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  1. Thanks Idzik! Calvin Pryor, Quincy Enunwa and IK punched out Geno. 2014 draft wasn't as terrible as we thought.
  2. Me too. Very rare for something to just continually be funny but I'm with you that this is.
  3. Disagree. I think Welker is going to catch a ton of passes. He's not a "never was" but a "soon to be".
  4. In a sense we only have 1 need - a franchise QB.
  5. The NY Rangers look promising so far (though only 3 games in)
  6. How did you get 10,283 reputation w/ just 690 posts? And as a Colts fan?
  7. Reminder too everyone that football is still just a game. Don't get overly worked up. Humor can help as well to release some steam.
  8. I would think there's a good chance Coughlin would be interested in staying in NY as well (assuming he still wants to coach). Even if he wants to be GM (or some front office role) I'd consider that too.
  9. The game is in NY which gives us a shot but the Ravens are always tough for us and they seem to be tough again this year. Yes they're only 3-3 but they just lost a very close game to the Giants in NY. They're going to be hungry to win this week. Obviously I assume we will be too but right now we're in disarray.
  10. Trades rarely happen but I'd def be up for trading Sheldon. I'm sure we'll get pennies on the dollar though. Not that I know of course but it feels like that situation was completely mishandled.
  11. I wonder if Peake will ever be the same after that hit. That was painful to watch. I felt terrible for the guy.
  12. Same. Instead of building a foundation on D or OL, we need to strike gold at QB. I don't follow college football very closely but hopefully we bottom out this year and can draft a top QB. That's basically the only foundation that matters in the NFL (not exactly true as we saw in Denver last year but those feel like more exceptional cases).
  13. One of the biggest disappointments is that we've somehow made RIchardson a liability (not sure if it's Macc or Bowles but regardless).
  14. If we go 1-15 then I'd say it's an argument to keep them but I see meaningless wins hurting our draft position (as per usual)