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  1. Does anyone here sometimes get the feeling that the people who run this team are actively and intentionally trying to destroy your fandom in this team?
  2. Well yeah obviously if Trubisky goes higher, Macc could only be criticized for not trading up, which is a more difficult case to make and to be clear not one I am making. If Trubisky is gone at 6 the Jets might very well trade down. Trade down and take another Qb? Probably they won't.
  3. I agree. Given the constant complaints here over Bowles, the real focus will be on Macc. IF Macc does not take an available Trubinsky at 6 and Hack (as I expect) shows nothing, and the Jets have a poor season while Trubinsky shows development elsewhere, then I can see Macc getting fired. Bowles meanwhile gets a pass in a rebuilding year, and Woody and his family try to replace Macc while saying the new GM has to take Bowles. If on the other hand Trubinsky is drafted and gets in some games and does not crap the bed, Macc will be back in 18.
  4. I'd rate Arians and especially del Rio higher, and Gase and O'Brien lower.
  5. I like Fitzpatrick. Lots of Monday morning Qb's here. He would have had a better season if he'd not missed all of camp and if Decker had played.
  6. You're right it was probably better to say he did not live up to his hype.
  7. Yep. Imo last year was the year for Williams to show he was worthy of being considered a starter, and he went backwards. I hate to be right when I am skeptical of a Jet player, but he proved while he has success ball hawking when facing the Qb, he can't consistently cover with his back to the Qb. I am not saying it's a bad move that they signed him now. They can still cut him if they end up with some better players in the secondary. But if he's not on the roster by Opening Day, I will not be unhappy. Not a fan...
  8. I said Agree on both questions. I did not go with strongly agree since they might not pick a Qb at 6 if Trubinsky has been taken by someone else, and I can't predict if they will take Watson there in such a situation. But in any event I am reasonably sure that the Jets are already down on Hackenberg's prospects.
  9. I haven't said anything on this subject since about a month ago, but nothing in the interim has changed my mind. Says here if Trubinsky is available at 6, the Jets will take him. Macc doesn't want to repeat the error Idzik made when he stood pat with one year's performance from Smith and did not draft Carr. Looks so far like Hackenberg is even less of a prospect than Smith was. Not playing him at all last season leads some to say how can you move on when he's not taken a single snap in a regular season game. It leads me to say they did that because they've already determined he's not going to pan out as the starter. They've got Petty and Hack on board to see who might be the backup in 18, so they still need a starter.
  10. ^ I don't like M Williams. If he ends up starting you will know the Jets will have a crap secondary.
  11. Thomas and Jones at least played some. In fact I don't think Thomas was going to be a complete bust until that fumble after which he never got his head together. Jones was injured, as was Faurot. Hard to know what to make of someone who didn't pan out because of injury. Having said that Milliner belongs because he had a history of injury before he was drafted, which is different. I would have put Sanchez on that list given where he was drafted and the huge hurt he put on the Jets' future when he didn't pan out. We're still paying for his pick. And yes Nagle really doesn't belong there. Only second round pick on the list, Nagle was more about not living up to the hype than he was about lack of value in the draft.
  12. As a general matter you are of course correct, but you in effect imply the fault for things getting messy is on the kind of player you mention. Meaning the whole fault. Given some of what has been going on with the Jets and the way they've been run the last few years, what the Qb position has been like, I have no doubt a big factor has been frustration for players who want to win. In other words I think PART of the problem with Holmes was that he didn't like the way the team was going, and losing. A player who wants to win can react badly when frustration gets to them. But I on the whole admire a player who gets frustrated more than one who seems to be fine with collecting his paycheck and losing.
  13. Not saying I thought we'd be friends or anything, but I didn't find Holmes to be the problem a lot of Jet fans did.
  14. Exactly. People who talk about them doing some kind of fakeout here by looking at Trubinsky, thinking the Jets are prepared to roll with Hackenberg, seem to often add in "We haven't even seen him play!" The CS has seen plenty of him, and if they really thought he is a great prospect going forward, why even waste time looking at Trubinsky? It doesn't make sense.