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  1. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Which Receivers Make the Final Cut?   

    My guess is it will be
    In that exact order this season. I am really hoping that Kerley is going to step up and have a huge year. I think Devin Smith is going to be transitioned into the lineup slowly this year seeing how he missed so much of the off season.
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  2. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Observations From NYG Game   

    With Genos jaw repairing I would say Fitz is probably the better QB right now.
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  3. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Coples & Davis   

    He was a 3rd round pick he has lived up to where he was drafted. He really isn't a terrible player.
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  4. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Punt Returner   

    maybe Kerley as PR because he is experienced and safer? might want to keep Powell to KRs? no idea. Maybe he wants Kerley to get faster or lose weight for some reason?
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  5. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Quincy Enunwa emerging as #3 WR   

    You beat me to it lol Kerley puts his heart out for us every season, the kid will never be an elite receiver but he plays as hard as he can for us. Since he has been here he has been one of our most durable and reliable wrs. I don't get all the Kerley hate it doesn't add up.

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  6. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Roster Cuts   

    Pleanty of room in the second wave. We will be cutting some good players this year. I have a feeling the Bills will be sifting through our trash looking for gems.
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  7. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Roster Cuts   

    I cant see Kerley dropping down to #5, I can see Enunwa dropping way down though...2 receptions so far in the preseason for a whopping 16 yards. They didn't seem to like Couples much when Bowels first got here but now Bowles is defending his bad plays (Atlanta Falcons Game)

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  8. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Roster Cuts   

    I know I was one of those people, this is actually not a bad sign though in my opinion because it shows that Macc cares more about winning and having the best team possible than he does about making players who he has some form of connection with happy.
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  9. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Effort tonight   

    Dolphins defensive line looked scary yesterday. It is going to be a tuff division all around, the only hopes I have is that we can remain competitive.
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  10. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Effort tonight   

    Davis was a 3rd round draft pick who has been pretty good for us (I haven't gotten a chance to watch the Jets Giants game yet) keep in mind this is a new system for all of our guys and some pick it up faster than others. Hopefully by the end of the season Davis will look sharp again.
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  11. bealeb319 added a post in a topic Effort tonight   

    He had a few nice plays against the Falcons. I mean the guy is a rookie and all.
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  12. bealeb319 added a post in a topic ~ ~ 53 - man roster projection ~ ~   

    I think if they keep 7 Receivers one of them will be Powell but I agree with you that Posey is a Macc guy and he will make the roster. If we only keep 6 WRs Powell will be cut and maybe Arenas will be the kick returner? they gave him a few shots last week if I am not mistaken.
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  13. bealeb319 added a post in a topic RGIII Out, Cousins In.   

    I feel bad for the Washington fans, sure we have had our share of QB busts but look at all the draft picks they gave up for RG3. I will feel even worse if he ends up being successful somewhere else. Might be a good fit for Chip and the Eagles or a decent backup in Seattle.
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  14. bealeb319 added a post in a topic The *******Official ******Jets -Giants Game thread.   

    Can't wait to watch this game....Tuesday. At least I get the Jets/Eagles game live (first preseason Jets I actually get live) I feel like the amount of money they charge at Direct TV for the NFL package they should throw in the preseason games.
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  15. bealeb319 added a post in a topic This is good news right? (Romo and Rodgers only QBs to beat Fitzpatrick in YPP and TD %)   

    I thought you said you watch these guys and don't just comment, you must be blind (assuming you are talking about the 2012 season) if you think Chaz, Clyde Gates and Hill were the main weapons Sanchez had. Where is mention of Kerley, Keller, and Cumberland who were top 3 in receiving yards and receptions. Sanchez was never good, he turned the ball over to often, the years he made it to the championship games were a product of a great defense and a good run game (I sill miss LT). You had mentioned earlier how many come from behind wins Sanchez had (there were a lot of them) do you think the Jets got in a position where we had to come back from behind and win the game? Crappy offensive play, your hero is no stud.
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