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  1. They hired a baseball front office guy (from my Metsies) as GM. Strangely though I think that move will turn out well. We'll see.
  2. I thought that trend started w/ SAR I
  3. Leave no stoner unturned
  4. I hope so. The guy has moments where he looks beast-like. He obviously drops a lot of passes though and that has to be worked out before he can be considered a #3. Would like to see him #4 though not sure who our #3 would be then. Definitely liking Jalin Marshall so far but too early to put him as #3.
  5. Agreed about the Geno/Petty competition but I do think they're bringing him slowly as well actually. Apparently after a great freshman season he had a couple of really bad seasons after. Maybe they think he's a little shell-shocked and needs to step away a little bit and learn in the video room first so he won't have that mentality of facing a jailbreak blitz every time (Penn State's OL was apparently terrible).
  6. I predict 3 INTs
  7. Just End The Preseason
  8. Was that hot sideline reporter chick there tonight? I only caught parts of the game and didn't see her.
  9. Looks like they have her downplay her hotness to keep it a "family show".
  10. Unfortunately I don't have SAR I money so I can't afford her. But that's a dime!
  11. You think we're going to keep 4 QBs if Petty looks average?
  12. They know what brings in the viewers!
  13. One of the biggest battles of the pre-season (especially considering Fitz diving head-first) is between Bryce and Geno.
  14. LMFAO!! 11 years later!