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  1. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    At this point I'll expect a Villain-esque thread from you, but you seem like the type to verbally attack Mac instead of admit you overrate Mo. 
  2. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    I don't consider stats/averages as analytics. I know the offensive lines we faced this year were bad, and I know our run stoppage was our only strength on defense in 2014.
  3. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Analytics in football isn't everything... it takes eyes too. Clearly you're Ray Charles. 
  4. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Patience*. Soon enough, yes. You believing the run defense in 2014 was bad from looking at a website is pathetic. Our run defense was our ONLY strength.
  5. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Allowing 3.8 yards a carry is not bad 
  6. I agree with the cap hell part, but the Saints defense is actually the worst defense I've ever seen. I think they f'ed up and wasted the final two years of his prime.
  7. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    You mean, the same year we came in 5th for rush yards allowed?  
  8. I mean going forward. Age is undefeated.
  9. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    You remember wrong, look at the thread I started "Richardson pleads guilty".   You're using the same argument I've used with the DBs. I blame coaching - Rex. But don't act like Wilkerson's absence was the reason we went from 2-9 to 2-12. The entire year was a sh*t show, and the only strength was the DL. 
  10. Would agree but Brees will be 38 with a bad shoulder. 
  11. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Why don't you tell me more about how Wilkerson missing weeks 11-13 was the reason we went 4-12 last season?
  12. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Giants, Browns, Saints, Colts, Jags, Cowboys, Bears and Falcons are the only teams I could think of that have weak defensive lines. This draft is DL heavy plus some. ANyone thinking this league is beginning to become over saturated with DL? Obviously, too much isn't a bad thing for teams, but supply and demand brings value down. So, I'm just not down to pay a DL $110 million. 
  13. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    You claim atrocious offseason yet do the 80% of things the same. Interesting. One thing I can't fathom is having a guy like Richardson who did just get in trouble twice with a possible suspension looming, and imagining we'd get a 1st rounder and 4th rounder? You really think Schneider/any GM would do that? We could actually get something for Wilkerson, and not pay him 110 million dollars. I get that you're weary of Sheldon's character, but why would any team trade the house for him? No team would. His value is at an all time low.  Other than that, decent haul, because again, it's basically the same exact thing as what I said, minus the trades. I doubt Marshall would restructure because he agreed to be traded here to receive slightly more money, unless we extend him and lower his number for this season.    As for Wilkerson's contract, you get agitated when I compare JJ Watt to Mo but you want to pay him more than JJ Watt? 
  14. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    Please do the math and show your work, mister cut Brick, Mangold and Giacomini.
  15. Report: Raiders Interested in Wilkerson

    The Bills switched to a 34 this year, and digressed as a unit. Rex effect. Thrived previously in a 43. Didn't really pay attention to how he did this season.   Have you asked me once the FA question? Or did Larz ask somebody else that? The latter.   Since you asked: Tag and trade Mo for a top 40 pick. Cut Cro, Kerley, Cumby, (try to restructure brick, if not, cut him), if brick restructures - cut Breno. Should leave us at about $28mil under Resign Fitz, Powell, Henderson. costs us about $7-9mil for fitz, $3 for Powell and $2-3 for Henderson. give or take $14-15mil under sign Andre Smith OT to replace the OT we lost. Around $6 mil a year. Sign a pass rusher, Perry is intriguing and shouldn't cost too much. Around $4-5 mil a year, leaves us with enough for the draft class. Take the best LB available with the 20th pick (ragland?) maybe Decker falls to us, take Conklin/Spriggs with Mo's pick, Nick Martin with the 52th pick. Haven't watched any of Coleman yet, maybe him. From there, I'd try to get a FS to develop for a year until we cut gilly next year, RB, raw WR with some upside to develop under Bmarsh and Decker.  As I think Troll said earlier, we have a lot of old guys, our drafts will likely have to be development oriented. Not much $ to go around this offseason.