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  1. I wouldn't look to much into this until it happens...they were fielding calls for Wilkerson all off season...fielding offers only means that we are listening it doesn't mean anything will necessarily come out of it.
  2. Wonder if we could swing a trade with someone for Thompkins...he could be a starting second or third option on someones team we just happened to get lucky and snag a bunch of hungry young udfa wrs and possibly got Peake for a steal.
  3. If Kap gets cut it will have nothing to do with him being "pc"...the guy is a terrible QB, he is essentially the same player as Tebow was. He depends on running the ball he can be mildly entertaining at times his problem is that he can't throw the ball which of course is one of the most important skills for a QB to have. He made Blaine Gabbert look good last season...think about that.
  4. Anderson is going to make it. Peake will probably make it. Marshall i think is going to be a tough decision but he had alot of dropped passes during the preseason games. I hope we keep all three of them, it would be good to have a couple decent young receivers to start building chemistry with out young qbs who may one day be the face of our franchise.
  5. I think this place is always matter who they cut half the forum will cry and half will cheer and by regular season game 1 we will all accept it and find something else to complain about.
  6. I would bet that Hack wanted to throw three passes on first and goal also. My best guess is maybe they were trying to teach him that he is not the only player on the field and that sometimes it is better to just play it safe with the run game when you already have the lead?
  7. + 2012 RG3 (Redskins) if im not mistaken
  8. If we drafted Lynch and the Broncos took Hack the articles would have been reversed.
  9. I thought Hack looked fantastic...his first drive was beautiful and after that he fell apart a little bit...keep in mind he now has something like 12 snaps in an NFL preseason worth of experience. I don't think we are going to see him play in a regular season game this year unless something goes horribly wrong and even then i think we just sign a veteran free agent.
  10. With all the high draft picks the Browns have had you'd think they would have a winning football team already.
  11. We usually play pretty well week 1 I think we will win this game anyway...either way what is the point of hoping that a teams best players are out when you play them...its not very often a team that has tons of injuries and players out are in the super bowl we have to be able to beat good teams with good players eventually if we ever want to make it back there.
  12. His season with us was so insignificant that everyone but Jets fans forgot he even played.
  13. Really liked this kid out of college hope he doesn't suddenly learn how to play at an NFL level now that he has a Patriots uniform and won't have penalties called against him.
  14. I would like to see Devin Smith play a little bit and see if we can develop Hack but maybe its time we start trading our seconds for a 3rd and a 4th we seem to do better there.
  15. I think he is still a top 10 corner, his best games I think are behind him now though but he is still a valuable asset to our team.