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  1. No, Fitz is the fat ugly chick, and the Jets may even pull their offer/
  2. Sizing up MLBs

    Johnathan Vilma 6 1" 230. Led the saints defense to a championship. Thank you for this post, it demonstrates how confused some folks on this site are. Lee is slightly taller than the average, that is fact, meaning every post about his size has been non factual psycho babble.
  3. This will probably be Rex;s last year as a head coach in the NFL, this or next.
  4. Jets -- One of the Most Improved Defenses in Draft?

    I guess personal attacks on players are okay. Bigotry is never a good thing.
  5. The Jets probably figured because Penn State had no O line and horrible receivers, (I don't think any where drafted) you can safely add 10% to his completion percentage over the past two years. Take into account his OC and the'offense, add another 5 %. The guy is an absolute stud. Nice knowin you Fitz.
  6. Maybe they aren't willing to take away cap space from next year, and realize they have at face value 3 qb's who all desperately need snaps. Gailey said snaps are going to be a problem, maybe they don't want to see fitz and marshall celebrate like they just won the Superbowl and lottery simultaneously every time they score a touchdown regardless of circumstance. Parcells wouldn't allow that crap.
  7. I have a formula for good qb's, and accuracy is a huge part of it, history shows accurate qb's are successful, Fitz and Hack both are inaccurate, makes it a lot harder to succeed, hopefully Hack can overcome his issues, otherwise we are absolutely screwed.
  8. Vegas ( Bovada ) season win totals

    hate to say it but I think the cheatin fat bellies win 11, that's almost a lock.
  9. Jets -- One of the Most Improved Defenses in Draft?

    Mainejet the moron thinks they're the same person.
  10. Jets -- One of the Most Improved Defenses in Draft?

    Mainejet crossed the line when he went after when he went after our no. one draft choice before he even took the field, thats just bogus, he's set himself up and will be proven wrong, he's stupid.
  11. Jets -- One of the Most Improved Defenses in Draft?

    Guess Mainejet's day job isn't professional sports writer. Probably the Pats fan with a second screen name, they sure do make a cute couple.
  12. If Fitz isn't here by 24th

    Fitz wants 2 years 32 mil. the money only becomes fully garenteed after 4 self implosions against Rex Ryan and the BIlls.
  13. Jaws went over every pass Fitz threw last year and said there where 15 easy interceptions dropped, he has a noodle inaccurate arm, Geno on the other hand, has an accurate gun and throw the bomb, his 64% 2 -1 TD interception rate is indicative of what we will see this year, he will have a job as a starter in this league for a long time, FItz is a caddie and the Jets don't need one right now, I don't know about NE, but I do know there would be a huge celebration in Buffalo if we signed FItz, how could that possible be a good thing for the NY JETS ? I personally look forward to geno throwing the long ball, Bryce and Hack also, the Jets will be turning over 15 - 17 roster spots this year, everyone an improvement, except maybe Snacks. Geno has the Patriots number so look out.
  14. I will enjoy 5 - 7 wins, first half the season.
  15. The Jets won't miss Pace nearly as much as the Bills and Patriots, and that goes double for Cro.- the Jets are looking at an upgraded roster and much better special teams, we won't miss brick one bit, no Fitz no problem, this article is accurate in your dreams.