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  1. Will HOF fans get Snoopy Bowl rings? http://wgntv.com/2017/07/31/steve-bartman-to-receive-2016-chicago-cubs-world-series-championship-ring/
  2. Some of us have never left the Matt Simms bandwagon.
  3. I think you have to take pre-season with a grain of salt. I didn't see the game but I would imagine our 1st team D didn't play much yesterday. Also, I know they always put on vanilla defenses in preseason. I guess we shut them out even with a vanilla defense but I just don't think preseason necessarily represents anything. Then again, Dak Prescott was a standout last preseason and he went on to have a good regular season so I guess we shall see.
  4. Couldn't agree more! When I read your post my initial thought was that play (though I re-watched to confirm). Hack hit the WR right in stride, allowing him to gain an extra 10 yards. Defenses are so athletic that any time the WR has to waste on adjusting from a bad throw makes all the difference in the play. Plays that could've been 1st downs end up putting you in 3rd down situations instead. That pass is a really good example of what makes for an effective QB.
  5. (Off Topic) Any Led Zeppelin Fans?

    It's crazy, right?
  6. Throwing mostly short passes is what the NFL is these days. He looked good doing that. On a couple of his bad longer throws I thought he was throwing the ball away because the WR wasn't open. But there was at least one instance (a long pass down the right sideline) where Hack overthrew the WR pretty badly. I thought overall he looked good though.
  7. We should've drafted Watson at 6? Btw, I saw neither the Jets nor the Texans preseason games.
  8. Translation: the Jets have the sh*ttiest TE's in the NFL.
  9. Miami and Buffalo might both give us competition in the Darnold sweepstakes.
  10. What are u listening to right now?

    Now we're talkin'!
  11. DEBUT of the JETS #6 pick 2017

    Mahomes wouldn't have gotten a regular season snap this year anyway.
  12. Has Anyone Heard From Villian?

    Even if Glennon sucks, you correctly identified him before basically anyone on here and the Bears went out and got him and made him their starting QB. I'd say you get a lot of credit for that. Having said that, I'm sure I'll be poking fun at you if Glennon does end up sucking - lol.