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  1. Weird... forum seems packed with ads now... signs of the impending apocalypse?
  2. has pac won the championship yet?
  3. You've already been assigned to a game? nice. And well, I imagine JN comes with a certain reputation lmfao
  4. Might reduce your chances to get laid from zero to.... sure, why not.
  5. @Jetsfan80 how about you? Maybe you'll finally pop your cherry over there? it's worth a try imo.
  6. I have said that
  7. @CTM I saw your van driving around last night. Where you at??
  8. ie it's time for some drive by shooting. Gear up.
  9. Thingyman says you can't have two representatives. But you can have a rep and a backup player. Most forums fail to have a backup... and so if their rep is a no show your backup player can actually sub in for the spot of a representative of another site.... if that makes sense. So there's a possibility that the backup player plays but it's not guaranteed.
  10. I'm guessing your dick says nothing, as per norm?
  11. yeah he should put his money where his mouth is
  12. I was forced to post that.... I said no at first but I was weak...