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  1. Unless our D really comes together, now we probably go 8-8 instead of 6-10.
  2. I'm not elated but it's fine. Glad it's a 1 year deal only.
  3. True but I feel like at the end of the game when we need a game-saving stop, oftentimes teams go right down the field on our D. Maybe I'm wrong on this (or maybe it just happens to every team) but that's what it seemed liked to me. There's no shame when it's Brady or Aaron Rodgers, etc but that just means we're not a truly dominant D. Because the great QBs are the ones you need to beat if we want to live by our D.
  4. The guy clearly has problems. It's unfortunate because (pretty sure) he showed improvement w/ Cleveland. Doesn't seem like he has the temperament to get his act together though.
  5. Every year we hear about our great D but the Pats still put up 30 on us. Normally we have one unit (e.g. LBs) that is deficient but hopefully this year we've finally plugged the holes.
  6. Wishing for a full and speedy recovery!
  7. Learned lessons? Seemed like they knew this going in (or were willing to risk it because they didn't think Fitz would get what he would demand - and they were correct).
  8. Seems silly to me to try to quantify something like this.
  9. His podcasts are funny. The TV show looked terrible from the parts they posted though. Could just be a crappy 1st episode of guests but I'm not sure. Something just seemed off.
  10. Damn I wish we had traded everything to get Matt Stafford.
  11. Absolutely not. None of our draft picks have done a single thing during a regular season game yet. Pathetic! Cut them all!
  12. Unfortunately, he tore his ACL reading this article
  13. Other than our punting competition, this is the player I'm most excited about.
  14. I still don't think they're giving him enough credit.
  15. "Repeat" as in "vomit"? Depends on if Geno is our starter.