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  1. Another possibility is the jets are looking at college coaches Who are less known. So reporters don't know about it yet. I for 1 have never heard of the position coaches we hired till after we hired them. Or knew we were interested in them.
  2. Saying this draft is deep with rb doesn't mean there all equal. I would hate to pass on a hall of famer for a career solid starter. Btw. I believe fournette will be great with a better line and a couple better corner could be a lot record
  3. 1. Is Antonio Allen still a jet, and if so please tell me you heard he could go back to free safety? He was a very good FS for us an was getting better. 2. Between mo, Sheldon, and Leonard who would be a better suited NT? 3. Can we afford mo, and our other players?
  4. Why rush him when we can prepare him to be the franchise and build a Dallas type o line in the process, we have a super bowl contender defense and talent on offense where we can win now with out a elite qb
  5. No point in drafting Collins, he won't sign and then re enter draft next year. But if he's not drafted he can't reenter next year and will be a udfa
  6. 1st, is this the same post from yesterday but about a different player? 2nd, Smiths ceiling is higher than kerleys, he's faster and taller. 3rd, In our spread there will be 4 receiver sets.
  7. If you believe he's just mo at his peak, I understand but most don't agree not to mention mo wants 16 million per year. Why don't you check this link
  8. Granted I am a Geno fan. But I swear even with a neutral eye on him I only see 1 problem. He is inconsistent, extremely inconsistent and it's annoying I honestly believe he's been with inept coaches threw his extremely terrible short career but a number of experts and a hall of fame qb (Kurt Warner) say it takes at lease 3 to 4 years to see the type of player he will be for the remainder of his career.
  9. Serious question: would you be satisfied with trading up for a 3 year back up, that in 9 years could be reigning super bowl champion and MVP?
  10. Funny thing is, if idzick wasn't fired & would've picked a coach (most likely dan quinn) he could've had all this planned out except rex actually winning a game last year, maybe he was tanking for Winston? (Just a possibility)
  11. I would like Grayson if he's in the 2nd. But i would like to state the best receiver fitz ever had was Stevie Johnson until last year having andre before. Fitz never had a defense and offensive supporting cast like this. IMJS
  12. him & chip wasnt on friendly terms for multiple reasons.
  13. they're all pretty good, just real small over there
  14. Technically that's your opinion, not fact. Since smith never has been there & he plays good in December. Lol And flaccos not any different in the playoffs then the season. His team elevates causing him to look better. A qb's ceiling is as high as his teams, Smith's team sucks!