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  1. Gholston, Keller, Sanchez, Wilson, Coples, and now Milliner since 2008. Pryor had a pretty good year last year, but I'm starting to get tired of him getting hurt for a series once a game. Second round picks since 08: Ducasse, Hill, Geno, Amaro, Devin Smith. (excluding hack) This team is built from free agency, old guys and no quarterback.
  2. Here. Here is precisely where you're wrong.
  3. I know he had off the field issues prior, but for anyone that's not familiar with Tampa, it's easier to come across a strip club there than a supermarket. Having lived there for about 7 years, I've seen and known many people who've gotten DUIs. Not saying it's right, and/or defending him, but it's just easier for a feeble mind to fall apart down there than it is in Jersey. For any baseball fans out there, little story. Josh Hamilton never had so much as a beer prior to being drafted by the Rays. He met Carl Crawford, and started going to strip clubs every night, and, we all know the rest. Many athletes go crazy in that city. As for us claiming him, I agree that him being claimed doesn't necessarily "teach him a lesson" - but if he messes up again, he's gone instantly. The Jets clearly see him as worth the risk of having an incredibly talented 24 year old, at a position of need, for cheap. People do change, saying otherwise is nonsense. To mirror LIJF's post above, he's a Jet, and an incredibly talented one. We should hope he changes.
  4. I think he's thinking what we're all thinking: we need a tight end.
  5. I'm almost 100% sure he was claimed before Sunday's game.
  6. Did Decker really request that? Not doubting you, I'm just not sure. Either way, get his *ss back in the slot! He needs targets
  7. He's been a problem since the PS. He dropped a KO also, which I'm sure people have already forgotten about. Drops and fumbles. He should stay the KR, but get Anderson on the field before him, every time.
  8. Best receivers we've ever had at one time. Fitzpatrick's job could not be any easier.
  9. Luckily, I don't think anyone could be dumb enough to have illegal things sent to the team facility. He probably does just smoke hookah. Weird story, though.
  10. Gotta root for Wentz to beat out the Giants in the NFC East now that Romo's hurt.
  11. Jesus Christ. I'll see myself out.