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  1. I was watching film of the A-train the other day. It's amazing how effective FB can be when you utilize it.
  2. Can he positively identify his attacker or does he have a bunch of witnesses who can back him up? I mean, if Maudlin did that they he deserves to go down but was it somebody in his party that did it? Not going to make any assumptions yet.
  3. The media is a festering sore on the butt of humanity. It serves no purpose but to feed the mob. And sports writing can be just the worst tripe imaginable. But every sports figure good or bad suffers from it. Hack has to thicken his skin and raise his game. That is part of playing New York. Now if he broke Mehta's nose.... I wouldn't blame him in the least.
  4. "You see, in college I was guaranteed endless free refills of soda at the Student Commons. Now I think that I should be guaranteed a contract for life for playing like absolute crap. Not much has changed from Pitt. The Jets should do right by me."
  5. So set Darnold up with the cover of Cosmo, big whoop!
  6. Well. The Ducks fan in me is happy. And he won't have to worry about someone getting him the ball. Mariota is a special kind of player.
  7. I'd say do what the Pats did. Save that money up and use it on a rainy day, Football is one the one sport you can't drop a ton of moey on contracts. You sign the QB nad a couple of defensive stalewarts and thats it. You save the money for Adams and whomever turns out to be indispensible the next few years. But don't waste in on guys that will give us two decent seaons. We learn our lesson with the Great Pittsburgh Rip Off Artist.
  8. Can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs.
  9. At least I don't have to buy the NFL season package this year. First time I won't have watched the Jets every Sunday in a long time. I mean honestly, what's the point? If Hack or Petty starts I might tune in, but it's going to be a wiped season.
  10. My guess is that Macc is just hedging his bets. He couldn't have gone in and said, "We are TANKING this season. So he signs McCown to buy him time and lose games until Hackenberg is "READY." But he never will be. After McCown and Hack crash and burn, Bowles will be gone and Macc can bring in whomever he wants..... that's if Woody doesn't fire him. Which I doubt. But I honestly think that's what is happening.
  11. We are kicking out the supports.
  12. Won't be the first brothers to get into tag team action.....
  13. I think he was in the "process" of doing something wrong when Leo acted like a good teammate and human being and maybe saved his career. That is an amazing act that should hopefully show the Jets that they need to stick together in the locker room and out. I am sure there will be repercussions from this event by both the authorities and the NFL. But let's hope a public shaming will knock some sense into his head. He has a ways to go till he leaves up to his first round status.