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  1. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic No feel   

    Heard some talking head who works for and whose father was an oline coach in the NFL and coached on same staffs as both Bowles and Rex say that Bowles is the best defensive mind in the league right now.  Says he makes the offense adjust to him moreso than anyone else in the league today.  
    Man do I hope we get a unit that plays above its talent level...which would be great considering how much talent there is.  
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  2. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    No feel
    As someone who spends way too much time reading, watching, listening, etc. to all things Jets I'm surprised at how little feel I have for the type of squad we're going to have this year.
    Even with the recent new regimes (Groh, Herm, Mangini, Rex) I felt like I knew what to expect heading into the season.  This year, I'm having a lot of trouble figuring us out.
    Anyone else feel the same way?
    I have a great feeling about our front office and the new leadership in place.  I really like the way they operate.
    On the field I really don't know what to expect...
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  3. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Leadership...   

    There's no other professional sport where coaching matters as much as in the NFL.  Same can be said for the morale of the team.  Farve used to talk all the time about how vital it is that a team have great camaraderie.  That being together and unified can overcome many warts.
    I just don't see this team really coming together.  There's something about the personalities of this team...
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  4. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Jets coaches burning the midnight oil   

     'Don't tell me about the pain, show me the baby.'"
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  5. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Leadership...   

    New regime.  New season.  New influx of talent and optimism.  We haven't lost yet.  New opportunity for players to step up.  This situation presented the perfect opportunity...
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  6. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    One of the major issues I've seen with our team since the end of the 2010 season has been the lack of player leadership establishing a culture of how the team operates.  The head coach sets a certain tone but the players also need to establish a code of expectations, etc.  You hear about the culture of many of the winning organizations (Green Bay, New England, Pittsburgh, NY Giants, Ravens) and I feel it starts with a solid head coach but also veteran players reinforcing a standard of performance.  Those teams have players and enforce behaviors that are conducive to winning.  I was hoping this issue would improve now that Rex is gone...and I'm concerned that we're seeing the same things.
    Geno gets punched in the face.  It seems the team is divided in the story they're telling.  The cohesion on the team seems to have taken a big hit.  And yet no one is really stepping up to bring everyone together and lead from a player perspective.
    I like what I'm seeing and hearing about Bowles.  He's pushing these guys hard.  However, I'm a bit disappointed that no player has stepped up and taken charge to unify the team.  Mangold, Revis, D'Brick, Harris all have the credentials to do so yet they are not out in front vocally setting the tone.  Regardless of the side you're on it doesn't matter.  For us to win we have to be united...and it needs to come from the players.  You can't have the newest guy on the team (Marshall) being the only vocal one about it.  He doesn't have the tenure or the reputation to do it.  It's got to come from a long tenured guy...and yet we're not getting it.  Very disappointing.
    Why we can't solve this issue continues to confound me...
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  7. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Bowles' approach -   

    I think you guys/gals are missing the point.  Watching Bowles' press conferences it's easy to see the culture change around the Jets.  If you recall, we were the laughingstock of the league, even when we were going to Championship games.  Guarantees, extreme hyperbole about player performance (merited or not) that were literally cringeworthy.  And then when we were playing poorly those same behaviors never changed...and made us all look like fools.  We'd get beat by 20 and be talking about how we're the best in the business.  You folks remember how that felt?
    Compare that to the sample we've seen thus far.  
    The culture now is about what you do...not what is said.  He's realistic and calls it as it is.  One play of day in TC doesn't make someone an all-pro.  To me, an ardent observer of the NFL, this type of behavior from a HC is much more conducive to long term success than what we've had.  It's also much more conducive to a culture of a team that plays the best players...regardless of reputation.  You play well and deliver play.  If not, you get replaced by the next guy.  
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  8. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Bowles' approach -
    I spent some time just now and listened to Todd's press conferences.  It's absolutely amazing the difference between his press conferences and what we've grown accustomed to.  He never takes the bait when you can tell the reporters are tossing out a question with a particular agenda.  He is extremely pragmatic about performance and expectations.  He answers the questions and then he brings the player down to earth.  He literally calls it as it is.  
    I love it.  I've talked about credibility in the past.  I never could tell what was hyperbole or a real assessment.  I feel with this guy we get the straight deal on the player and where he is and what he needs to do.  Thank goodness.
    He was a player.  He knows that what matters are results...not flash.  I like it.
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  9. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Sheldon is an idiot; facing charges of resisting arrest, drag racing   

    My spidey-sense told me something was up with this guy when he didn't show up for some of the voluntary workout's.  New coach.  New systems.  And he's acting like he's too good to be there.  Yet Revis is there, etc.  
    He has lost all credibility.  He's in the process of throwing away his career.  He is showing himself to be so selfish it actually hurts to think about.
    Just another Idzik draft pick turning out to be an absolute loser.  It's hard to believe how bad Idzik was (regardless of whether injury got the player, stupidity or lack of talent).  It doesn't matter.  His picks were terrible.
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  10. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Positive differences
    As we all know Championships aren't won in May but this off season has been a good one for the Jets.  New regime.  New players.  Renewed optimism.
    I'm no insider but I'm an avid follower of our team.  I see many positive differences that I feel lead to winning.
    Curious to hear what you all feel are the positive differences you're seeing now that will lead to sustained success/winning on the field.  
    My #1 - Players as the vocal leaders, not the coaches.  Cro has shown me a lot.  He and Marshall have really amped up the level of competitiveness in OTA's.  They are establishing a great culture of work hard/play hard that translates to player improvement/development, camaraderie and winning.  When the players push each other and hold each other to a standard of performance the coaches can coach and not beg.  I believe it's best when team leadership comes from the players.  We have strong, hard working leaders on our team (Revis, Sheldon, Mo - when he returns, Cro, Decker, Marshall, Mangold) and they seem to be taking the lead, not taking a backseat to the coaches.  
    When the players stop being satisfied with being mediocre, get fed the truth about performance expectations and police themselves to meet and exceed the standard is when you establish a winning culture.
    I think we're starting to build that here and the players leading is a positive difference I'm thrilled to see...
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  11. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Rex at it again! Needs to sit down w/ Oprah and Dr. Phil.   

    Personally, Rex has no credibility.  It's gotten impossible for me to determine fact from fiction when he speaks.
    Is it self promotion?  Team motivation?  Company line?  What he really feels?  Ineptitude?  Clown-show?  Overconfidence?  Insecurity?  I don't know anymore and don't care.  
    What I do know is that I couldn't be happier he is no longer our coach.
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  12. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Marshall challenges Revis & Co.   

    Nice to see team leaders step up and motivate each other.  It's been a while since we've had the players doing the motivating of each other and actively creating the culture.
    I'm not ignoring the fact that we have a lot to prove as a team.  Our QB is an issue.  Our HC and coaching staff is brand new.  It's May and everything is candy and hugs and kisses.
    However, I am really pleased with what I'm hearing and what it is being reported.
    I trust that Macc will handle the Mo issue.  I also love the fact that the coaches squashed the incessant "who is QB1, QB2" questions by putting a stake in the ground.  I also trust that the best players will play and if Geno bombs he'll be out and next guy up.
    It's feel professional around here and not like a circus.
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  13. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Chan Gailey just put the nail in the coffin on the 2015 season   

    I like the move.  Ends the speculation and constant questioning, etc. by the media.  They will go by what they see on the field.  If Geno doesn't deliver he will lose his spot.  
    Now media can ask about something else.  
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  14. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Macca On With Francesa At 2PM   

    I just listened to the interview and was extremely impressed.  It's hard not to genuinely believe that things are changing for the better with our franchise.  
    People talk a lot about how Rex was great for the media and fans.  I prefer someone like Macc.  
    He provides legitimate insight into how things are going.  He shares what he can in a way that's very believable and insightful.  He doesn't come off as someone who is promoting an agenda or projecting some type of image or brand.  He's doing his job and sharing with the fan base what his strategy is.  I actually feel like I know the plan (I'm sure the players do too) and feel that our coach and GM are on the same page.  
    I literally can't get over how rational and logical things feel now.  I used to listen to the folks running our organization (Tanny, Herm, Rex, Idzik) and cringe.  Speaking out of both sides of their mouth.  Rarely straightforward.  Spinning a lot.  Considered media friendly but for the most part only good for a solid quote (not Idzik).  Macc is different.
    Macc deferring to Todd for player insight.  Macc saying it's now up to the player to determine if he's going to be good or not.  Macc not dodging QB questions.  Macc building legit depth in all player groups and letting the players decide who plays based upon how they play.  
    They said Macc wasn't too media friendly...I disagree.  I like his style a lot and like his plan a lot.  Now Todd and his staff need to coach them and the players themselves need to deliver on the opportunity they have.
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  15. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Best Player - Bowles' turn
    Macc made it clear what his draft strategy is (BPA, draft an outside 'backer ever year for development, said they wanted another QB to compete, etc.) and he delivered on his words.  Now it's Bowles' turn.  Go by what you see.  Go by who's playing the best.  Get the best players on the field regardless of compensation, draft status, reputation, front office politics, etc.
    Macc did his part.  It's time for TB to do his.
    I believe he will...another step in the right direction.
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