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  1. Game Observations (NE)

    I knew this astute observation wouldn't be popular, and maybe it's not true in this case, but it's interesting. I remember that NBA referee who was fixing games (forgot his name) wrote that NBA referees hate certain winy players, and don't give them the benefit of the doubt because they don't like them . (Chauncey Billups and Rashad Wallace I remember as two of them). So this post reminded me of that.
  2. The guy also looks like the incredible hulk out there - fun to see a Jet look bigger and stronger than everyone else.
  3. The "rooting for us to win" vs. tanking argument boils down to the following: do we prefer momentary "run" , that is, do we prefer to watch meaningful games like the one this week, even though we know this may be very short lived, but hey, let's live for the moment, let us dream... or do we resign ourselves to the fact that this is one big exhibition season, and hope we lose in order to have potential run in the far future. I think I am in the first group, but I will probably regret it soon enough.
  4. we actually have a very good secondary minus Skrine
  5. There is a great interview with Bob Dylan and a Time Magazine person, with Dylan is basically saying that this writer really doesn't understand anything, and it's just superficial crap he writes, and he'll never "get" it.... that's what Cam meant, but in less words.
  6. Interesting Read on Marrone

    He's better than anything we got
  7. Interesting Read on Marrone

    Hard to believe a putz like Mehta could have such influence, but I do remember Marone getting dirt poured on him when his candidacy for the Jets was announced. Forget what they said about him to sabatoge his coming to the Jets, but I still can't believe that wise guy journalists could have such sway.
  8. Starting to view this season as one long exhibition season - each game is to see if there is progress with our youngins', with the outcome of the game irrelevant... eh, actually, the outcome IS relevant....
  9. who is that number 80 that Darnold is throwing to? He looks like that greatest receiver I've ever seen.
  10. Who played dl and linebacker on that defense? Pouha I see was mentioned, and I gather Bart Scott was one of the linebackers, but the rest of that tandem I can't recall...simply forgotten in the total haze of roster turnover...
  11. It's hard, but I will try to watch the games with this mindset. Really have no choice.
  12. How can I see this game without paying for a full season? Are there any packages available for a month? (after that, I will surely be less excited) Is NFL.com the only way to see the game. Gotta help me here. I only have internet and don't reside in USA.
  13. Jets/Browns

    One thing to remember even if we win the first game: it could be misleading. Last year, in our first game, we had an incredible pass rush, with many sacks. As it turned out, those were our last sacks of the season. And in an opener in Buffalo several years ago, Steven Hill looked awesome. He barely caught another pass again...
  14. Let's start talking Jets \ Bills

    As season approaches, I am excited. Totallly against my nature to root for us to lose. Would rather have the fun and anticipation of going 3-0 to start the season, than sit through a season of tanking. Don't mind being deluded that we have a bunch of young hungry players whose talents haven't yet emerged...maybe we have a bunch of lightnings in bottles... prefer that than waiting it out yet another year. Who knows if I"ll even live another year? Or if the world will be around in another year? I've waited all off-season for the games to start, not going to wait yet another year and another draft, blah, blah, blah. It may be short term planning, but life is short. I'm psyched. Let's go 1-0 and take it from there... anything can happen.
  15. Patrick Mahomes

    It helps that Mahomes was getting good protection, more than our qb's get.