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  1. You are getting way ahead of yourself here. Eric Mangini, for whatever flaws he has as a person, a coach, an operations manager, is a grownup. An actual honest to god adult human. That particular debate ends right there. I would have been real interested to see what might have been if somebody had only had the common sense to chalk 2007 up to hard schedule, no quarterback, sh*t happens. Or to not see the way 2008 proceeded to go as grounds to double down on the chinese fire drill in a burning oil field approach. Rex drafted Mark Sanchez and Mangini demonstrably would not have done so. That's the derp of the decade but it's just one more symptom of good old #1.
  2. We don't have a quarterback, a pass rusher, a left tackle, a cover corner, or a number one receiver and we used our first two picks on safeties. I don't see why Pryor would show up. I don't see why anybody would show up.
  3. This is why the fanbase will never revolt.
  4. Total sh*tshow is a clear improvement on the present circumstances.
  5. The fanbase will never revolt.
  6. The chance to sell high on Porzingis was a rare opportunity. There was such a huge gap between his perceived value and his real value. Now the gap has shrunk and he's disgruntled and telling everybody he won't resign. Blowing the best shot to ******* do it right for a change since 2010 at least is the dumbest yet of all Phil's derps.
  7. This is comically wrong. They're our three best players.
  8. We're in year one of a rebuild and year three of a regime. We have the worst team in the league. What bothers me most about the current situation is goddamn everything.
  9. You're certainly right about that.
  10. What could possibly be the reason to insist on different answers for one play, one drive, one game? Feelings?
  11. This is word vomit. The problem is that there's nothing interesting about what is actually complicated and hard and matters, which is just keeping eleven moving parts on message for seven seconds. So you get all this nonsense about formations and playcalling because giving people jargon to fling around is always gonna sell better than talking about how coaches plow a hundred man-hours into eliminating four penalties.
  12. This woulda been a totally different thread if Beth Mowins was a cop.
  13. This is kind of a minor point but the one year/one round discount rate really only applies to in-draft trades of current picks for next year's picks. It's only a rule of thumb in the first place like the chart but I would imagine if you look at trades involving picks further into the future than that, there aren't many and the values will be kind of tough to nail down.