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  1. Joe Namath did not throw a beautiful spiral. Billy Kilmer did.
  2. Never saw a team where everyone stinks but the safety is great. He's a small peg in an entire apparatus and it doesn't matter how great that peg is.
  3. If we had meaning in our lives, we wouldn't be hanging out on this board so much.
  4. Exactly Adonis beast. I think a fan is also measured by how much he longs for the games, (I'm rarely interested in a game if it's not a Jets game...) I still remember telephone numbers by the numbers of long time Jets whose jerseys are embedded in my mind...
  5. That was awesome, can't believe lam Jones made a play... Don't remember it. What narration and background music, with all the technology of today, this is still better
  6. He got the most out of Brad Smith too.
  7. Because it's a mistake, actually we traded Calvin Pryor for Terrel Pryor, obtaining the qb and wr we've needed all along
  8. 88 - good tight end number , memories of Richard Caster
  9. didn't enjoy that Farve year so much - no fun rooting for old qb's who are passed their prime, even if it's Farve. During that season, he wasn't better than Chad, who had a great year in Miami during that time. Can't understand the Farve love. Never felt like he was a Jet, anymore than Jason Taylor was for that one year. Sick of old people's laudry, I want to root for my own laundry.
  10. My Pragmatist Guide to Surviving the 2017 Season: 1. Get really psyched for the first game because we are 0-0, and anything can happen, and our young guys might be really good after all. The point is, we want as much run as possible, so that the season has some meaning, so that Sunday's have something to look forward to, so that we are at least playing meaningful games in October. 2. If we are good and we have a bunch of exciting young guys playing well, there will be a lot to look forward to this season. 3. If we stink again, and it begins to emerge that both our young qb's are no good and there is virtually nothing to look forward to, we just thank the Lord that the games are 1:00 starts, and at least we didn't waste a complete night watching them and being tired the next day.
  11. If that 2013 season is what we must strive for, that's pretty hurting. That was a boring and horrid season. According to the article, Rex is a great coach who made a great season out of nothing. Just don't remember it that way.
  12. what bothers me most is that last season, we didn't stop the run and we quit. With all the bad seasons with Rex Ryan, we always stopped the run at least, and we didn't quit. Bad teams like Cleveland at least compete every game. We didn't compete. We haven't been able to stop the pass for years, but last year's inability to stop the run too makes the games even more unbearable. Aren't we at least supposed to have a good DL? After that first Cinci game, it looked like we would be beasts in pass rushing and the DL would be a force. But it was all downhill after that... Steven Hill also had a good first game.
  13. he's white and decker instead of Black and Decker
  14. Robbie Anderson is our Warfield, Powell our Kiick, and we already have Romar Mercury Morris. Fullbacks like Csonka are obsolete, and Riggins was ways better anyway.
  15. It's hard to be optimistic when you know the coach plays so conservative and the offense is a bore. When we surprised everyone in Mangini's first year, it was because he and the OC were very innovative. (we also had Coles and Cotchery, which helps). But this coach just plays everything by the book, and if we go by the book, we will lose because we aren't good enough on paper. Maybe the new offensive coordinator has some tricks up his sleeve...(??)