was a number on it.
  3. this preseason is our season in essence. It's the only run we'll have, unfortunately, the only meaningful games we will probably witness this year. We will now see what we've got, if there is some hope, some lightning in a bottle somewhere. ( Up to now, all we had to look forward to was KRL posts). Usually in a preseason game, you see your established guys play a quarter, and the rest is "filler" (Li'l John Flowers). Now, the whole team is filler, each qb is a potential starter, so there will be significance for all four quarters, something rare for a preseason game. The receivers who play the fourth quarter may be our starters, because they're probably on par with our receivers in the first quarter. Same with the qb situation. Playing meaningful football in August. Can't wait!!!
  4. Really good objective analysis of the situation. As for me, I don't like hearing Marshall getting put down after the effort he gave us. Don't know if he quit at the end, or simply Petty had a good rapport with Anderson, and so BM's production went down. But to pile on him is to be an ingrate considering the quality time he was here with us, on the field and off.
  5. Actually, I'm glad this thread was derailed. It made me watch that Oakland - Jet 1968 playoff game on youtube where Joe was amazingly tough (taking huge hits, tackling Atkinson after throwing a devastating nterception), friggin awesome. The short interviews with Maynard and listening to Joe on the sideline gave me chills. thanks for the memories.
  6. The Ghost of Revis Past?

    Todd consistently underthrew Walker on those bombs, Walker had to always slow down for them. OBrien threw a better pass, but in Walker's prime, he played with Todd and Todd kept that team down. Don't think 'Walker dropped a lot, maybe you mean Richard Caster. Walker got separation all the time (before that term was ever used) because of his world track speed and perfect route running. He seemed fragile out there, though, like a gazelle playing against lions. I always cringed when he got hit.
  7. The Ghost of Revis Past?

    How dare you say Walker wasn't great. Don't give me stats. Watch the games. He was uncoverable. He had Richard Turd throwing to him, for petes sakes. aw, never mind.
  8. Burgess Owens

    Just saw him interviewed on Fox. I like him even more now. Miss those old school guys.
  9. Marcus Maye

    This is why I don't get why people are always repeating Josh McCown's win loss record. Maybe his teams were really bad? Even a baseball pitcher can be pretty good, and have a bad record if the team around him stinks. (Unless you're DeGrom)
  10. TC starts this week!!!! Get PSYCHED

    This is the most i've ever been excited for the preseason. We'll see the new guys, the young qb's - whatever they do is gravy. The preseason will definitely be more exciting than the regular season this year, because we don't know what we've got yet. Once the season starts, and we know what we've got, it's gonna be brutal.
  11. Amazing Stat - Obrien never had a rushing touchdown in his career, and we want to put him on a list of all time greats? I would take Matt Robinson over leadfoot.
  12. Don't think it's true that Riggins didn't want to be here. The Jets simply didn't care enough to give a big contract to anyone besides Joe willy. It was Riggins who deserved the big payday, he was amazing for us. In his Washington years he was more of a Czonka like fullback. For us he was still quite fast and could turn the corner. Watching him catching flairs out of the backfield and turning up up field was one of the great sights of all time for a Jets fan, if he was old enough to witness it.
  13. Joe Namath did not throw a beautiful spiral. Billy Kilmer did.
  14. Never saw a team where everyone stinks but the safety is great. He's a small peg in an entire apparatus and it doesn't matter how great that peg is.
  15. If we had meaning in our lives, we wouldn't be hanging out on this board so much.