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  1. I was hooing this would take off so I could play one last game before the baby comes. Gotta do something while on bed rest.
  2. It is known
  3. I May be put on bed rest around April 5th. If so I may be able to play as well. Have to do something to stay sane.
  4. Thanks Nolder
  5. I don't know how to format it
  6. https://g.co/kgs/X8UWVG
  7. Now that song is stuck in my head, thanks
  8. I can't play this one, but an available to help with VC if you want.
  9. Poor Verbal.
  10. Now the fun begins!
  11. You guys had a fair chance Pral.
  12. Me on DM. Here I think Hally. Ok.
  13. Come on, you wouldn't charge me.
  14. Sweet. Party time! Who has the whipped cream?
  15. Well have a drink for me. I'd say on me, but... oh hell why not? Body shots!