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  1. Bowles isn''t the OC, and the offensive game planning all season came to a climax in Buffallo, it is a major problem, the OC should get canned immediately and  Bowles has an excellent chance of becoming the next Herman Edwards, actually it looks more and more everyday that we have Terry Bradway and Herman Edwards back, I hope I'm wrong.
  2. QB Dropback Question

    Joe also called his own plays, something  a lot of guys did back then.
  3. Thank God the Broncos won!

    Nine years w/o a road playoff victory is a long time, plus it is very hard to beat the Broncos at Milehigh this time of year, they can't drop another 50 passes next week, but I agree they should p;ull off a sweet victory at home, the Broncos play very smart football, unlike the Jets.
  4. Gladys Knight Snacks Linda Ronstadt
  5.   I'm not sure who it was that punched Leonard Williams twice leading to the 15 yard personal foul that won the game for the BIlls, but I do know who was behind it.   Also when Fitz got hit in the head in 4th quarter essentially making him woozy for the rest of the game, I knew right away that Rex was in rare form, he definitely got us, this game meant more to him than any game all season,  Rex Ryan is a piss ant, he cheats, I hope the Bills suck next year. If you can't win clean, you're simply a low level cheater, and that is what loser Rex Ryan is.  
  6. Every move has a price, burn in hell.
  7. Some sack less fool edited my last two posts ? Wish I knew who did it. This site is edited by the lowest form of life - Rot in hell you vulgar little one.
  8. Woody likes his Rex Ryan

    If Rex stays out of the offensive side he will be successful, right now he's another Marty Schottenhiemer, and Buddy Ryan, but I think he learned his lesson with that offensive slump he and Lynn engineered last season, stay the hell out of the offense and Rex has a chance. I think he learned the same thing about Lynn last year, by the end of the season playcalling and game planning appeared to be in MM's hands, and things changed drastically from the Rex/Lynn philosophy.
  9. Little brain dead Todd McShay doesn't think much of the Jets chances, or Rex Ryan. Too bad his mock draft didn't pan out, he is a pathetic excuse for a journalist. Typical know nothing ESPN little boy.
  10. Jets | Trevor Reilly signed

    Excellent, I think a lot of us are rooting for this guy, he can be a solid contributor this year.
  11. Jets | Trevor Reilly signed

    this guy should be a solid influence in the locker room, wonder where he did his 2 year mission ? Anyone know?