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  1. Early games thread

    Nope John idzik hired them prior to 2013 draft
  2. Early games thread

    * John idzik rod graves and Terry bradway
  3. Early games thread

    FireJohn its a ride graves and terry Broadway all these good receivers in the draft and we get none
  4. Jets about to sign Ed Reed

    i get that but the personal attacs are unnecessary
  5. Jets about to sign Ed Reed

    OK is it really that serious it a post on a website
  6. Jets about to sign Ed Reed

    lol i left caps on
  7. Jets about to sign Ed Reed

    all im saying is if you dont like the thread dont come to it its easy as that
  8. Is Terell Suggs Next?

    im glad my thread means so much to you
  9. Jets about to sign Ed Reed

  10. Jets about to sign Ed Reed

    should we try and sign terell suggs in 2015
  11. Terrell Suggs in 2015 or earlier if cut? Bart Scott,Jim Leonard,Ed Reed,Terrell Suggs????? with our defensive line im not gonna mention Haloti Ngata
  12. I want to Man UP and apologize for the Thread ABOUT COPLES FOR GORDON forgive me jetnation lol