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  1. If you didn't want Fitz that's one thing, but to say Mac caved is silly. He imposed a deadline and offered a ONE year deal at 12 million. Less years and dollars that Fitz wanted. Fitz is the one who caved and ran to florham park right before the deadline.
  2. Whether it was Geno or Fitz I didn't mind, I personally think they will end up around the same record with either QB, but I will say this: I never rooted so hard for a Jet QB in my life like I did last year for Fitz. He puts it all on the line every Sunday even with his limitations. He's a great guy to root for and I'm sure an even better guy to play for and I'm happy to have him back to root for again.
  3. 1. Dee Milliner 2. Khiry Robinson 3. Peake 4. Jordan Jenkins 5. The undrafted punter, Hacket
  4. Congrats to big Mo, well deserved. It's nice to have a GM who knows what he's doing, Mike Maccagnan has been just as good at the contractual part of a GM's job as he has been on the scouting and player development part ( which was his strength coming into the job ) It has been a pleasure watching him do business the last 2 off seasons and hopefully it continues to show on the field.
  5. Haven't been on in a while, not a every day poster like I used to be. Signed in today to see the news about Mo and I saw this, wanted to reach out to you @Maxman to let you know thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong and God bless.
  6. I loved the trade up to get back into the 5th, love the Shell pick. The guy outside of Hack I'm most curious about is Burris. Anyone know much about him?
  7. Mel Kipers ranked 16th OT.
  8. Hackenberg to Allen Robinson, 36 yarder.
  9. #innate , lol. I agree, some lines there are reaches, but just wanted to show some positive plays that this kid has had, he looked pretty good in a pro system.
  10. Must read article that I just posted, check it out guys.
  11. After his freshman season, SB Nation wrote an article stating that Hack resembled Andrew Luck and Tom Brady, which made sense. They're all 6'4" and somewhere between 220 and 240. They all have rocket arms. They are all very good at moving through the pocket.