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  1. You had to make it weird.
  2. Nah, just looking at him clues you in.
  3. I can swing playing from the 5th of April or so if this is still happening.
  4. I'm Jewish. Not sure how kosher it is for me to be bacon ;-P
  5. Hi Nolder =) (I'm doing the hi thing....)
  6. Nolder is doing that talking thing.
  7. Best post you ever made
  8. I really want to play but there are days where I don't even come online... pending on how horrendous the day has been. :/
  9. I will seriously hurt you... in the crotch region.
  10. I wish... this work gig is killing me slowly.
  11. Get a haemoglobin infusion and play, ffs. What's wrong with you, except everything??