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  1. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Hi guys Remember that games will be from late April to June. So if you have time in June, you would still be able to participate. Also, we will be doing at least one and maybe several games with 72/24 phases for reps used to slower paces, if that would help. The representative should still be okay with 36/12 phases though if they qualified for the finale.
  2. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Let me know if you have any questions about the whole thing
  3. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Invitation to The Mafia Championship Season 3 Hello everyone, it’s that time of the year again I am making this post with the hopes that your community would be interested in participating in Season 3 of the Mafia Championship. It will be bigger and more epic than ever before. This year we’re expanding once again; 136 communities will be invited to participate, making this not only the biggest Mafia event ever, but also the largest cross-forum event in the history of the Internet. We’ve also moved the venue to Mafia Universe, a new site created largely because of this series. Are you interested? As always, how you decide your representative is completely up to you. To guarantee your community a spot in Season 3 of the Mafia Championship, I will need to know of your community's interest within the next week (until April 4th). Following this, you will have an additional two weeks to decide your nominee (until April 18th). Additionally, it would be a very good idea to also name an alternate. Remember that your representative needs to be prepared to deal with a lot of activity. Expect at least upwards of 500 posts per 24 hours during the early stages of the game. The representative needs to not only be able to read all this, but should also at least be able to manage making 10+ posts per day phase. Season 3 Specifics • 136 different communities are invited to participate. If some decline the invitation, I may opt to allow larger communities an additional nominee. • 8 Qualifying Games will be played with 17 players each. • 2 players advance to the Finale Game from each game based on post-game votes. • 1 Wildcard Game will be played (Wildcards are decided by a jury consisting of former finalists), determining the 17th and final spot in the Finale. Runner-ups in this game will be first in line to replace any finalists who may have to drop out. Season 3 Timeline & Important Dates The first Qualifying Game is set to start April 25th. Additional games will take place in the 1-3 months following. I will create a Doodle and find out the best times to start the various games so that preferably everyone gets to play during a time that suits them well. In addition to this, it is also a priority to ensure as much as possible that all the players in any given game has no prior history of playing with each other to ensure a level playing field (but I cannot 100% guarantee that this won’t happen). Season 3 Game Design & Setup For each season, we’ve changed it up. This time, we’re doing something new again! The setup is called Matrix12 and is inspired by mafiascum’s popular Matrix6 setup, if any of you are familiar with that. In short, the concept is that there are 12 different possible setups and the host randomizes which one is used. The players know what setups are available, but not which one will be used! More on the setup here: Regarding lynch mechanics: There will be a deadline each day phase, and the person with the most votes at the end of the day is lynched, unless a majority has already been reached before then, in which case the day ends prematurely. Days will last 36 hours and nights 12 hours, meaning 48 hours (2 days) per game day. With one exception: The weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) will be one game day (so day will be 60 hours and night 12 hours on weekends).
  4. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    The 2015 Mafia Championship Finale Game Has Officially Begun: The series started in 2013. Now here we are, 2 years later, season 2 finale, the conclusion to a season that featured 70 representatives from 70 different communities. The best players on the internet faced off against each other, and only 13 could make it into the finale. It's now finally time for the ultimate showdown to determine who is the best forum mafia player on the internet. I hope you'll be watching and cheering on Verbal I also really hope that some of you will want to join our Skype spectator chat (add me: thingyman). It has 100+ people from a bunch of different communities, and it's a ton of fun. Don't miss out!
  5. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Game 2: And Game 1 is at lylo. GAME 2 (APRIL 13TH) ✰Alpha✰ (Jesus Toast Mafia) Achromatic (GameFAQs) bcb1213 (Walter Football) JaggedJimmyJay (Rate Your Music) JunkheadX (Wrestling Forum) kaboose (Football Forums) lilrascal (FlopTurnRiver) Maki (Otaku Central) MSU (HeroClix Realms) Ryker (Smashboards) Saposhiente (Giant in the Playground) TortugaGrande (InsideMDSports) Verbal32 (JetNation) The skype chat has 100+ spectators. Add me to get an invite and join in on the fun: thingyman.
  6. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Game 1 of the second season of the Mafia Championship has started: If you'd like to spectate the game, feel free to add me on Skype and I'll invite you to the spectator chat: thingyman The chat attracted more than a 100 people last time from all the various communities and was a ton of fun. Most importantly, it is a great opportunity for networking and creating connections with other communities as evidenced by the fact that it led to a bunch of crossover games the first time around. You should pop in and say hello LINE-UP Bubbles (NinSheetMusic) CPHoya (Super Mafia All Stars) fontisian (Dark Lord Potter) Guild (Talking Time) Harb (Play Diplomacy) itisally (The Grey Labyrinth) NeilOnnsu (Art of Problem Solving) Paperblade (Serenes Forest) TheDarkestLight (SC2 Mafia) Timewave (Atheist Foundation of Australia) VikeStep (Feed the Beast) Vytron (xkcd) Zack (CivFanatics)
  7. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Alrighty, good news: Verbal32 will be representing you guys and fighting for that JetNation win
  8. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Obviously the real reason that Ape is upset with me is that I was the only reason he didn't get lynched that game and thus had to keep playing
  9. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    It might also be a bad comparison. As said, that's only local players. This game you'll be facing 13 people from 13 different communities and none of them will be as activity crazy as the host site (which will only have 1 representative in one of the games). But in any case I'd prefer to prepare you for the worst case scenario activity-wise.
  10. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    The first game had 25 players and this one will have 13 players, so it won't be as intense, but you should still be prepared for, yeah, maybe 500 posts per day for the first few days. You can take a look at this thread and see if it seems managable for you. This is the same setup with the same amount of players featuring only local players. It started yesterday and is on day 2 right now (it has a faster day/night phase pace, but the posts per day rate is the same). As you can see it's mostly short posts. Anyway, if that feels like something you could keep up with, then you should be good to go.
  11. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    @ JiF Would you want to play? Would anyone else want to play?
  12. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    It's all the same person, right? Either that or my reads aren't good
  13. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    There seems to be early consensus formed around JiF. I'll keep an eye on the thread. Let me know when your decision is finalized Remember that the most important thing is that the representative needs to be able to deal with a lot of activity.
  14. Mafia forum off season chat thread

    Is there no one who'd be interested in representing Jet Nation?