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  1. Never understood why more teams don't do this. A lot more people would buy at the concession stands if stuff was cheaper.
  2. I mean, they overstepped the mark, but i can understand the rationale. With the rule now removed, players will come up with the most ludicrous, choreographed celebrations. Somewhere down the line, a player will do something that is deemed un-kosher, offending all the sensitive viewers. Then we'll get a 60 minute segment on ESPN/sportscenter discussing whether the NFL should reinstate a slightly less stringent version of the rule in order to curb freedom of expression.
  3. Nah. I'd be worn out after seeing us score 45 pts against the Pats.
  4. As a fan of this team, you just never win. The likeable, committed players just aren't that good. The elite-level players are [usually] narcissistic, unlike-able schmucks. teams like New England have no issues kicking their schmucks to the curb. Remember the Jamie Collins trade? As always, there's always something to learn from your enemies.
  5. He's a great player, you can't say he has under performed. However, his head is firmly stuck up his ass. He sets a sh*tty example for younger players, and he has no leadership ability; in short, he is locker room cancer. Your studs need to have some value off the field as well, and he offers none. Dude is complacent as ****; i suspect he is just looking to get paid. He isn't worth the price-tag he'll command at the end of the season.
  6. Hate this guy. Only cares about himself.
  7. Not sure anyone's worthy of a king's ransom. Queen's ransom, maybe.
  8. pfft.. Decker is a phenomenal receiver. Dude nearly got 1000 yards with Geno friggin Smith at QB.
  9. Adding onto the great ones that were already mentioned (Sopranos, Miami Vice), a few of my other favorites: First Baywatch theme, didn't watch the show often but i loved the music: Knightrider. Dad had these episodes on VHS. Charmed. Stupid show, never watched an episode, but i like the music for some reason: Best of all, probably my favorite memory from my childhood, the WCW nitro theme. 9 PM on TNT, good times.
  10. Best theme song ever.
  11. I agree with this. I wouldn't call myself sexist, I just never heard sports being called by a woman, so it wouldn't feel familiar to me, and would take some getting used to.
  12. "stick to sports" only applies to those that have political views diverging from your own.
  13. I think he delegated responsibility to senior players. Hard to revive a losing team though. I have always believed that 'team spirit' is an illusion seen in the aftermath of victory.