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  1. Then you're missing the point.
  2. Seems about right, honestly.
  3. The reason they gave Baker a player option is Mills is stupid and Baker's agent isn't.
  4. It's not bizarre at all. He's a super tall white chucker who makes funny faces. If you don't understand why teams win, don't care, or as is the case with our own beer bellies and dad jeans contingent, are just so thirsty after two decades of Dolan that you'll drink sand, he's basically the perfect draw. This sh*t is ****ed forever. Phil sucked but he never had a chance because he was under a mandate to build around Carmelo. The next guy has no chance because he's going to be under a mandate to build around Porzingis. A thousand miles away Chris Paul is teaming up with James Harden to play Moreyball under Mike D'antoni and we're stuck with the dumbest team in the history of professional sports.
  5. I don't know what any of these words are worth in numbers. There just wasn't any reason to go mystery box there. There were tons of projectable college players. The next six guys off the board were selected by at least one of Arturo's models. http://basketballnumbers.com/2017/06/20/2017-nba-draft-ratings/
  6. Unfortunately the majority of scenarios comprising said .01% chance entail Masai coming on board with a nWo t-shirt on under his suit.
  7. Knicks: hold my beer
  8. I still can't believe we ever managed to catfish Tyson Chandler and Jason Kidd.
  9. I just saw one that's actually bad enough to happen. Phoenix for 4 and Booker or Chriss. That's a trade we actually lose (Ball/Jackson go 2-3) but it's still probably worth it just to stop us from maxing him out.
  10. Yes. Good players avoiding the Knicks like an open cold sore is totally a recent development and because of Phil.
  11. This is a serious post. I don't even get it. Like, he's great at creating possessions and using possessions efficiently, but he's bad at taking shots you don't want your team taking anyway, so **** that guy. Maybe Jordan should do the thing where he eats up the shot clock doing ball fakes, jab steps three times, then throws up a contested deep 2. Because, you knows, that's what real stars do.
  12. And in addition to all those already listed DeAndre Jordan has been in the top two in the league in wins produced for four straight years which is literally unheard of.
  13. Is this a serious question?
  14. Oh, for sure. This is all kind of hard to believe, though. Phil is gonna move the one guy he gets any credit for, deserved or otherwise, and there's gonna be a legit bidding war. Yeah, okay. That might happen. The dumbest guy in the world by definition can't be the smartest guy in the room. But if this is as reported that is exactly the situation.
  15. This is going to be pretty difficult to outright screw up just because of the magnitude of the perception gap but I really don't want Phil Jackson to be the guy who makes the move that is supposed to set up the post-Warriors build.