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  1. Only the Jets would trade one of their former first rounders for one of their former third rounders. Forgetting the players just for a second, that says all you need to know about this organizations decades long struggles and the reason being we can't draft successfully.
  2. I guess you've loved the talent we've gotten in the past decade through the draft lol get over the position of the 2nd round pick and look at the pure talent.
  3. Best draft in over a decade, based on talent not positions.
  4. Clark is a converted safety haha
  5. Seems like he has an injury history
  6. jets go with corner from Michigan
  7. I like it, one of the better trades that we made
  8. Jets trade back again
  9. Elijah Mcwire never heard of him tbh, any write ups on him?
  10. I feel like that 2nd round selection just soured a lot of fans, if they had picked Cook there a lot of perspectives on later picks would've been different. And although it was a double dip of the safety position, Maye has some talent and was graded as a 2nd/3rd rounder
  11. Jets probably stack up on OL here, a RB would be nice though I'm not sure of the players left if they're worth taking.
  12. There goes peterman
  13. 100% agreed. Based on pure talent this is one of the best drafts we've had in forever with still a lot of picks to go
  14. Of all the trade backs that one is the oddest
  15. Leggett will be a safety blanket for whoever is the QB, our new OC is going to go out of his way for TE production.