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  1. Well not literally cut him but if you mean "release him" then yes.
  2. OT News and Rumors

      l know left handed QBs are the exception but isn't a RT more important than an LT if you have a lefty QB?  It's all about the blind side.  I wonder if it's considered an asset for a QB to be a lefty as shopping for an RT is probably much easier and cheaper.  Plus you can fill the LT spot w/ someone less expensive.  I've read WRs prefer rightys for familiarity but they should be able to catch the ball regardless of the way it spins.
  3. The "Sack Exchange" Thread

      Love this pic.  So old school.  Kenny Stabler on the Houston Oilers.  Wow!
  4. Can you name the 2 QB'S.......

    I agree Gannon had a really good year that year.  As for Flacco, while maybe he's not elite, he's been a very good QB overall.  People compare Carson Wentz to Flacco and I have to say I'd be thrilled if we ended up w/ a guy that good. 
  5. Any interest in Dwaye Allen

    Can he coach special teams?
  6. I love how the Namath thread turned out.  How about a "New York Sack Exchange" thread.  Post anything (doesn't have to be a pic and doesn't have to be about the unit as a whole) related to the sack exchange.  I'm starting w/ a couple of pics.  
  7. The Joe Namath Cool Guy Picture Thread

    Nothing says early 1980's more than the tube socks in a pic like this.  Fantastic!
  8. This year proved you can win w/ a subpar QB

      It was a privilege to watch him.
  9. Is Denver's D one of the all-time greats?

    It has to do w/ today's NFL.  Look at the SB winners.  Brady, Brees, Russell Wilson, Eli, Rodgers, Flacco, etc.  Nowadays it's hard to win without a star QB.  
  10. Is Denver's D one of the all-time greats?

    You wouldn't put the '86 Giants in their category?  I'd take the '86 Giants D over the Tampa D.  The Bears and Ravens were probably the 2 best I've seen in my life though (I only vaguely remember the late 70's Steelers).
  11. The Joe Namath Cool Guy Picture Thread

    It feels like this should me a gaggle of hot young women rather than older male sportswriter types.
  12. Manning's family celebrates win NOT Eli

    I just don't buy this at all.  You're inferring an awful lot IMO.  I think giving him the benefit of the doubt is absolutely the way to go.