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  1. Sam Darnold not a lock to enter draft

    Why is everyone so high on Darnold if he has only started 9 games?. Sounds like he is far from a lock to be great with that track record. Heck it takes basically a whole season for Defenses to get enough film on a QB to figure out their tendencies and then make them much less effective with game planning.
  2. The Hack fan bus is fueling up....

    If Bowles waits till 1-7 with McCown before he goes to Hack he should A be fired long before that and B never get another job in the NFL again remotely near a HC or assistant HC position. It is early, but if up to the 1st game McCown is still got worse stats than Hack, then how is experience under his belt really helping him or the team if he is the starter?. It would be absolutely pointless espeically if Hack appear ready enough.
  3. In 1st round the QBs and OTs were not considered worthy of #10 let alone #6. Mahomes would have been problematic unless after we had already signed McCown to an uncuttable contract this year, that we would have moved Petty (who ain't worth much if anything in a trade) or cut him and then let Hack, Mahomes, and McCown fight it out as this year's starter (4 QBs is to much for that type of competition). Had Mahomes or any QB not name Trubinsky, who went at 2 anyway, been more ready by evaluation to start sometime this year then maybe we would have taken them. Adam's at #6 was fine and since others in round 2 were high risk like Cook and Mixon we were better off with Maye since our 2nd round track record is like a curse we don't want to add more fuel to. And I don't believe in curses, but the 2nd round has been unreal that either we get bad players or have the unfortunate events like Byrd, where the player is good, but something bad occurs to them (Also see Geno "Broken Jaw" Smith). Harris is the only very good 2nd round pick I can recall and I am almost 52 years old.
  4. From the Life is Unfair department...

    Extremely sorry for the loss. Yes, it is a very unfair world.
  5. The non-trade issue was teams i.e Ravens most likely wanted the Jets to eat some of the 7M+ with the trade(This was reported). Jets will take cap hit of 3M regardless (1.5M each of the next 2 years) since he is cut, or 3M completely this year if traded. So, if a trade would have occurred and the trade partner wanted a few Million of the 7M for the Jets to eat it could have been 5M+ the Jets eating just to trade him for like a 6th or 7th round pick. Probably not a good deal, which is why it didn't occur. We go with the younger WRs and hopefully grrom them to play, catch the ball consistently, and keep their mouths shut in cases like the Fitz deal where players should let the top people make the decisions and not get involved.
  6. We have to realize that owning this team in the big market it is in is not something this owner is going to give up. We can only hope he somehow learns and (though I am an idealist as such) perhaps will startout with Mac (if Bowles gets fired soon), and lets Mac not only hire his own HC, but the HC would report directly to Mac. This may never occur, but one could only hope. If the HC doesn't report to the GM they always have different agendas as we have all hashed out already i.e if McCown starts and wins a few games he still should go to the bench after about a qtr of the season to give way to Hack (Unless Hack is so atrocious that he doesn't belong on the field) and the same applies to Petty. Winning with McCown means something to help the rest of the team grow/learn and get chemistry, but unless it looks like they can be world beaters with him it is more important to get a proper evaluation at the QB position to potentially upgrade there for the near and long term future. Bowles is really probably only looking at the 2017 year and nothing more unless he has been given assurances.
  7. One thing it looks like, is Mac seems to be getting more of what he wants than Bowles is getting. Sure Bowles is in the tougher spot right now with lesser and lesser talent to play with, but even with that there should be enough indications this year as to whether he is improving enough as a HC to keep him on. Example, you now have most of the inmates trying to run the asylum gone i.e Marshal, Mangold, Decker, etc. with the whole lets force the team to keep Fitz crap. And the completely worst underachiving for the $ Revis, Gilcrist, etc. The only bad apple left is Richardson at this point and I sense since he is in a contract year he will probably be at his best behavior. So, with that said, there is no excuse with a bunch of kids that can be molded the way you want to lose the locker room this year. None should be arguing with each other, late to meetings, etc. even if we end up 2-14. That is the first thing. Plus, aside of winning, as games go bye, there should be clear progress of players getting better at all positions. If Bowles can even get these 2 things right or headed in the right dirction maybe he has progressed and can keep moving towards being a good HC. We'll start with these 2 things which also includes players being in the right positions like on D in order to make plays. With younger guys there can be communication issues and cause problems there, but once cleared up you can tell whther the coaches have the players in bad positions to make plays, or the players just have bad recognition of play in diagnosing them on the field, which is on the player mainly due to not determining these things during enough film study and such. Even guys like Kyle Wilson and Pryor are faster than you think, but a combination of either being out of position(Coaching and/or player miscommunication) or on field play analysis (The Player is not studying/working hard enough) will cause the atrocious secondary play we have been wacthing for many of these seasons.
  8. For The Sake Of Balance

    Tough scenario with Harris. He couldn't shop himself earlier in this case since he was under contract, but host contract was no guarenteed money. One could argue these cases should provide the player some level of flexibility to shop themselves in some way that maybe the players union should look at for cases of last year non-guarenteed contracts, but on the other side of the coin Harris agreed to having his last year of his contract setup this way so it is more on him and his agent. People need to stop with the loyalty factor since there is none in any business from either side. These Jets losing their jobs is sad, but if they all played better at one point showing better results maybe the outcome is different. Next time you have a playoff spot on the line i.e at 10-6 up in Buffalo 2 years ago, play harder and win the game and probably it provides the team with a better sense that you should stay longer. Results are what matters here and sometimes the effort has to be where you push harder in that extra last mile. We all do it in our jobs/professions and if not many times we are gone.
  9. Out on a limb

    I'll go with S Middleton on D since I though his game looked good from preseason and in the time he has put in the regular season. On O I will go with the undrafted Tackle Leamon who many felt should have been drafted (He definitely will make the PS if cut).
  10. Bryce Petty

    OK, a couple of things here: 1) Most off season work between April and End of Aug. will have for most of that time 4 QBs. Why, because you don't want to wear out the arms of the 3 QBs of the 4 that ultimately are competing for spots 1, 2 and 3 on the depth chart. By End of Aug. one of the younglings (Hack or Petty) gets either traded, cut, or goes on either short or long term IR depending on various scenarios. Hack probably wouldn't get cut next year, but there could be a scenario where he shows enough for the Jets to keep McCown, (Watson or Trubinsky if drafted at 6) and Petty, and then Hack is traded to the Texans say if O'Brien can't get a QB in the draft and wants to see if he can take Hack and make him play like he did hist 1st year of college. Sometimes that is what some of these coaches recently from the college circuit do. Look at what Kelly did over the course of the 2 teams he ruined. 2) McCown was needed regardless as the QB/coach of the QB group. Many say that the QB coach does that, but he is not close enough to the trenches to lead/train probably 3 QBs that are in their early 20's. 3) Everyone keeps saying get the franchise QB in 2018. What makes anyone think that is 1st of all a sure thing, and even if they are you have to get to the 1st or 2nd overall draft pick to get either Sam D. or Rosen the probable 1 and 2 QBs next year. All keep saying the Jets are so non-talented, but they still have a good enough front 7, Running game, and some receivers that are most likely going to get them at least enough wins to be drafting between 5-10 making getting the top 2 QBs either impossible or very costly trading too much to get up that high for our situation, which is needing the draft picks and more that we have. In conclusion, as many have said it is not up to us, but if either Watson or Trubinsky are there at 6 and we can't net a huge boatload package for a trade down, Jets should take the QB if they feel good about him. That is a position you have to at times take these risks and not pass up because they could end up being the real deal. We have thrown away top 5-6 overall picks in the 1st round many of defenders and many mid 1st round picks on defenders we have chosen have gotton us close like Revis, Harris, etc. but it can no longer get us or any team such a dominant D that you can win a SB that way any longer. Too much favoring for the O's with penalties and everything else so that is just not the route to go. Sure Denver did it last year, but they still had Manning a HOF to manage up to and including the SB to insure no mistakes would cost them the Championship. We do need to draft another CB, FS, and OLB edge rusher, but we really need this draft to get us players on O to get up to speed with the new O NFL where we can score points and keep our D off the field. We need OL, TE, QB, and even another RB.
  11. Since McCown is injury prone, and Petty is coming off a pretty serious injury, if Jets draft a QB high in round 1, then possibly Petty would be put in short term IR, and then they decide after 6-8 games whether or not he or someone else comes back this season since they don't have to designate up front who comes back from short term IR.
  12. QB Daniels was released and is now available

    Guys, since there is much debate on this I would just like to say that for any position including QB it is always good for someone to push you. It always makes you better. That doesn't mean that you don't have what it takes or a backbone. That is better than the alternative. What is Cutler, MacCown, or even a Fitz type QB going to teach Hack/Petty?. How to throw INTs or make mistakes when the game is on the line. Those are contagious traits you don't need to teach them. There are no real good mentors out there at the QB position for these guys at this point, so we are better off with someone like Daniel, or MacCarron, to provide health competion and if they win the job they are the bext QB to start. If not they provide us a solid backup QB since they have been doing that their whole careers and should be good enough at it. We have an opportunity with a rebuilding team to have a bunch of you QBs and see which one emerges as a leader and solid QB hopefully. No reason to screw up that opportunity with some old retread who either has never proven anything i.e MacCown, or who has prevoen nothing in years i.e Cutler, both of which we seem to have interest in. The again if the Jets are interested in them then it means they are not giving up on Hack/Petty since those old QBs don't have much if anything left in the tank or will be more trouble than their worth like Cutler.
  13. QB Daniels was released and is now available

    I'd signup for Namath's take since if we had Daniels, Watson, Hack, and Petty and not one of them pans out we would have to just throw our hands up and say WTF.
  14. QB Daniels was released and is now available

    CMart, so can he be picked up on waivers with his current contract. Not sure it is worth the $ since he is due 7M the next 2 years, but if you gauge who might go after him and what they will pay him it is something to at least somewhat consider. The current contract he has probably has little gaurenteed if someone picks it up.
  15. QB Daniels was released and is now available

    Carl, we need competition for Petty/Hack in order to push them to be better and take the starting job. If they can't beat out Daniels he starts till one of them beats him out or someone else we bring in via the draft does. Bringing in a McCown or Cutler (both of which will most likely beat out the younglings due to much more exp.) probably just sets us back with no upside i.e they will win 5-7 or 8 games missing the playoffs and making us draft too low for any good QBs next year. If that occurs with Daniels it is ebtter then with the old retreads. I just think someone like Daniels has a little more upside and he wants a chance to start so why not give him the chance for a position that someday someone like him could come along and possibly resolve for us.