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  1. Remember something I lead off this day with a solitary vote on 80. Which kicked off the attempts to frame and lynch me by JC, with Crusher, Hess and Lily all popping up to vote me after I called them out / cased them. 80 tried to claim he's been self-voting all game. Which was a lie. He only self-voted twice, both times coming after I lead this day off voting him. Truth is I am town, I bluffed a cop result on my best bet for scum - which was 80 - and the result was scum came out in droves to bring me down for fear that I may be the cop. /ApeVM
  2. Heh. What'd I tell ya. My list is awesome - I CALLED MY SHOTS BITCHUZZZ !!!! When I flip town, do me a solid - lynch them all in order. I'm the only one actually scum hunting, all they did here was take advantage of a careless town to take me out and remove the only one trying. /ApeVM OUT
  3. I may have a noodle arm when it comes to arguing, but my scum hunting completion percentage is historic. GFY I"M AWESOME!! ! !
  4. You dumb ass. He was talking about real ape and avm, not JC. This post is grotesque. I'm calling my shot Hess, 80, Crusher, probably Lily and JC. ApeVM'ed GFY
  5. Awesome participation by everyone else by the way.
  6. AVM often stomps his feet and loses his patience, it just goes unnoticed most of the time, so that much is on character. I'm not spinning. You are either framing or a complete moron.
  7. Hey Ishy, or Verbal, you are playing like Darthe or Csarmi. Jetscode is better than this.
  8. Spin. That's not the context. I said you cased Crusher to distance from him, then you replied you cased me to - which implies you might be distancing from me too. Which IS wifom.
  9. So you caught me on not reading closely, and "calling Ape out on meta" because I said Ape doesn't make posts like "morning" <<<< VERY RELEVANT!!!! All you've got is a hindsight-driven narrative about how bad I look after the fact from Ape's lynch. In fact that's all you have on anyone you've listed. I thought Ape was lying scum, his reveal was convenient and sh*tty. I played that situation like someone that thought Ape was scum, I voted JIF and gave OTHER scum the chance to show their ass by diverting the Ape's train. That's how AWESOME VM ROLLS. If you all need to lynch me for being AWESOME then do it. Once you see me flip town, don't even bat an eyelash and take out both JC and Crusher.
  10. Wifom. Compelling. AWESOME just sat on your face!!!!
  11. I would vote here too. <3 80
  12. What I'm getting from JC1 case on Crusher is that he's basically linking Crusher and I, by making a point to say Crusher broke the tie between Ape and I. What I find suspicious is this, he is voting me, but making a high visibility case on Crusher, while connecting us. So, if I get lynched, I'll flip town, which means he can drop his case on Crusher - but if later in the game Crusher dies/flips scum, JC is all set because he can talk about his case on Crusher - and that is how you distance from scum mates. AwesomeVM for the ApeVMudda****inWIN bitCHUZZZZZ!! !!! SUCK IT!
  13. So, each day you have to make the 8-ball declare someone as town and cannot vote them.
  14. This post looks like distancing. I agree though, Crusher has looked scummy all game.
  15. Actually, this makes him a liar. He's self-voted twice, both times in the past page since I opened up this day with my vote on him. JC1 and 80 should both be lynched.