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  1. You want this to happen or it haopened?
  2. Totally agree. He went from having somewhat unnatural hands to making ridiculous contested catches. Guy was catching anything is his vicinity.
  3. Yeah I agree with most of that. He was getting owned in the short game and on one play got blocked out of making a tackle which is not very revis like. I still think we lost the game because Folk and probably more so our inability to score on from less than 10 yards out twice. We need to draft dbs. Hopefully Burris is a play maker.
  4. You think revis was on an island with Green? He was lined up over the outside receiver before he went in motion then moved inside to line up over Green. I don't want to sound like a homer but he's in zone. Williams was basically in the box as the deep middle safety.
  5. You're welcome to your opinion. However, football is about each individual doing they're job. From his alignment and depth you can tell they are playing cover 3. Gilchrist is motioning Marcus Williams to get back so he can cover his middle third. If Revis bit more towards the middle of the field immediately he is basically giving up the post to his deep 3rd. Williams should have been there. He was late to realize he had no safety in the middle of the field. Williams didn't do his job. Revis almost made a great play covering someone elses man. 11 guys have to do their job.
  6. This 1000× We had no answer for it
  7. Bad thread. So many things to complain about with this game and you choose revis.
  8. Very obvious blown coverage. It was cover 3, deep middle saftety blew it. Its actually crazy revis was as close as he was. Criticise him for giving up that 3rd and 13 catch for 11 maybe but the deep ball is not revis' fault.
  9. If folk doesn't miss an extra point were in overtime, if our fieldgoal doesnt get blocked we win. If we score a touchdown on the f*cking 2 yard line instead of a fieldgoal we win. If brandon marshall catches that pass at the end we might have won. The defense wasnt the problem. At least not the biggest problem. We couldnt capitalize on that turnover either. Goddamit this ruined my week. Sorry for the rant guys. F*ck.
  10. I just feel like they wouldnt do that if fitz is healthy. I'm honestly curious, when was the last time something like this happened?
  11. May already be common knowledge at this point but who is our 2nd starting corner? I dont remember hearing anything about it.
  12. She just needed to fix her footwork. Wrong foot forward in the shotgun.
  13. Right on the money. Especially as a speed/deep threat type guy.
  14. Sorry I probably shouldve searched it. I've been so busy lately, have only been able to read here on the weekends and sparingly at that. I must have missed it.