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  1. I don't know anything about college football, so somebody please explain why this pick is different than the Calvin Pryor pick, another "hard hitting" safety, a poor selection especially since we need cover guys.
  2. i don't want number 6 because that's where Gholsten was chosen, and I'm traumatized from the experience.
  3. remember in the 70's, we always opened against Buffalo. Remember O.J. Simpson in his rookie year returning the opening kickoff...
  4. I felt much worse for Lawrence Philips, especially after reading the letters he wrote to his college coach from jail, (it was published in some newspaper, don't remember when) he really seemed to be on the mend, and seemed like a sensitive soul in those letters. And btw, Philips was no less talented than Hernandez, if we want to talk about talent. He was a much better college player, and would have been great in the pros if he wasn't so screwed up.
  5. Loved barkum . Pleasure to see how those players didn't hotdog it, barkum even semi apologizes when he doesn't give the ball to the referee after a touchdown. Jeremy Cotchery was the modern day Jerome barkum, though I think barkum was bigger, even played tight end for us sometimes.
  6. he doesn't coach, not because he is stoic on the sidelines, that's OK. But he doesn't seem to make adjustments, plays everything by the book as if the team is on automatic pilot, and we're not good enough for that. We need interesting schemes on offense and defense to win, and he is just super-conservative all the time. He doesn't coach.
  7. The Calvin Pryor pick two years ago has traumatized me regrading picking safeties in the first round.
  8. John Riggins in his time as a Jet Boozer and Snell Neil Diamond the movie "Diner"
  9. Roscoe Word - when the Jets drafted this corner/PR, in the early 70's, I thought he had to be good with such a name, even though I had never heard of him. Turned out he was quite puny, and quickly out of the league. But I loved his name, and apparently, still do.....
  10. Rolling Stones (because I always liked The Who much more) Curtis Martin (was always hoping Lamont Jordan would get more snaps) Julia Roberts (something about her that annoys me) Marijuana - it just makes me paranoid, would rather have a few beers Ewing - he got owned by hakeem olajuwon and other great centers much too often, and for a 7 footer played too much on the perimiter.
  11. only Anderson, because we haven't had a real game breaker for so long. Why not him?
  12. the thing is, if you don't have a great roster, you have to at least be innovative with your schemes to surprise people a little bit (like Mangini and Schott did in their first year) - Bowles plays it so by the book, boring and conservative, he needs great players to win.
  13. I think this is scary. Fact is, Geno looks the part, he just has to stop with boneheaded plays he makes once in a while. (Like putting the ball behind is back while being sacked). But he can get better, and he'll certainly have weapons with his new team. if he becomes real good, we Jet fans will be engaging in mass suicide.