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  1. Spare us this, please
  2. Hate to go there but, Marcus Williams. Realistically though, Peake.
  3. So you're one of the people that boo your own team. Good for you.
  4. Per Bowles: Most improved players in camp are "Buster Skrine and Brian Winters." Arguably our biggest positions of need, hopefully he's right. We'll surely need their improvement.
  5. I've been assuming GasNo99 is Connor Hughes while Cimini is Kelly. Cimini's a weirdo
  6. And that time he skipped band class.
  7. He's not on a team because of his lingering hip issues (think he may have even retired), not because he served detention in high school. I will acknowledge you were the most content to see him go, though.
  8. And absolutely NO HIGH SCHOOL DETENTIONS ON THESE PLAYERS' PERMANENT RECORDS! In all seriousness I'm fairly positive they did this last season with Amaro. Not a big deal.
  9. Your best rookie is Connor Cook
  10. Bowles likes veterans. Thompkins did pretty well for us last year and caught pretty much everything (people on here clearly only remember the Buffalo game, and probably forgot the Dallas game). He filled in for Brandon Marshall today with the 1's, which is telling IMO. It's possible that Thompkins, Peake AND Marshall all make the team with Smith on IR (which I believe is the most likely scenario). All 3 of them are cheap. I've said on another thread that if Marshall and Peake continue to thrive, he'll be the one cut if Smith is eligible to come back.
  11. I really believe Thompkins is making the team, and I believe he'll be the one cut when Devin Smith is ready to come back from IR if Jalin Marshall and Peake thrive.
  12. Hangs out with Pinaeda too much
  13. Welcome to a Jets message board, Patriot fan. I'm glad you're choosing to pass what little free time you have to post your thoughts on a Jets message board.