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  1. Lee should've stopped Lewis on that 4th and 4... he was late getting over.. sad
  2. Do we ever get a call? That's a touchdown.... 1 foot plus his backside is down.
  3. Fair catch interference no?
  4. Can Marshall stop with the 5 yard jump back after every catch, it's enough now.
  5. My boy Robbie.... has Petty thrown an incomplete pass yet between last week and this week? I think that makes him 4-4
  6. Looked like we actually recovered that fumble but oh well. Nice goal line stand there
  7. Devin Smith inactive lol
  8. Fitz is active apparently
  9. Jets defense only gave up 135 yards, if they cut down on the penalties and convert in the red zone they will win this game
  10. All of that and the Fins wasted about 30+ seconds.
  11. jalin really needs to work on punt returns, CJ Spiller already took over for KR... PR might be next