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  1. Devin Funchess - Carolina Patheres

    Neither one had a spectacular season. why don't we give Smith a season before we toss him away.
  2. Devin Funchess - Carolina Patheres

    It was what the 5th pick in the second round. If we took anyone over Devin Smith it should have been DGB but as of right now I am pretty happy with our draft last year.
  3. Devin Funchess - Carolina Patheres

    I still think that Funchess wasn't worth the value of where we would have had to draft him in round 2. I will give Devin Smith a year to see what he looks like before I start saying who I would have rather drafted. Honestly we have people acting like Funchess is setting himself up for the hall of fame when he really just had an average rookie season I said during the draft that Funchess had bust written all over him and he actually did play a bit better than I thought but we will see.
  4. G Jahri Evans released! Sign, please.

    If we sign him we will have the oldest offensive line in the NFL. probably will seek to much money though.
  5. refs effed cotchery big time

    There were a lot of calls on the Panthers and not a lot on the Broncos. Roby had that play where he was holding bad and no flag for interference. Not saying by any means that the Panthers offense didn't play a terrible game but the penalties certainly didn't help.
  6. refs effed cotchery big time

    refs effed the Panthers as a whole big time. what was there 0 Bronco penalties for the second half of the game. It was rigged to let Peyton walk out with his second ring...someone got paid off.
  7. Osweiler?

    if Manning retires which is likely the Broncos will give Osweiler what he wants to stay with the team. I think that's a no brainer...they groomed the kid and let him learn from Manning they wont replace him with a new rookie or free agent.
  8. Could you imagine...

    He probably stayed up all night watching the replay of that fumble on loop.
  9. "My guys fitz"

    Maybe the school system that forgot to teach him about timezones.
  10. Who Ya Got?

    22 Broncos 20 Panthers
  11. Neither one will even be around when we draft assuming we wouldn't be taking Jaylon Smith at pick 14 when the Raiders pick.
  12. "My guys fitz"

    They must not have remembered when Geno threw three in three drives against Buffalo lol
  13. Lol, the report came from Mehta his source was probably Rex who was giggling on the other end of the phone as he gave the story.
  14. Ezekiel Elliot- Scouting Report

    My only concern with him is that it doesn't seem like he gets far after contact.