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  1. Fitz has a Jeff George/Jamarcus Russell arm compared to Chadwick.
  2. 4 of the 16 made it to the Superbowl (3 of them winning it). You wouldn't take a 25% chance on that?!?! Also, 5 of the 16 QBs are FQBs: 3. Andrew Luck 4. Cam Newton 9. Eli Manning- SB winner 13. Peyton Manning- SB winner 15. Troy Aikman- SB winner Another 5 were at least decent to pretty good (Bradford is not a bust btw) 2. Jameis Wilson 8. Alex Smith- middle of the pack 6. Matt Stafford 5. Sam Bradford- Bust 16. Vinny Testaverde Middle of the pack
  3. Can you think of an NFL QB with a weaker arm than Chadwick? Let's limit it to 1980 or later. I can't think of any but wondering if I'm forgetting someone. I still can't get out of my mind how when Chad would need to throw a hail mary that it was a virtual guarantee he would throw a 2 yard dump off (just like every other pass he threw). I never understood why they didn't replace him w/ the backup for those hail marys. To Chad's credit, he won a lot of games with that noodle arm. If there ever was an arm strength to wins ratio, Chad would probably be at the top of the list.
  4. He was actually one of our better ones.
  5. 3 plays? That's an awful lot of assuming. I mean - what if his problem is "consistency"?
  6. How can you "be named the day 1 starter" in "week 1-8" or "week 9-17"?
  7. Enunwa must mean "blind squirrel" in some language.
  8. 1 play 1 drive and 1 game. Then it jumps to 10 years?? Should be 1 game, 1 year and 10 years. And I don't know the list of QBs under 30 and I'm too lazy to look them up.
  9. Didn't you also say Elway was overrated? (or was that someone else?)
  10. This would legitimately be my answer.
  11. Elway wasn't a great QB?! Were you watching a different sport during his era?
  12. Is a 2nd rounder a kings ransom? Jamal Adams was a perfectly reasonably pick IMO so really it's only a question of using a 2nd rounder on Maye.
  13. Son of Mark?