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  1. Conor did say that but, he said let's not jump to conclusions because the ones throwing to him were not NFL qbs
  2. Trade: Jets send the 6th overall pick to Cleveland. Cleveland sends the 12th overall and their second round pick. Cleveland selects Trubinsky. 1st round. Jets select OJ Howard. Can block and is explosive. Underutilized at Bama. 2nd round. Clevelands pick: Jets select Dalvin Cook. Would look great with Powell 2nd round: Jets select TJ Watt. Explosive OLB. Greene will work wonders with this guy. 3rd round: Jets select Sidney Jones. When he gets healthy Jets will get a stud at cb .
  3. Great job getting guy locked up
  4. Stop wasting our time. Look at Minter or Brown
  5. Kevin Greene coached him. He is a young FA, if he signs off of it I'm good.
  6. Minter would be a perfect replacement for Harris.
  7. Great find. Let's hope this gets done. Bowles is putting a very strong staff. He is starting to renew my faith in him.
  8. I don't know him much, but reading up on him and his pedigree I would be ok with him.
  9. when does he come back
  10. Let's say he Geno lights it up. Do you think he stays?
  11. What is KRL and Afjf Twitter handle?
  12. I love Procise, would be a good get in rd 4, only negatives is he tends to run to high and he has durability issues.