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  1. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Im talking to 80
  2. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I have talked about more since. Are you caught up?
  3. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I just feel like if you moved into serious mode and felt like you had a "gotcha" moment, that it was odd that you didnt follow it up with a vote. Does that make you obvscum? No. But up until then that's what i saw of note. So suck it up.
  4. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Wasnt the verbal vote a joke anyhow?
  5. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Also you say that and yet you just voted before you heard back from him. Your observation is an interpertation. What exactly changes with you waiting? That's what i dont quite get.
  6. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I said i thought one of you is prolly scum. Then i voted nolder. Do the math bozo
  7. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    I didnt like it that you didnt vote him if you genuinely think it was a slip. You either do or you don't. Whether or not you're correct is a different story. But it speaks of your conviction in the observation you made. Also i never said you were obvious scum for it so dont put words in my mouth. I just said i didn't care for it and then asked you about it.
  8. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    No, i asked you why you didnt vote him. Keep reading dingus
  9. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Going to bed soon. Other players with a brain, pls vote nolder upon catching up if you want to nab scum. Kind regards, Mrs.ho
  10. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Fyi people not playing much early on doesnt justify voting for people seriously for no reason.
  11. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    He voted dicker for a reason he found valid. Defense noted
  12. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    But seriously, who are your scumbros? First letter?
  13. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Oh you're still alive?
  14. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    Even if he didn't know about the sub, verb hadnt even posted so... what is he voting him for? Oh right... nothing. 80's vote on verb is early game joke vote... so again, why is he voting him? Competing train answer wont cut it. He has ABSOLUTELY NO reason. I'll keep this in mind post nolder flip.
  15. Ho, Ho, Ho, Oh no mafia

    There's a bunch of people with one vote. You had a vote on someone you suspect and you switched it to someone who isnt even here under the guise of a competing train instead of just waiting for people to show up. You cant even explain why you voted verb over the other players who had one vote. Cause there is no reason. You can break my posts apart and spew all you want. You know you got busted and you wont wiggle free. You know me well enough atp. So babye