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  1. I'd say this was a statement game (of some variety).
  2. "Fitz-garbage"
  3. "Fitzmagic"
  4. Not me. I want to try to beat them while they're at full strength.
  5. Next Joe Montana?! Did I miss something?
  6. Btw, this argument really should have been: Pennington Vs Brady Vs Matt Simms I'll choose the latter any day.
  7. His mother got a better offer - to be the starting QB for the Patriots this week.
  8. Absolute nonsense! Didn't we win the Snoopy Bowl last year?
  9. Dayum - How come you haven't been bragging about this?
  10. Or perhaps a toasted sub? http://www.seriouseats.com/2010/06/quiznos-vs-subway-toasted-sub-showdown.html
  11. ..along with his usual bacon and eggs for breakfast?
  12. Not sure if Revis is a lock but I'd say he's at least a shoe-in.
  13. Pretty sure the love affair is with Lauren Tannehill.
  14. Dunno but I'll kick in money to help you buy a roadside billboard where you can ask.