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  1. 2016 Yankees Thread

  2. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Sounds like the Yanks are mingling with Ike Davis on a minor league deal. Just rumors as of right now. 
  3. 2016 Yankees Thread

    According to Brendan Kuty, the Yankees have reached out to former Mets reliever and free agent right-hander Carlos Torres.
  4. 2016 Yankees Thread

    According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees fielded calls from teams looking to acquire Dustin Ackley earlier this offseason. Interestingly, Sherman says teams wanted Ackley to play first base.
  5. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Ackley is our backup first basemen off the bench. 
  6. 2016 Yankees Thread

    even more concerning he saw a doctor in October and was told surgery wasn't needed. 
  7. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Devastating *
  8. 2016 Yankees Thread

    debating news Phil, especially reguarding 2017. This stunts his growth. Sad, sad news. 
  9. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Yanks with 3 prospects within the top 60. Jorge Matteo(30), Aaron Judge (31) and Gary Sanchez (59) Really not bad considering Severino and Bird were graduated to the bigs last year. I thought Kap miiiiiiightve had a shot at the list considering he's so polished, but at the same time he's only pitched at short season SI. And also the fact his ceiling is said to be a #3 or 4 starter. Still thought he had a shot. 
  10. 2016 Yankees Thread

    I think it's the most exciting part of the team,outside of the bullpen trio that is. Two 26 year olds up the middle can't remember the last time we had that. I can't believe Castro is still only 26 I feel like he's been around forever in Chicago.  
  11. 2016 Yankees Thread

    Looking forward to watching our new 2nd basemen on a daily basis. My favorite move of the offseason. 21 days until pitchers and catchers report. 
  12. I boycotted the playoffs. Didn't watch a single second of any game for the first time in my life. A good buddy of mine texted me the good news. I can now watch the Super Bowl. 
  13. Baseball Hall of Fame Voting Results.

    Bagwell should get it imo. Probably next year. 
  14. Bowles on Fitz Next Year

    Unless we can get Brees