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  1. 2016 DRAFT: Day 3 Thread

    Mel Kipers ranked 16th OT.
  2. Hackenberg to Allen Robinson, 36 yarder.
  3. #innate , lol. I agree, some lines there are reaches, but just wanted to show some positive plays that this kid has had, he looked pretty good in a pro system.
  4. Must read article that I just posted, check it out guys.
  5. After his freshman season,SB Nation wrote an articlestating that Hack resembledAndrew Luckand Tom Brady, which made sense. They're all 6'4" and somewhere between 220 and 240. They all have rocket arms. They are all very good at moving through the pocket.
  6. I liked Hackenberg more than Lynch. Hackenberg at 51 >>>> Lynch at 20.
  7. Best pick in the draft for the Jets as far as value goes, welcome Jordan Jenkins.
  8. Kiper: " I think Jenkins is better than Floyd"
  9. We're definitely playing 4-3 this year
  10. Wow back to back killer picks.