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  1. Dolphins are not in a rebuild.... Jets are. Dolphins have a lot of talented vets.... Jets have very few. Apples-Oranges. Miami was very active in FA while the jets were not.
  2. Must be a slow day at the office!
  3. Another 6-10 season by my reckoning with the outside hope of 3-13. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-videos/0ap3000000801166/2017-Strength-of-Schedule-Ranking-32-to-1 SUCK for SAM !!!
  4. Those Our Gang episodes were the best! Funnnn-ny!
  5. We get it Jetdawgg....
  6. That story has been beaten with a stick several times over. Next topic!
  7. So you would have taken Spence at pick # 20??? That would have been a reach in practically every pre-draft evaluation. Spence went #38 Hindsight is such a nice convenience to have when criticising a year later. Jenkins was a 3rd and in my estimation will be viewed as a great value pick 4 or 5 years from now.
  8. Maybe we should wait and see what Cook becomes, shall we? A lot of teams passed on him and RB is NOT one of our pressing needs.
  9. Philip Rivers straight up for Hackenberg
  10. Same discussion will be had every year until we get a play-maker off the edge.
  11. If this kid can make his mark on ST he'll push Cherone Peak and Jalin Marshall off the roster. Competition!
  12. Do you feel the need to provide me proof? You decide
  13. I wasn't questioning the watch quality, just questioning your ability to own one!
  14. Now we're even! LOL! I wasn't being critical.... just an observation.