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  1. Dennis Waszak Jr.ā€¸Verified account @DWAZ73 26m26 minutes ago More Clemson LB Ben Boulware went undrafted. #Jets Get This Guy!!!
  2. Did you follow him at all? Curious what you know of him.
  3. Nice Find BigRy! Keep it up!
  4. FITZ 2.0?
  5. See the thread on his ACL tear.... he's done for this season and with the Jets!
  6. Would also like to see another QB brought in for camp fodder.... never know what you'll find.
  7. You feel for the kid, but this is why MacDaddy has been grabbing WR in the later rounds and most are bigger guys (6'0 + 200 lb
  8. Looking for some BIG, FAT, UGLIES !! Some players who can get after the QB to put on the PS. I'm not a draft Guru.... Who do you guys want to see signed?? Buchanan, Collin OL 6'5" 316 Miami (OH) 5.5 Collins, Aviante OT 6'4" 295 TCU 5.4 Gennesy, Avery OT 6'3" 318 Texas A&M 5.4
  9. TT2..... do you get paid by the thread? I love my old NJO Jets MB friends but try to reel it in a bit. The board gets congested when we start a thread based on random thoughts or on interesting tid-bits. Boozer
  10. A QB and a FB evaluating CB's..... That's like me evaluating the results of a propulsion jet test. I hate the last few days leading up to the Draft...Talking heads just..... talking. Blah Blah Blah!
  11. DeGrom vs. Colon on Wed! You think Colon wants this one??! He's going to be using all the tricks he's learned over the years to try an confuse the Mets hitters. A lot of crap off the plate at all different speeds.... I hope the Mets pitchers took advantage and learned from this guy. Then it'a Harvey and Wheeler..... what a deep rotation!
  12. I drafted him for the Packers in Rd 2 in the Hampur Mock Draft. That's gotta' be worth something..... amirite?
  13. Fixed!! I think this young man might come to be the best QB out of this draft. Keep those QB's coming until we find the ONE!
  14. Thanks Lith.... I responded to you on the Hampur board.
  15. To all my fellow JetNation draft geeks.... I am very sorry for being a DICK! Got lost in a time warp. Double secret probation for me. Have fun! Boozer