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  1. You should get that looked at...
  2. We should all party together >.>
  3. I got a job and I have no idea how much I'd be able to be around so.... prolly won't be able to play for the time being, until I get into a routine.
  4. Dick gazing,,,, lol
  5. I will add that Zander has something going on IRL that has kept him away but I heard that he should be back later today or tomorrow. Just a general FYI, if anyone was wondering.
  6. But yeah... Zander isn't listed in the original roster.... prolly why.
  7. Official Vote Count JiF (2): Pac, Spoot Spoot (2): JiF, Crusher With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch.
  8. I dunno, DPR is in charge of the count. I just serve him the spit coffee.
  9. Official Vote Count Spoot (1): JiF JiF (1): Pac With 8 players, it takes 5 to lynch.
  10. heya fellas