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  1. Bowles to Announce Starting QB on Monday

    This is going to get ugly.
  2. Happy birthday, Maxman

    Happy Birthday Maxman!!!
  3. I think your spot on. It's not what we had all hoped for but, the kid is coming along. He already suffered in college do to his OL getting him killed which had him "paying more attention to the rush than the play developing" ( quote from his teammate). I would love to see the kid take the starting job if he shows he is worthy, maybe things change in a couple of weeks.
  4. Learn From History

    Couldn't agree more about the QB's hand size especially playing in s*itty weather. Tannehill is lucky because he plays in Miami but he has his flaws as we know. I do think the game plan for Hack was perfect especially with the lack of a run game. The CS staff needs to bring this kid along the right way. Hack needs confidence in his ability to run the system and lead his team, once he has that he will start to progress in real time. Then we will see exactly where he is at with his footwork, accuracy, etc. Just my opinion.
  5. Hack is definitely progressing, he looked more comfortable and had a nice zip on his throws. I hope he continues to progress. I watched all of his throws again and he still locks on to his first read. I think it was a good game plan for him and was good for his confidence. He is still a work in progress and I am looking forward to see him down the stretch. I give him a C+.
  6. Game Observations (TEN)

    Thanks KRL can always depend on you for an honest review.
  7. Forum Upgrade Complete

    Looks great, greatly appreciated.
  8. Signing Cutler was the best move for the Fins they snuck into the playoffs last year, and have a better team this year. Gase is a good coach and is good with QB's, so let's hope they win at least 8-9 games, we don't need them picking in the top 5. The Dolphins have a better future at this point with Gase if he has continued success as a coach, he may pull a Bowles after his first year, who knows.
  9. Forget Kapernick, what about Tannehill? The Fins didn't want to get him surgery at the end of last year because they were in the playoff hunt/ heading into the playoffs, and they thought he might have a chance to play. He suffered another knee injury, what does that do for his confidence as he has issues in that area already. He usually chokes in the spotlight or when the game is on the line since his college days. It's going to be interesting to see how the front office handles this going down the stretch. His injury had to deflate the teams hopes for this year. Best bet for the Fins is Cutler or just sticking with Matt Moore.
  10. The Ghost of Revis Past?

    If they retire his number fine, but Revis isn't on this team anymore so why not give him 24.
  11. KRL Camp Notes (7/29/17)

    Greatly appreciated KRL
  12. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    Sorry, didn't know that would hurt your feelings.
  13. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    Thank you SAR I. I am not insulted as I know there are many Vets on this board who could have taken it the wrong way, but I think 99% is a little high. I served with many that had degrees who weren't officers. I agree that if you plan on playing a contact sport like football you know there are risks of injury involved. When you are in your 20's and playing in the NFL, similar to being in the military most feel like they can run through a brick wall if need be. The players/service members, depending on their duties who don't show that kind of commitment are definitely noticed.
  14. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    I Highly doubt it. I actually thinks he lives in his mother's basement. Thanks for the post, appreciate it.
  15. CTE Found In 90% of Donated Brains

    Agreed. Thank you, greatly appreciated @#27TheDominator.