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  1. Looks like my 8 year old can knock this kid out.
  2. Happy Birthday guys, enjoy!!
  3. I remember the players were happy that he left also.
  4. We need a top 2 pick, I am not putting all my hope into Sam, way too many variables. I hope he has a great year comes out and we draft he him with the number one pick, if he is the consensus number 1. We can't afford to to have the 4th or 5th pick. If we want to tank we need to start one of the young guys. I could somehow see us winning a few games at the beginning of the year and pulling off a BS win late in the season. I know Josh's record as a starter, but why take a chance, let the young guys learn. If not Hack then Petty. We can't F*ck this up.
  5. Exactly why I will wait until I see the kid play in games and see how he progresses.
  6. I feel the same way. I remember reading a quote from his former teammate saying he was more concerned about the pass rush than how the play developed. I can't blame him giving the fact he took such a beating. I just hope he dosent have David Carr syndrome.
  7. All valid points, the only difference is he is not playing in a live game. I am behind Hack 100%, but the fact he is doing this in shorts in concerning. I will wait to see how he plays in a live game, and I don't expect him to come out like a 5 year vet that has been in the same system. It appears the kid is a hard worker and puts his time in, given the reports about his work ethic. Let's see how he handles preseason.
  8. Agree with what you said but if it's true he almost therew 6 picks, sailing, passes, hitting reporters (still), and bouncing it to WR's while playing in shorts it's alarming.
  9. I hope your right, but I don't see people lining up for the HC job or the GM job especially if they have other options. I am sure someone will take the job as both are very prestigious and limited. I just don't expect a well respected candidate to jump at the chance to take the Jets job even with a top QB in reach. Woody needs to un-fu*k this team and hire someone who has total control over football operations and be a hands off owner.
  10. Looking forward to seeing Sam play this year. I am not as excited as others for a one year successful starter from USC. If he has another good year and shows improvement, great, hopefully he comes out and we have the number one pick and he dosent decide to refuse to play for the Jets. It's just hard for me to focus solely on Sam. It's a good sign there are several other potential franchise QB's that may be available next year.
  11. His knowledge of the position, knowledge of the game, and his passion to teach. I wish Bowles had this guys fire in his blood. Hopefully the players respond well to him, can't be any worse than last year, right??? Well, I will just leave it at that.
  12. I can't believe we didn't get a late round pick instead, Mac got spanked.
  13. I have no problem with that, I hope he starts. Unfortunately it's not up to us, it will be the he gives us the best chance to win line. I am all for putting him or Petty out there right away.
  14. Hackenberg is learning a new system this year and he has mechanical flaws he is trying to improve on. I think there is too much hope/pressure for a guy who was drafted too high and had one good year in a pro style system. I am behind the kid 100%. He needs time in the same system, he more than likely will need more time then we hoped. There will be a lot of growing pains and hopefully he learns and gets better in the process. I just don't think you can expect that much from Hack this year, besides seeing how he progresses through the season. He needs to play, I wouldn't count out Petty yet either. It's still way to early to judge him as a QB until we see him play. I am not expecting for a Russel Wilson or Dak type of season I just want to see him be able to get out there and take command of the offense and learn as the season goes on.
  15. Agreed. It just a sh*tty thing to say, typical parasite media BS is all. I don't take stock in what these fools say until I see it play out on the field