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  1. What about sex tape?
  2. Missed you, babe <3
  3. Maybe he hoped he wouldnt need to roofie your drink. Save up for some gas money instead.
  4. Maybe I'll just do what 80 doesnt do and call it a day. Best contraceptive out there other than having verbal's face.
  5. Every day in the army, where I'm surrounded with 18 year olds, reminds me why I'd never want to reproduce....
  6. Don't think he can. I can maybe get someone but you might not like it.
  7. I don't believe in coincidences. But would pac really stoop that low??
  8. It's more than what 80 gets at any given time.
  9. Play. Pretty pls. I'll give you an inappropriate hug!
  10. Using your head is seldom a requirement
  11. Oh this is a new thread. Oops lol
  12. Also @HessStation It was sweet of you to make sure i didnt misunderstand what you meant about you know what. Ty for that.