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  1. They never taught you how to think critically or think outside the box? Wow. Sorry 2 hear.
  2. It's pretty f*cking ridiculous we've let this Fitz bs go on this long. Cut the ties already.
  3. Or, you could have learned something.
  4. Also, league average? No shot. You cannot name 5 quarterbacks with less arm strength in the NFL.
  5. Tell that to every successful QB in the league. Shockingly, they all can and do perform successful deep passes on the regular.
  6. Harambe vs Cecil, who ya got?
  7. I think that guy is Qvale and I'd imagine they're waiting to see how each of them play in TC/preseason. Could also be waiting for a certain FA to sign before they cut him.
  8. They seemed to like Catapano too last season, potential darkhorse
  9. There it is.
  10. I didn't read it
  11. Very conceivable we cut Breno and restructure someone. Fitz is still in play.
  12. Who served more time in high school detention, Sheldon or Percy Harvin?
  13. Steelers, Cards and Pats. Steelers adding Ladarius Green could be a huge pickup to their already great offense, Cards are loaded, and the Pats adding Bennett could do numbers for them when Brady returns. I think we'll split with the Pats though.