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  1. With the 70th overall pick... The New York Jets select: Ethan Pocic, C, LSU @j4jets and the LA Chargers are OTC, pm sent.
  2. No problem, just wanted to make sure it was the right pick.
  3. Good point, I didn't even catch that. You are Bears @Fibonacci... do you still want Asiata?
  4. Damn it @Beerfish I wanted him at 70... knew he wouldn't last.
  5. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1glVpu3uL8ciPwWJPzlOdTfDulelopORTO-EA_tQBLgc/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Damn it... wanted to grab Anderson.
  7. JuJu will develop into a solid #1.
  8. With the 58th overall pick... The New York Jets select: JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR, USC @Sarge4Tide and the Chiefs are OTC. pm sent.
  9. I'm next, but you can check the spreadsheet in the original post to find out who's up.
  10. Thanks, I was thinking about passing on him in hopes that the Jets could land him but I don't think he was gonna last another 7 picks.
  11. With the 51st overall pick the Denver Broncos select: Bucky Hodges, TE, Virginia Tech @Beerfish and the Browns are OTC. pm sent.
  12. With the 48th pick in the NFL draft the Minnesota Vikings select: Dan Feeney, OG, Indiana @Powpow is OTC - pm sent
  13. Dcat left me his pick while he's out... With the 47th overall pick the Baltimore Ravens select: Cordrea Tankersly, CB, Clemson @LAD_Brooklyn and the Vikings are OTC - pm sent