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  1. Realistic prospects for the Jets in the 2016 draft

    Booker ftw
  2. xmas Jets mock?

    This is what I'd like to see personally... Pretty similar to what you had. 1 -- Darron Lee, OLB, Ohio State NFL comparison/ceiling: Justin Houston We finally get our speedy pass rusher at OLB who can drop into coverage too 2 -- Pharoh Cooper, WR, South Carolina NFL Comparison/ceiling: Percy Harvin replaces Kerley and is a legit slot WR 3 -- Devontae Booker, RB, Utah NFL Comparison/ceiling: Ameer Abdullah resign Ivory, let everyone else walk. Ivory-Booker-Stacy 4 -- Bryce Williams, TE, East Carolina Amaro and Williams would be nice so we can use our TEs next season. Williams can actually block AND catch... NFL Comparison/ceiling: Jason Witten 5 -- Pearce Slater, OT, San Diego State NFL comparison/ceiling: Sebastian Vollmer This is assuming we find someone to replace Brick because there's no way he's on the roster next season with his cap charge... I think everyone else will stay Carpenter-Mangold-Colon/Winters-Giacomini. Could develop into a nice starting LT. 7 -- Eddie Yarbrough, DE/OLB, Wyoming NFL Comparison/ceiling: Nigel Bradham Watched this kid play firsthand at Wyoming and know he has the raw talent to be great, just needs to work on technique more. Kind of a tweener between DE/OLB. right now he's ranked anywhere from 5-6th round to a UFA but I think he'd be worth a 7th round investment.
  3. xmas Jets mock?

    If we got Elliott at #20 I'd be ecstatic... I remember watching him in the 2014 National Championship and he stood out far more than any other player on the field including Mariota, Cardale Jones, Devin Smith and everyone else. I'd consider him a blue chip talent. I've checked out a lot of tape on him from 14-15 and 15-16 and I'd say he has as much explosiveness as either Gurley or Gordon did in their college careers. In the right offense he could be even better than Gurley was for the Rams this season.
  4. Win An Autographed Leonard Williams Helmet

    Let's hear it for the play-offs! and NRG, and JetNation for these awesome giveaways!
  5. Quinton Coples Waived

    Wow... What a waste. I think that was a mistake, he'll catch on with someone else. Probably Buffalo.
  6. Win 2 Tickets to the Jets/Bills Game

    Hey Rex!    
  7. Mathew Slater out for Pats

    Our kick returner is Zac Stacy, unless they give Thompkins a try... Don't see any big returns from a RB built like a FB.
  8. Todd McShay's way-too-early 2016 Mock Draft

    Pretty sure we'll do better than 6-10... Myles Jack just withdrew from UCLA to enter the draft. I'm interested to see how early (or late) in the first round he gets taken.
  9. Marcus Williams

    Guys, remember he started for us last year and this preseason and gave up some big plays. I think he's in the perfect role right now coming in for sub packages. He's got play making ability but isn't great in man coverage... Maybe with time learning from Revis, Cro, and Skrine he can eventually develop into a starter but I like the role he's playing right now.  
  10. 0-2 Eagles coming to town

    I have a strange feeling we will see Sanchez take the field at some point...
  11. Pleaseeeee! I'd love to be there on behalf of JetNation!
  12. **** the Patriots... That is all.
  13. I totally blew it with this... I got my week 1 pick right, and didn't remember about the pool until about 4 pm on Sunday. Oh well, at least I went out 1-0.
  14. Trade proposal

    Even though I like him, it seems inevitable that Kerley is the odd man out at the WR position... Dallas is hurting for WRs without Dez. I say send Kerley and a conditional 3rd to Dallas for Witten.