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  1. cssardinas added a post in a topic Source: Jets Had E.J. Manuel Rated Higher That Geno Smith   

    “I’m eating only yogurt and noodles,” Lankster told Metro. “Not even hard cereal.”
    That sux, especially around such a food-centric holiday...must be hating life.
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  2. cssardinas added a topic in New York Jets Tailgating & Road Trips   

    Jets vs Dolphins - Jets fans in attendance?
    Looking to see how many fellow jets I can expect to see on Sunday..week 17. Live in FL, me and my friend are riding down for week 17 game.
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  3. cssardinas added a post in a topic Miami Anyone?   

    I will be there, live in FL but first time at Jets game in Miami (during the day). Looking for fellow Jet fans..tell me where to go to see my fellow Jet fans.
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