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  1. I was thinking more the Calgary Stampeders
  2. Fine but how many developmental QBs can one franchise have? We had 4 QBs on this roster and it seems the coaching staff really only has confidence in Ftiz and Geno. Now is the time for a kid to play but it sounds like Bowles doesn't want to play Petty even though he's been here for almost 2 years. Are we going to go into next year w/ Petty as the #2 and Hack the #3 and bring in a veteran like Cutler/Romo? How awful would that be? Is Macc going to draft another developmental QB in this draft too so we can use 4 slots on QBs and have only 1 guy with any experience on the roster?? As far as I can see, Petty's time should be right now. If he can't show promise to be at least a #2 QB then the Jets probably have to cut him. We can't fill up 2 spots with developmental QBs who the CS has zero faith in. And the CS should have broken down Hack's mechanics THIS YEAR. What in the world were they waiting for?! There's no salary cap on spending on coaches. They should have had a QB guru working with him all year long.
  3. Sounded like he had a troubled life but I like that they said he was a great dad. So sad that his poor son had autism. Understandable how much it would affect him. (side note - I think we need science to also investigate the CAUSE of the rise in autism rather than just the cure).
  4. He also wouldn't trade him to the Dolphins or Bills (if either actually needed a QB) because they're in our division
  5. Wack Packer Crackhead Bob is a Jets fan.
  6. Turn that frown upside down bud!
  7. The Jets represent all states so of course we can't be in just one. The Giants enjoyed us so much as their tenants that they wanted to live with us again. Basically a huge ENDORSEMENT of us by them!
  8. "And the home of the....JETS!!!"
  9. Another legendary ex-HC of the NYJ: Lou Holtz
  10. The NYJ are synonymous with the legendary "LT" (LaDanian Tomlinson)
  11. Hall of fame ex-Jet HC Bill Belichick has won 4 super bowls.
  12. Flash Gordon saved the universe and was a New York Jet.
  13. That looks like fun times!
  14. The jets are having a bad year and all of a sudden NFL ratings are in the tank. Coincidence? I think not.
  15. Our team is so stacked that hall of famer ex-Jets Ronnie Lott and Brett Favre barely even get a mention among jet fans.