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  1. Sounds good. I'll post again once we get closer to combine, FA, etc. Just wanted to get a feel for what you were thinking. I'll do as much as I can in terms of moderating and helping out.
  2. I'd be willing to moderate if I have one or two other people to help. Also, could we use your spreadsheet again?
  3. So I'm wondering if we are going to do another JN mock this offseason... @Dcat and @Lith what say you?
  4. Hate to say it but I completely agree... the coaching has been embarassing this season. Absolute joke. Bowles is in over his head. But he won't be fired this offseason unfortunately.
  5. F*cking terrible. Great player, and seemed like a great person... RIP Joe.
  6. This isn't even close... You haven't been watching the same games if you picked anyone other than Q and Leo.
  7. ASJ was listed as questionable with an ankle injury. Doesn't seem serious probably just a precaution.
  8. Hope we can win this one for #90.
  9. Only two picks we haven't signed are the two most important for this coming season.
  10. Can we please wait until the season is at least underway, if not over, before we judge what our GM did this offseason?
  11. the BAP philosophy went out the window when they took Hackenberg.
  12. because they traded a fourth rounder for it?
  13. ...Did we seriously just trade a 4th rounder for a 5th rounder to take a marginal OT? Wtf. We got Brandon Marshall for a 5th rounder and we just traded a 4th rounder for some low value possible UDFA tackle.
  14. Yeah I remember Bowles saying that he would play outside a bit, and eventually be a 3 down back. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with the pick I had us taking him in a mock I did like 3 months ago. I think he'll be a play maker for us whether he's playing ILB or OLB.