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  1. Petty / Hack Timing

    I think it's possible. But you might be right that Bowles will again wait until like our 9th loss before switching.
  2. Scouting the qbs for next year thread

    Darnold is the only QB I'm interested in but I have to admit I don't watch too much college football. Things never work out for us though so I expect he'll be in Cleveland or SF next year.
  3. Petty / Hack Timing

    You and me both. The main focus of this year should've been developing Petty and Hack. Instead we're 7 weeks in and they're barely even on the radar right now. This is why I was rooting for the tank. I feel like anything positive from McCown is fool's gold. He's not a long term solution here and it's not like we're a contender so we don't need a veteran QB to get an otherwise good team over the hump. We've wasted almost half the season on this guy.
  4. Cut Robby Anderson NOW

    Pink man's Todd Poorston.
  5. Petty / Hack Timing

    The Jets play next Sunday and then Thursday. In that span of 4 days, if we lose 2 games to fall to 3-6, it's very possible a QB switch might happen. After all, there will be a 10 day break between the Buffalo and Tampa games. Even if McCown hangs on through the Tampa game, if we fall to 3-7 and have a bye week, it seems like that would be a reasonable time to put Petty or Hack in there. 10/29 Sun Atlanta Falcons 11/2 Thurs Buffalo Bills 11/12 Sun @Tampa Bay Buccaneers Bye – 11/26 Sun Carolina Panthers
  6. You Take a Knee and go to OT

    You Take a Knee and go to OT Even more controversy about NFL players taking a knee.
  7. Jets do the (almost) impossible

    Dolphins came back from down 17-0 last week against Atlanta too
  8. Best bets week 7

    I'll add mine here too: Miami -3 over NYJ Carolina -2.5 over Chicago SF +6 over Dallas
  9. If a kick goes above the uprights but it would've hit it had the upright been taller, how do the refs judge whether or not the kick is good?
  10. Darron Lee is 23

    If this happens you owe it to this forum to film the whole thing and let us watch you debate his merits.
  11. Darron Lee is 23

    Give me credit. On his birthday last year I predicted that he would turn 23 exactly 1 year later.
  12. The Fitz Curse Strikes Again

    They should've kept Glennon.
  13. Darron Lee is 23

    He's been 1, 50, 58. Now he's 23??
  14. Instant Replay

    I think I hate instant replay (in all sports). This has nothing to do w/ the Boston Seferian-Jenkins reversed call btw. It just destroys the pace of sports and takes away momentum of exciting plays. The crowd cheering after plays has less meaning because it's all about the review. Then the cheering or booing is all about the refs rather than about the play. I know it has a place in sports but I really think it needs to be thought through again (in every sport).