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  1. 2017 Mets thread!

    Dom Smith is a "gap" hitter similar to Olerud. His swing allows him to be a superior contact hitter. I'd rather have him than a Duda or Bruce who hit .250 with 30 hr's but strike out 150x/yr. Smith is striking out at a 15% clip with an OBP over .400. I can settle for 15 - 20 HR when the guy is also crushing 30 - 40 doubles with exceptional defense and OBP. http://metsmerizedonline.com/2017/08/dominic-smith-named-pcl-player-of-the-month.html/ The accolades keep coming for the Mets first base prospect Dominic Smith as he’s been named the Pacific Coast League Player of the Month for July. His .385 average led the PCL for the month, his eight homers ranked fourth and his 28 runs scored led the league as well. Smith was also named Player of the Month in June of 2015 by the Florida State League. Original Post – 8/4, 1 PM Las Vegas 51s first baseman Dominic Smith was named to Baseball America‘s All Prospect Team for the Month of July. This is just the latest accolade Smith has received this month with him twice being named an MLB Pipeline Player of the Week, and his being named MMN‘s Position Player of the Month. In July, Smith hit .385/.437/.725 with 13 doubles, eight homers, and 26 RBI. The eight homers in a month is a career best for him. The slugging percentage was also a career high, which was due in large part to Smith collecting an extra base hit in 16 of the 26 games he played. The power surge was not accompanied by an all or nothing approach at the plate. Smith would reach base in 24 of the 26 games he played that month. He also struck out in only 15.6% of his plate appearances over the month. In total, Smith was not only hitting everything he saw, he was driving it somewhere. The results were astounding. This surge is similar to the power surge Smith had last season. At that time, he sent career highs in homers, RBI, and slugging percentage. On the season, Smith is hitting .337/.394/.533 with 33 doubles, two triples, 16 homers, and 73 RBI. He has tied his career bests in doubles and triples, and he has set new personal records for homers and extra-base hits. In total, Smith has done all he needs to do to prove the Mets should call him up to the major leagues. With Lucas Duda wearing a Tampa Bay Rays uniform that time should come sooner rather than later.
  2. 2017 Mets thread!

    Don't remind me!!
  3. 2017 Mets thread!

    With Cabrera sticking around, Flores and TJ.... I think 2nd base is well manned. 3rd base and catcher are the two positions of great need! Get them in FA.
  4. Stop The Crap

    Dolphins are not in a rebuild.... Jets are. Dolphins have a lot of talented vets.... Jets have very few. Apples-Oranges. Miami was very active in FA while the jets were not.
  5. 53 Projection for Game 1

    Must be a slow day at the office!
  6. Another 6-10 season by my reckoning with the outside hope of 3-13. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000801166/2017-Strength-of-Schedule-Ranking-32-to-1 SUCK for SAM !!!
  7. lots of dead cap money

    Those Our Gang episodes were the best! Funnnn-ny!
  8. lots of dead cap money

    We get it Jetdawgg....
  9. lots of dead cap money

    That story has been beaten with a stick several times over. Next topic!
  10. So you would have taken Spence at pick # 20??? That would have been a reach in practically every pre-draft evaluation. Spence went #38 Hindsight is such a nice convenience to have when criticising a year later. Jenkins was a 3rd and in my estimation will be viewed as a great value pick 4 or 5 years from now.
  11. Maybe we should wait and see what Cook becomes, shall we? A lot of teams passed on him and RB is NOT one of our pressing needs.
  12. NY Jets plane in Long Beach

    Philip Rivers straight up for Hackenberg
  13. Same discussion will be had every year until we get a play-maker off the edge.
  14. *** Official UDFA Thread***

    If this kid can make his mark on ST he'll push Cherone Peak and Jalin Marshall off the roster. Competition!
  15. Do you feel the need to provide me proof? You decide