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  1. Spot on, Max.
  2. Can't sit anyone at the LB position until we get healthy. I think it's Marcus Williams and Pryor. Burris needs the playing time, I have no idea why this has taken so long.
  3. If we take a RB in the first round of a "rebuild", our problems go further than the roster itself.
  4. Outside of Marshall, where exactly do we have elite talent?
  5. He's dealing with the lemons life gave him. Gailey doesn't choose the starter. He can only hide his limitations for so long. Fitz is done here.
  6. So, it's Gailey's fault that Fitz has repeatedly thrown short of the first down on third and longs all season? It's Gailey's fault his QB can't scan a defense for his life - thus resulting in teams stacking the box to make sure he has to throw? Brandon Marshall has caught two TDs in the last 12 quarters, one against the Seahawks, and the other against the Steelers. I don't know where you're getting 17 from. Playcalling can't save a frail-armed qb from failing at his job forever. Gailey's system makes Fitz' job easier, and he can't handle that anymore. Nothing has changed from last year when we scored 2 offensive TDs a game, except playing tougher defenses, which exposes Fitzpatrick. Fitz has been terrible all year, he missed TC and the entire offseason, it's on him.
  7. I want you to be specific, JoeWilly12. That way I can disagree accordingly.
  8. I may be wrong, but I think that game in Miami when he posted a perfect QB rating was his last start
  9. Teams are stacking the box because they're daring our QB to throw the football. Our OL can only block so many people. Get a QB and our running game will open up
  10. Maybe because he saw his QB get Peake murdered
  11. Me too, I thought it was a non-story, right thing to do. But it didn't actually exist.
  12. Ya know, that's what I thought, then I heard they declined it. Which apparently I heard wrong, because I can't find it anywhere. May have been bunched up with Milliner's fifth year option and I read it wrong. Apologies Gents