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  1. RB Kenneth Dixon: LA Tech

    I love Procise, would be a good get in rd 4, only negatives is he tends to run to high and he has durability issues.
  2. Camp Tweets 8/7

    Injuries are part of the game, we got depth. Next man up
  3. Camp Tweets 8/6

    Idziks problem was two fold. Number 1 even though he was good at drafting he was horrible at providing talent through FA. That's part of his job he failed miserably at it. Number 2 he was so terrified about anyone else getting credit, he did not delegate his scouting duties refusing to listen to listen to them. That's what doomed him
  4. Jarvis Harrison Player Profile

    We have a lot of Guard prospects, would love Harrison to developed to one of the tackle spots.
  5. Jarvis Harrison Player Profile

    Did they say he can develop into a LT?
  6. Chan Gaily Ranked #3 Offensive Coordinator...

    Russ Lande is a respected nfl reporter. Great find.
  7. Geno Bounces Back

    How was Geno today
  8. NY Jets Town Hall at Hofstra

    How do you get to go?
  9. Jets draft chat.

    Nah the chat room that you have on top of the page
  10. Jets draft chat.

    I really liked it when we used it at the other website. Are guys doing 1
  11. Brandon Bridge, QB - South Alabama

    I'm with you on this Paradis, you got credit for this kid.
  12. Mcbride, Yeldon I'm looking at in rounds 3-4.
  13. Kiper's latest Mock (4.)

    I would take Beasely at this spot.
  14. beasley at 6

    Beastly or Fowler.