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  1. They looked sloppy their first two games but they looked pretty sharp yesterday. Could be one of those games where we play with a vengeance and they get complacent. I certainly wouldn't bet any money in the Jets favor though.
  2. LOL he barely even played for us. you are one of those people that start calling our rookies a bust after their first game aren't you?
  3. The talent is top notch but for some reason having tons of talent on paper never seems to work out for any team in any sport ever. Probably has something to do with the expectations being set unrealistically high.
  4. Hey, atleast we aren't Browns fans.
  5. IDK maybe he is the next BB, maybe his team is just better than ours? The fact that in three games his team has looked good means very little in comparison.
  6. I agree Bowles should be blamed atleast partially for this loss. Macc should have a talk with Bowles about what needs to be done better and Bowles should use it as a learning experience and use it to grow as a HC. The guy has been a head coach in the nfl for 1 season and 3 games I am not ready to fire the guy yet.
  7. And yet he took a team who had the #6 overall pick and almost got us into the playoffs his rookie year as a head coach. He has some things he needs to work on he is still pretty new at this job.
  8. 6 the front office and cut the entire roster we need to rebuild.
  9. Just because Fitz sucked doesn't mean no one else on the team also didn't suck. our receivers played a poor game the ball quite literally hit them in the hands multiple times and they dropped it. Enunwa had one of those in the end zone when we were only losing by two scores. Because Fitz threw some bad balls (alot of them) doesn't mean the receivers should be dropping the few he throws well.
  10. With the weapons we have on this team any play he calls in the redzone should be a good one. this is not on Gaily this is on our star players under preforming.
  11. Our recievers were not great today. too many balls bouncing out of their hands.
  12. Please no _____ is hot garbage threads...the whole team sucked today we all know it and we don't need 100 threads blaming each individual player.
  13. Bowles should have called a time out. We were running out of time on the playclock it didn't look like we were ready to take that snap Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  14. I feel like it is time to cut J. Marshall and try to sign him to the practice squad. Too many fumbles let one of the other young guys step up and get a chance.
  15. The fact that a young super talented TE got cut by a team with a young franchise QB should really speak for itself.