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  1. I believe in Ron Wolf & Charlie Casserly infinitely more than I believe in you. Their fingerprints were all over the Mac and Bowles hirings, and after Bowles' first losing season that's it he should be gone? I don't think so.
  2. It's the right move, regardless of what the headlines say. Woody stuck to the plan, and I have to say he made the right decision.
  3. 2012 draft class was really rough. Bad memories.
  4. Ron Wolf and Charlie Casserly had their fingerprints all over the hire, and we're saying it's a good thing woody will listen to the media lol If woody truly has changed and has a better understanding of the situation like he claimed 2 years ago, he'll stick to this regime.
  5. Wait... that's a good thing? Lol
  6. Comparing a season of football to flipping coins and comparing a head coach to an offensive lineman. The Jets should just hire you to pick the next head coach, I'm sure we'll be better off.
  7. Still want Bowles as head coach. He was the hottest name for a head coaching job 2 years ago, and we all loved the hire. Not to mention we all loved him up until the Buffalo game last year. And this roster has been destroyed with injury and still doesn't have a QB. One good year, one bad year... let's see what moves we make towards the future. This cycle will never end if we just fire everybody after 2 years or the second things go bad.
  8. How much weight can you realistically put on this game for Petty?
  9. Hard to almost impossible to judge Petty on this game. Literally no offensive line, and in extremely poor weather conditions.
  10. Burris looks good
  11. He's holding the ball too long
  12. Lee should've stopped Lewis on that 4th and 4... he was late getting over.. sad
  13. Do we ever get a call? That's a touchdown.... 1 foot plus his backside is down.