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  1. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Gotta get right time
    When you're not a perfectly constructed team in the NFL and you want to win it all you need to get hot at the right time.  We did it early in Rex's tenure but the last four years we've been unable to string victories together.  Since 2012 the Jets have only won back to back games 2x in three full seasons (none last year).  Needless to say, we weren't getting hot at any time and the results were mediocre and worse.  
    As imperfect as we are (no franchise QB, no TE's, questionable OL) it feels as if we are a team that has the ability to get hot and run off a number of victories.  That gives me hope.  We have playmakers all across this team that give me the belief that we are capable of winning many games in a row and getting hot at the right time.
    That's something we as a fan base haven't had in years.  It feels good to finally have some belief...
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  2. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic All Access IND Game   

    Holy crap that's good!  Love how the defense gives Deck and Marshall ultimate respect.  Right now...we've got some good chemistry going on.
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  3. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Bowles - "they"   

    Interested to hear your take on Bowles...other than "i like him".  How much of a sample do you need?
    I'm not guaranteeing success with this guy.  I'm saying as a fan I enjoy his approach to coaching and like following teams that operate the way he seems to be operating thus far.  There are always bumps, it's how you handle it.
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  4. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Bowles - "they"
    Like the rest I had a great time watching last nights game.  Our team really showed up.  Plenty to get excited about.
    Afterward it was great to hear Bowles talk about the players on the team and use the expression "they" when referring to what the players did on the field. 
    It was never about him.  Never about the coaches.  It was about the players winning the game.  
    It was also great to hear the players afterward almost immediately transition to next weeks game.  Short week.  Gotta get ready.  
    We have a professional group here fellas that is establishing a culture of steady improvement and playing to our strengths.
    Feels good.
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  5. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    First Business Trip
    It seems Bowles runs a pretty business-like outfit.  Not too high, not too low.  Steady improvement.  Respect the game, respect the opponent.  
    I'm very interested to see how our boys travel for the first time.  Huge stage (MNF) vs. Luck, who is a league darling.
    I'm expecting a consistent performance, reflective of the head coaches demeanor.  Stout.  Aggressive.  Respectful.  Prideful.
    Win Lose or Draw I expect to come out of this game with my head held high.  A far cry from what we've experienced on the national stage in recent years.
    Do us proud boys!  Get it.  
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  6. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Kerley, "'I feel like I should be somewhere on the field." (Merged)   

    Wouldn't be the first time that a player wasn't happy with role and didn't play up to their ability.  If he's that good that he'd clean up other places my guess is he'd find a way to get on the field and be productive.  To me, an ardent supporter of his his entire career here, he seems like someone who's bitter at what's going on and is spending more time complaining than figuring out a way to get on the field and help the team.  I say it's time for him to buy in.
    He's a good player.  If he wants to get on the field, with our depth, he needs to play great.  That's the difference now that we actually have some depth.  He didn't have to beat anyone out early in his career.  His competition sucked.  There are better players here now.  Stop talking...start playing.
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  7. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Rex to triple team Gronk   

    who freakin cares at this point.  can't go back in time.  he's gone.  we'll see what he does with buffalo.  maybe he does great, maybe he does so-so, maybe he does terrible.  only one way to find the games.
    his approach grew old with me.  that's my personal taste.  people in buffalo are head over heels for him.  to each their own.
    i much prefer how bowles approaches the lose or draw
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  8. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Cromarties gaffe   

    DB's get beat - it happens.  Players get hurt - that happens too.  Truth is the other guys are professionals too.  With regards to Cro, what we've heard from Bowles with the Geno incident is that if the replacement player comes in, performs and the team is winning that there's no guarantee your spot will be there when you get healthy.
    I expect the same with this situation.  Let's see what Marcus can do.  He now has his chance.  
    I truthfully believe this coaching and FO staff could care less who you are, etc.  You perform, you play.  You don't, you sit.  
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  9. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    From the spectators perspective...
    I enjoyed watching how this team plays.  Granted they were playing an inferior team, at home, with their backup in, etc.  I get it.
    However, I enjoyed how we played the game.  I've been impressed since day one with Bowles' and the way his team played on Sunday impressed me.
    We played our game.  We were sound.  Nothing gimmickie. If something was working we kept going to it until they stopped it.  We made adjustments.
    I felt this team needed a steady hand at the helm to bring more consistent performance.  I think Bowles can be that guy.
    As I've said - you gotta get the breaks and you gotta win games.  That's the bottom line.  However, in a league where many games are lost (Eagles, Giants, etc.) as opposed to won it's nice to see we have a coach that seems to understand the book we should be playing from...
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  10. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Last pre season game
    Hard to believe they charge full boat for these games.  No one is playing all across the league.  Robbery.
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  11. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Coples & Davis   

    The biggest problem with Coples is that he makes one play then disappears for three weeks.
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  12. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic Coples & Davis   

    It's always something when it comes to Q.  Face it - even when he plays on the D Line he's not very good.  I don't care where you were drafted.  He's taking up a spot.  I have nothing against him.  I'd like to see him (and us) succeed.  I'm simply pointing out that he and Davis are not very good players.  In fact, they are liabilities and should be on the field a lot less than they are.
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  13. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a topic in New York Jets Message Board   

    Coples & Davis
    Both drafted in the same year.  Another absolute bust in terms of upgrading a position group.  
    We've got to stop pretending that Coples can play.  I'd cut him and be done.
    Davis simply hasn't produced, yet gets talked about like he's actually something.
    Bowles won't stand for this stuff.  He will replace both of them and I expect it to be done very soon.
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  14. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic No feel   

    The sense I'm starting to get from this regime is that the team will continue to show improvement week over week.  That seems to be the thing that's jumping out to me.  Consistent improvement week over week will get you places as a team in this league.
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  15. BlakeSpenceBlockedPunt added a post in a topic No feel   

    Heard some talking head who works for and whose father was an oline coach in the NFL and coached on same staffs as both Bowles and Rex say that Bowles is the best defensive mind in the league right now.  Says he makes the offense adjust to him moreso than anyone else in the league today.  
    Man do I hope we get a unit that plays above its talent level...which would be great considering how much talent there is.  
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