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  1. Despite everything this franchise does to us as a fan base I take pride in being there every Sunday rooting them on, like my father and uncle before me. Go jets.
  2. Forte and Ealy would probably be the first to go, and probably would get the most interest from other teams.
  3. 4 hour games?

    You know what they say, baseball is dull only to dull minds.
  4. Chiefs vs Cheats

    "Any thoughts on the refs in this game? I thought they let the chiefs get away with some stuff." LOLOLOLOL
  5. 1st Place on the line Sunday

    Jets will win on Sunday and will be 4-1 to start the season.
  6. Chiefs vs Cheats

    And not to mention the fact that whole stadium emptied with 5 mins left on the clock.
  7. Chiefs vs Cheats

    So Hightower misses the 2nd half and apparently "this isn't new England's defense!!"... wait what? Are these guys serious? They don't even know how to act
  8. Chiefs vs Cheats

    Boy do I look like a genius for drafting hunt in the 2nd round of my draft
  9. 20 spots left in our Fan Duel league

    I'm in Phil! Thanks!
  10. How Bad?

    I doubt 6-9 wins will fall under the "worst teams ever list"
  11. boston team at it again

    Some things never change...
  12. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    Wasn't Kerley in Bowles' dog house his first year as HC?