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  1. I would have liked to see Devin Smith get a real chance. hopefully he falls through the waiver wire unnoticed but i have a feeling someone will scoop him up. I guess it is a good sign that they are willing to move away from players who don't work out even if they were drafted high though so there is that.
  2. Going on 6 rumors he had been playing injured improved every season he stayed healthy Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  3. I didn't say he wasn't good he was one of the best qb prospects in a long time he will get more time to prove himself...I don't doubt that If somehow Indy wound up with the number one pick next season that luck finds his way to the trade block. Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  4. He is unproven still imo. Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  5. No offensive line? Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  6. The only thing I think they have in common is they are both terrible nfl qbs. Kaepernick has a low interception ratio because of his guys aren't wide open for him to miss he just scrambles or takes a sack he almost has as many fumbles as interceptions. Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  7. 49ers were losing 6 to 21 in the first half...they were getting destroyed. Either way it is not important. Tim Tebow won games with big plays in key moments we signed him how did that work out for us? Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  8. Weren't the ravens wrecking the 49ers before the lights went out? This guy is not a good nfl qb, he never was and never will be. He is not an asset on any team we should stay away. Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  9. If I'm not mistaken Alex Smith played and won more games that season than kaepernik and got sidelined with a winning record. Again they both had a very good team around them. Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  10. The guy sucks...if you are rebuilding a team why would you bring this clown in when he is likely to distract our young kids slow the chances of us seeing if our young qbs can be anything and give quite literally no benefit to the team...we already have a proven loser as our backup qb we don't need another one. Before someone mentions the Superbowl he played in this guy rode on Alex Smith's success with a very good team around him. Sent from my LGUS991 using mobile app
  11. Oh well if that is the case we should fire up the puddle jumpers and order our banners to fly over training camp now
  12. These guys if they are still rated as high as they are this time next year are not the kind of guys teams trade away...the colts might draft Sam or Rosen and trade Luck if they wound up with the first or second pick...
  13. Let us use that common sense that is not so common on our forums...Rumors came out day two of the draft that we were looking to trade richardson and pryor...if you assume that rumor is true which is a safe assumption considering we drafted 2 safeties and have no room for Richardson and we were offered a pick for that day which is what we would have been looking for obviously don't you think we would have taken that pick? then on day 3 when the rumor was that we were STILL trying to trade them wouldnt we have been likely to have taken a 4th rounder for one if offered? Don't you think if dallas was willing to give us a 2nd rounder they would have also been willing to give us a 4th rounder? Stupid crap that people come up with...
  14. I think they offered a second last year before the deadline but we were looking for a first i heard that rumor i doubt we turned down a 2nd round pick from dallas this year knowing that richardson was on his last year of his contract and i doubt they would have even offered us one honestly
  15. Kk you must be right im done