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  1. If Hackenberg is the real deal then Macc has been a raging success. If not then the jury is still out. Going 10-6 against the easiest SOS and not making the playoffs certainly isn't bad but doesn't prove he's a great GM either. Keep in mind he didn't hire Bowles (pretty sure of that at least). Bowles came separately from Casserly/Wolf.
  2. Geno Smith: An Honest Look at the Past

    I will admit that Geno was definitely thrown into the fire when he wasn't ready during his rookie season (due to Sanchez injury) plus we had terrible skill players back then (we're much improved now). IIRC, in his 2nd year, when it would be reasonable to expect some improvement (though our skill weapons still stunk), he got worse. Now he's been around a few years so it's conceivably possible the game has slowed down for him. Other than Fitz, I don't see a better option to start the year. I'm still thinking Hack is the QB of the future though and I hope he gets in there around week 8. It will make next season a heck of a lot more interesting if Hack shows promise.
  3. South Florida Dolphins?

    Are they at least going to change the stadium name to "Shade Life Stadium"?
  4. Fitz or refund ?

    If the Jets don't re-sign a bottom-echelon, retread QB, should the franchise be forced to refund season ticket holders? Seriously? Yet another low-point in my Jets-fandom.
  5. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    If you were given a chance to trade 2 #1s and Mo Wilk for him, would you do it? I know I would.
  6. Longshot Predictions

    Let's make this a running thread where we make longshot predictions and see if any of them come true. My longshot prediction: When Belichick eventually retires, Urban Meyer will be the next coach of the Patriots.
  7. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    Or else he'll be Brady's successor.
  8. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    Macc is working furiously on a Mo Wilk for Luck-at-age-37 trade, as we speak.
  9. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    A "half as good" Luck would still be 5x Ryan Fitzpatrick on his best day.
  10. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    Not sure but if history is any guide, when Indy loses a superstar QB, he goes to Denver.
  11. Classic Clips

    Over 40K views for a pregame show from 18 years ago. Gotta love youtube!
  12. Undoubtedly. I certainly can't blame him for that. Look at what Osweiler got. And Chase Daniel.
  13. I'm all in on Hack but I don't think we'd want him to start from day 1 (I'd rather Geno start the first 8 games or so). Petty isn't a rookie but I guess it's up to the coaches to decide if he's worthy of a shot.
  14. Pretty sure Macc and Fitz will come to an agreement. It is in the best short-term interests of both parties.
  15. I didn't see Broadway Joe so I'll say Darrelle Revis, Curtis Martin, Nick Mangold, and Joe Klecko (off the top of my head). Best moment was beating the Pats in the playoffs a few years ago. Worst was losing to Cleveland in 1986 after the Gastineau roughing the passer (though honestly it should be blowing that 10-0 lead against the Broncos in 1998).