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  1. My best comodding performance yet. GG everyone. Diaf DPR
  2. You're welcome My screening process works.
  3. is DPR dead yet?
  4. You called?
  5. Hai smelly =) missed ya
  6. Quite the sausage fest....
  7. Heya boys
  8. Krak and JC are marked as voting twice and Zander has 2 votes listed, not 1. I don't have time to look back and see which of the votes are more current... but @D P R, please take note and fix if you get to it before me. i'll only be around again in 5 hours or so.
  9. I learned a new word lol
  10. If you go into a member's profile page, you can look at their individual content.
  11. That post is good
  12. DPR killed the page on cell version. Way to go, twinkletoes.
  13. Don't question it, dear
  14. That's what everyone keeps telling you, but you never listen.... #virgin4evah