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  1. ASJ was listed as questionable with an ankle injury. Doesn't seem serious probably just a precaution.
  2. Hope we can win this one for #90.
  3. Only two picks we haven't signed are the two most important for this coming season.
  4. Can we please wait until the season is at least underway, if not over, before we judge what our GM did this offseason?
  5. the BAP philosophy went out the window when they took Hackenberg.
  6. because they traded a fourth rounder for it?
  7. ...Did we seriously just trade a 4th rounder for a 5th rounder to take a marginal OT? Wtf. We got Brandon Marshall for a 5th rounder and we just traded a 4th rounder for some low value possible UDFA tackle.
  8. Yeah I remember Bowles saying that he would play outside a bit, and eventually be a 3 down back. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with the pick I had us taking him in a mock I did like 3 months ago. I think he'll be a play maker for us whether he's playing ILB or OLB.
  9. I know they drafted him to be an ILB, I watched the post draft press conference. I just don't agree with it.
  10. If he put on 10 lbs he'd do well at OLB. Mauldin weighs 243, Lee weighs 232 that's an 11 lb difference. Why spend a 1st round pick on a guy who you're gonna have at 3rd string ILB? He's an outstanding athlete and is capable of playing OLB and ILB in a 3-4. He ran a 4.47. He could probably play safety.
  11. Decent pick, but Kendall Fuller was still on the board. That would have been a great pick. He was a 2nd round CB and we need a guy to put across from Revis and keep Skrine in the slot. I do like this guy, but Lee should be playing OLB to begin with. I'm not even going to go into our second round pick. Really unhappy with the way Maccagnan has managed the draft so far.
  12. I knew it was all over when Pennington was brought out to announce the pick. They did the same thing with the Geno pick. Absolutely terrible. I can't believe we used a second rounder on this bum.
  13. Absolutely terrible pick. waste of a second rounder... no one was gonna take this guy in the second round. probably third as well, could have at least traded back for a later pick. I'd rather have Geno starting than this guy. this is the first pick by Maccagnan that I hate. hopefully it's the last.
  14. Idk why Bowles wants to put him at ILB... Behind Henderson nonetheless. He'd be better suited at OLB and that's where we have the bigger need.