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  1. That "Leak" Was Significant

    He should be happy with a deal like that. If he had another decent season and we cut him he might have half a chance of signing elsewhere. Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  2. that is a lot of money for Fitz we will end up losing players who are more valuable than he is if we went through with that deal. I hope the second two years are cheap on it so we don't mortgage our future for a QB who wont be our long term starter.
  3. If him and Marshall want fitz on the roster so bad let them take the pay cut so we can sign him. Fitz had a great season with us last year but he isn't a long-term answer Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  4. Longshot Predictions

    The only thing is they will make his bust out of glass Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  5. Longshot Predictions

    I will take you one further...Milliner is a future hall of famer. that's my longshot prediction.
  6. Any chance Luck leaves Indy?

    In about 16 more seasons when they intentionally lose to get the next big qb prospect Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  7. OTAs May 25th Tweets

    I wonder if Mangold, Marshall and Decker are at a different practice with Fitz.
  8. Have fans forgotten how FA works?

    Didn't the eagles give 8mil to their third string qb? Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  9. Buster Skrine ~ ~ ~

    Im a bit worried about our CB position also my hope is that our young new LBs are able to pressure the QB into making bad throws that will make our CBs look good.
  10. When you are a Jets fan you need to have hope going into every season....
  11. Geno will be our starter and im thinking something like this. week 1 Bengals (W) Bengals come in and underestimate team 28-6 week 2 @ Bills (W) Close game due to defensive play of the Bills but Taylor has no one to throw the ball to 14-9 week 3 @ chiefs (L) Chiefs steamroll over us with safe offensive play and a strong defensive showing 13-6 week 4 seahawks (W) Wilson has a few good runs but they get little out of their RB and Receivers. 24-10 week 5 @ Steelers (L) Bell, Brown, Ben and a Coates sighting we get slaughtered. 32-17 week 6 @ cardinals (L) Cards will out power us on both sides of the ball at home I think this one will be closer than most probably do though. 21-14 week 7 Ravens (W) Been awhile since we have beaten the Ravens but they looked weak last season and I don't think they improved a whole lot. 27-18 week 8 @ Browns (W) Their Qb situation is just as bad as ours or worse...our defense is better 32-9 week 9 @ Dolphins (W) Phins brought in some decent players this offseason I think this will be a rough low scoring game 7-6 week 10 Rams (W) Geoff is starting to get the hang of things but our strong defensive showing beats out his inexperience. 27-14 week 11 Bye week 12 Patriots (W) Pryor shuts down Gronk and Brady takes a few sacks bad calls make it a close game. 21-18 week 13 Colts (W) Colts run game is shutdown and their offensive line doesn't give luck enough time. 7-24 week 14 @ 49ers (W) 49ers basically have given up at this point Hackenberg gets his first snaps with the backups 38-24 week 15 Dolphins (L) Phins come back and crush us. 34-14 week 16 @ Patriots (L) Pats have their refs to help them beat us this time 21-14 week 17 Bills (W) Rex tries to be a spiteful A**hole again like last season but it doesn't work this year 28-10 We win the Division at 11-5 That is my prediction of what will happen.
  12. Madden 2017 Cover

    As much as I hate the patriots I find it hard to hate gronk Sent from my LG-D850 using Tapatalk
  13. When the oncologist - EDITED

    Plenty of medical advancements in the past two years, if she beat it then she can beat it again. Wish you guys nothing but the best of luck you will be in my prayers
  14. Our staff is probably pretty comfortable with the RBs we currently have. I do wonder if Arian Foster would be willing to sign a one year vet minimum deal...not that I think he would last the whole season but I wouldn't cry carrying 4 Rbs until he got hurt.