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  1. Am I like the new JN meet and greet attendent or something? lol jeez
  2. don't get mad at me when i end up not being very invested though... new job and all... my mind is elsewhere.
  3. slanking....ie....sitting pretty. I just didn't want to sound all vain.
  4. Just keep beating your chest and dragging 80 around by his hair. You'll soon discover fire. You should try touching it. The fire. Not 80.
  5. I can do it if I majorly slank, I guess.
  6. I'm technically signed up, though next week I'm starting my new job so....I dunno. I'm prolly gonna be explosive lol Not sure if good idea.
  7. I think it has more to do with reluctance of players to sign up than needing a different mod... so why would someone else putting up a sign up matter?
  8. Valid question if it was my sign up but alas.... Hallia prolly too busy playing in the snow.
  9. I doubt its jealousy. He has just as much of a proficiency with putting people to sleep....
  10. I wouldn't mind playing right now...