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  1. 12-124

    Can't blame Bowles.... it's all that lack of talent he is has. Wait. Have we gotten past that narrative yet?
  2. Hmmmm. Maybe the NFL should look into some player development on their end. If you have all these Spread Option and Air Raid QB's that can't hack it in the NFL, but yet the owners pay absolutely nothing for their development..... What right do they have to complain when the milk turns sour? Baseball has had the minor league system as an alternative to college athletics for decades. The NBA has the G League and is planning to do away with the one and done rule. If lack of skilled labor is hurting the NFL's bottom line, they have only themselves to blame for not addressing the issue earlier. Tough ____.
  3. Jets waive Jalin Marshall

    Glad to see the Coleman is getting a chance. He has hard climb to get into the NFL.
  4. Demario Davis had an incredible perforamcne. Lee i am not so sure about.
  5. Realistic 2018 starting QB

    I will take Rosen. He may be a prima donna and loud mouth, but the kid can make all the throws. If none of you have seen, go back and watch the Texas A&M game. To perform like that when you have an incompetent like Jim Mora as your coach. He should be in the discussion for future Jet's QB.
  6. SHAME on Jet fans

    Hate! Hate! Hate!
  7. We've had a run of return men get hurt since the beginning of the season. That Estime kid before the season. Lucky wasn't so lucky. And a few others.... I wonder if Jalin Marshall will be given a chance when he gets back.
  8. I cant tell you one thing. Darnold is better than Josh Allen. That guy blows.
  9. I was wrong on Adams

    I haven't seen a player that hyped up during a game in years. He was like Ronnie Lott out there making tackles.
  10. And some say that on one particular Christmas Eve, Robert Kraft was visited by three ghosts.
  11. SHAME on Jet fans

    I think being in a Jets fan is basically being in a self-hate support group.
  12. Erin, the first rule of having bi-polar disorder is never telling people you suffer from being bi-polar. Just a hint bro. Trust me. It makes life a lot easier.
  13. Yeah. Darnold will avoid being an possible overall first round draft pick because a single team drafts him. Even Elway still just forced a trade rather than play for the Colts and they were a much worse run organization than the Jets. Articles that pray on fans' fears have no basis in reality. Writers come up with crap when they smoke too much weed.
  14. 4 hour games?

    As a baseball fan, I am laughing.