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  1. Pivotal Week Of The Season

    Agree with JoeWilly12. Lets stake our claim on this division, why not now?. Sure they have the better O, but our O is going against their D and theirs against our D. Lets see how that plays out as well as our STs, which have been much improved as well. Lets be loud at the stadium and be that 12th man. Lets do this. Go JETS.
  2. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Probably need more bodies at CB with the injuries and why have Marshall take reps away from Jets young WRs, while infesting the O/STs with drops and funbles like Marshall always does. We are ridding ourselves of that from what I see and don't need to bring it back.
  3. Key is lets hope Mac has learned something from the whole finding a QB experience. Issue is as we see with someone like Hack, he would be a pretty good QB, but he so far is missing probably the most important part, which is processing info quick enough.
  4. Guys, lets stop the BS we should have lost 2 of our games. We won them. The Pats should have lost 2 more of their games against the Texans and Bucs, but they didn't. If both Jets and Pats lost these games these 2 teams would face each other this week at 1-4 fighting to get out of last place instead of playing for 1st place. It's called a games of inches, but in the end your team has to know how to win.
  5. Patriots Oline and Front 7

    Hopefully OLB Josh Martin will also be ready to play this week.
  6. Williams Released

    One thing not considered is that the Giants lost like 4 WRs this past weekend several to serious injuries. They may bring Cruz back, but I personally am sick and tired of them getting players from us on our dime. They made out like bandits with our practice squad with multiple RBs in past years and if they want a WR they can pay us in the way of a draft pick. Perhaps Mac is thinking if they want Marshall perhaps, then cough up some loot.
  7. Bowles: Powell to Undergo Tests on Calf

    Well, I know it was with our last O, and he is not great, but Ridley was just cut by the Vikings, so Jets can get him if Powell and Forte can't go. Probably a better option then picking up the Murphy kid again who is probably too raw at this point to use since we now are getting to a point where we have something on the line other than just player development. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/10/09/vikings-activate-michael-floyd-cut-stevan-ridley/
  8. Deep thoughts

    Heck, forget 60, we played almost 70 today. All through OT this team kept fighting and willed the win. That's how you play football. Never say die.
  9. After that punt return fumble, I felt the same way Westoff felt with Clowney on STs. Cut him right on the field.
  10. Let's start talking Jets \ Bills

    I guess we're using this thread for Jets/Bills predictions. Jets will have struggles running and the passing with new receivers will also not be in sync. But, Bills also have a lot of new faces and their top 2 QBs concussed. Taylor is a threat and a worry as well as is McCoy at RB, but if our D can contain them somwehat I thing we win. Neither team are major scorers so I'll say Jets 17 Bills 16.
  11. Kerley SIGNS with Jets

    Other issue we have to all keep in mind is Anderson's pending legal case. Pushing a cop even if the charges are somehow dropped, if that gets resolved somehow this season he is going to be suspended 2-4 games possibly mid-stream of 2017 and by the time that happens hopefully Kearse and Kerley are up to speed in this WCO as well as Stewart and Hansen. Then it will have hopefully not a huge impact. Main thing is the WRs have to keep the QBs from getting killed since we all blame the Oline, but they can't protect for 15 seconds when WRs can't get seperation.
  12. Fair assessment of Hack

    Problem with this scenario is Hack may be good if he was provided a few years, but with this supposed great QB crop next year we don't have the luxury of time. Hopefully he plays enough this year and shows enough to provide the right course of action moving forward. If we can keep going forward with him or Petty we can then focus on building especially to start this OLine which scares the heck out of me. Any QB may get hurt the way we are blcoking and even our darn RBs can't seem to learn how to throw a chip block. The key is just don't let free runners a nice clean path to the QB cause when in the pocket it's hard to elude that. We don't have any real mobile QBs.
  13. Trader Mike II?

    varjet, Just one correction, Jets are not on the hoof for CB Williams. The tenders on restricted FAs are not guarenteed, so if he gets cut even, he gets nothing and Jets get no cap hit. If he is traded the team he is trading to pays his 2.7M and again Jets get no cap hot. Once of the two will probably occur, most likely him being cut since he is no better than our reserve CBs and is paid much higher.
  14. This Isn't "Sexy" But ...

    Bigger problem is the developmental league they keep talking about is so very needed for QBs like Hack and others. They do not simulate game conditions at all in practice even against the starting D's. You need to have guys blitzing at you from every position on D and when they get through they have to hit you. This will get the QBs to learn the Oline protection aspect of the game quicker. If it risks injury so be it. Better these QBs especially the young ones get injured than go out in even preseason games looking totally out of their element due to never being in real game situations.
  15. This Isn't "Sexy" But ...

    C'mon RoadFan Hack does hand the ball off well, except on the play where Forte got tackled for the safety.