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  1. Really? I just did a quick look and he was a consensus second round pick. Some thought he might slip to the third where he would be a solid value pick. Who had him going in the 4th round?
  2. If this draft ends the continuous story of TE's and RB's running free down the middle of the field, I will call it one of our greatest drafts of all time. When was the last time that didn't happen?
  3. Don Shula Terry Bradshaw
  4. Gornisht helfn.
  5. They'll win one more game than it takes to land Darnold or Rosen. Book it.
  6. $5 million for making the playoffs. He's not going to make $13M.
  7. Remember when Vernon Gholston made one tackle in his rookie season?
  8. The team overachieved in 2015 and that left Macc no choice but to go for broke in 2016. It didn't work out, but can you imagine this place if Macc had taken the slash and burn approach at this time last year. At least he recognized that the team, as it was constructed, was going nowhere. His drafts have not been terrible. The only one who look like he's going to bust is Smith. We won't know about Hack at least until the end of this season. Re the Hightower visit, do we know what kind of guarantees he was offered? My guess is that there was not a lot of guaranteed money and that he would have been cuttable after two years. If nothing else, hopefully it caused the Pats to pony up a couple of dollars more.
  9. He's tiny, can't play in the NFL.
  10. This is good. At least Darnold will be coming to a team with an established OL and won't get "David Carred".
  11. I hereby lay claim on all the rights related to "The Samchize".
  12. Maybe the lesser Johnson will be a better owner. One can hope.
  13. I don't why this is entertaining to me, but it is...
  14. Revis has been avoiding contact which make me dubious about him at safety. A good safety embraces contact. Just cut him and move on.