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  1. What about you quitting my dick you f...ing APE. Will that be a lost cause to you. LOL
  2. My point was almost 7 Million for a garbage nickel who surrendered a whopping 8 TD and the most penalties in the league by a DB. Anyway you slice it doesn't look good at the moment. So far I'm with ESPN until proven wrong, this contract given to Skrine is one of worst given out this year.
  3. This guy surrendered 8 TD along with a league leading 17 penalties. But according to Pro Football focus it was an improvement over his 2013 season. WTF. One of the reason ESPN ranked his contract as one of the worst given this year.
  4. If Rex was still the HC then Idzik would have lowball every FA and go into the season with a 70 Million in cap space. If Rex was a goner then he would have spend every cent. Thanks God his plan backfired on his azz.
  5. The problem with your argument is that there are a lot of Jets fan that validate what Rex accomplished here and he was always proud to be a Jets. There is no reason to lie to feel good about the team. Look Percy Harvin when to the Bills for just 6 Million and the Jets were debating to keep him at 11 Million. Check what Revis, Cro and all his past players have to say about Rex.
  6. LOL. The first time was to pay alimony for his 10 wives in 10 different states. This time is to pay for his 30 kids' college education, hilarious. How the hell was Cro able to fleece the Jets this time around? Idzik still haunting this team from his cave in India.
  7. I can understand Harris since he was going to the Bills and it is one of the best run stopper LB in the league but I really do not know how Cro was able to fleece the Jets for 32 Million over 4 years.
  8. Branden Cooks or Kelvin Benjamin was the safest pick in the first round since you can give Rex 12 scrubs on defense and he will field a good defense. Any way you slice it, Idzik will look horrendous at best. It would had been pretty good if Idzik had taken ACC Maltavis Bryant 6'4 4.40 in the 40 yard and Bruce Ellington over the 5'6 punt returner and your "what if" IR player in the 4th round. Even the ESPN deliveries boys at Radio City saw that garbage coming from 10 miles away.
  9. What was wrong with his comments? Some dude are just pure hate.
  10. So, Rex made it to the AFCC with less talents than the jets will fields this year and we are expecting 7 wins season at best? I guess with last season roster we would have been lucky to win a single game. LOL
  11. Players love to play for Rex, remember. Look at all the money the Jets gave Harris so he wouldn't bolt to the Bills.
  12. The Buffalo Bills have reached an agreement on a one-year deal with wide receiver Percy Harvin, a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter. [+] Enlarge Tom Dahlin/Getty ImagesThe Bills continued to reshape their squad by agreeing to terms with Percy Harvin on Friday. The Jets released Harvin once wide receiver Brandon Marshall, whom they acquired in a trade from the Bears, passed his physical. Harvin, 26, once regarded as a rising star in the NFL, was looking for his fourth team in four years. He played only eight games with the Jets after arriving in a midseason trade with the Seahawks. Harvin has endured a tumultuous career. He was an all-purpose threat for the Vikings from 2009 to 2012, but he was injury prone and clashed with coaches, so he was traded to the Seahawks. Harvin missed most of the 2013 season with a hip injury, but he returned for the Super Bowl and contributed to the win by scoring on a kickoff return. By last season, the Seahawks grew weary of Harvin, who reportedly became a divisive influence in the locker room. In his career, Harvin has 332 receptions for 3,802 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also has 10 touchdowns on rushes and kickoff returns. ESPN.com Jets reporter Rich Cimini contributed to this report.