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  1. Nor should it happen. Complete over exaggeration. When we beat Seattle next week they'll all be praising him. Bowles has a .580 winning percentage thus far as a head coach... so that's like what 2nd best % all time for the Jets behind parcels?
  2. Okay he really should've called time out there
  3. Defender had 2 hands all over Marshall in the end zone. Should've been a flag, 2nd time refs with a no call. Shelly was held on Kelces td, throw in the botched review on Powells fumble and the refs are really giving it to us man
  4. Jace Amaro 2 receptions for 33 yards
  5. How many times can Carson palmer throw into double coverage ? Let's start counting
  6. I can't believe it ? Can't even get a first down. I need a Cards W
  7. Way to go Larz, go Jets! Keep using the ### if they work!!
  8. I predicted a loss @KC since the schedule came out, really tough place to play. KC- 16 Jets-10
  9. Carpenters injury might lag, my guess is Stork.
  10. Weak
  11. KC has won 11 straight regular season games heading into Houston this Sunday. This is a well coached, tough football team that knows how to win. It won't be easy especially at Arrowhead. I had the Jets beating Cinci and losing to KC, so hopefully I'm wrong again.
  12. I think the Jets D actually matches up well against KC's offense... with that said Kelce will be the toughest matchup. I'd personally start off by putting Buster on him, Jets might have to try a few things and see what works best. In game adjustments will be huge.
  13. Per Schefter via a league source