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  1. How did Todd Bowles look btw? WAyyyyy out of shape?
  2. WOW

    Rex always put his own foot in his mouth a lot too.
  3. I think there's a highly touted prospect named Rosenpenis:
  4. WOW

    Many have said that he missed his calling in life.
  5. Imagine if we're bad enough to draft Darnold but he's a bust while Hackenberg becomes a star elsewhere (just for that extra kick in the teeth - probably Miami or Buffalo). THAT would be Jet-like.
  6. For whatever it's worth (probably not much) Francesa is convinced Trubisky will not be there at 6. He said it's also possible 2 QBs will be off the board by pick 6 (though I think he said Kizer from Notre Dame)
  7. WOW

    Oh. For a second I was convinced "Towles" was just a combo of "Todd" and "Bowles".
  8. WOW

    Who is this player? Never heard of him. What school?
  9. Rossi from apartment 2R?? If you can't control your boner then you'd better at least double wrap it based on the information below:
  10. He'll probably say "we played hard..."
  11. Maybe so but it's all we've got!
  12. I will be rooting to lose as many games as possible but for our players to develop. Hoping for OJ Howard in this draft (at least at the moment) to give (hopefully) Darnold a nice weapon in 2018. Seems easier to get a really good WR than a really good TE.
  13. If we're talking regular season, I can't see them winning more than 16 games.