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  1. Your 2016-2017 New York Knicks Thread!!!

    Ding dong the mother****ing witch is dead.
  2. It's difficult to get a very good read on how good Bowles is as a coach. A safe guess would be that he's somewhere in the gray area of not being good or bad enough to matter much. It's possible that he's actually good enough to be value added because this roster is just so bad but it's unlikely enough that there's no reason to do anything other than ride it out and fire him on black monday. Maccagnan is an unmitigated disaster and should be fired immediately.
  3. Jets’ Jamal Adams Earning High Marks

    Wake me when he's a two-time afc defensive player of the week.
  4. ASJ out of shape, may not be active this week

    I love that there are people that love that there are people that actually believe that Parcells made LT.
  5. 3 and 2

    I think the cat was out of the bag on that one when junior's first word was Cutler****er.
  6. Here's the Jets Defense

    Leaving aside that 4-3 vs 3-4 really isn't even an actual thing anymore, the Jets' struggles on defense are about personnel. The guys we have would be doing the same things in whichever of the marginally distinguishable 'systems' you choose. It doesn't matter a whole lot whether you call the pass rusher we don't have a linebacker or an end. There are no coverage shells that hold up to asking corners who aren't Revis to keep the windows closed for five seconds plus. This stuff is like taking a dump in a box and slapping a guarantee on it. It would be nice if using different words for things afforded an easy avenue to improvement but of effing course it doesn't. The problem we have is a terrible roster and that's as hard to fix as it sounds.
  7. Elite QB's...who are they?

    Explain pls.
  8. Elite QB's...who are they?

    Look at the list of guys who have rings as starting quarterbacks. Look at the list of guys who don't. Ponder whether there is any point in surveying opinions as to what the word elite means.
  9. When you try to counter numbers with adjectives, it is never a debate and it always means nothing.
  10. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    We have a fair number of people who don't seem to understand the difference between uncertainty and subjectivity. There would be fewer opinions and fewer feelings about opinions if they did.
  11. If Hack plays vs Oakland

    You have to understand just how many people there are who really don't intellectually accept that football games are won and lost for actual reasons.
  12. Reasonable discussions

    I'd like to think I ruined civil discourse.
  13. Who would you rather?

    I think Mangini is pretty clearly the smartest guy and I don't think any of the other three brings anything special to the table worth considering.
  14. Having all three of them was never any part of the problem. The snaps are there and planet theory and they're all pro bowl talents. Not having a pass rusher since John Abraham has always been most of the problem, and with those three guys the bar was set real low as to how great an end we really needed to find but we still managed to do such a bad job of it that we mostly ended up starting a nose tackle instead. But yeah, if that was how they were planning on doing it anyway then the resource allocation is questionable.
  15. Yeah. It's a sh*t break. I don't fault anybody anything over the contract. Even with all the complications that arose after the deal should have been done I'd still do it over. All you're really worried about there is can you trust this guy with this money and he basically fooled everybody.