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  1. We get rid of a total tool in Revis and grabbed the consensus best pick on the board to shore up our secondary. Certainly you guys have to be happy?
  2. Taking a QB number 1 overall after only 13 career starts? Hmmm.... well Lawrence Taylor did go number 2, which might end up being prophetic.
  3. The thing that frustrates me about Hackenberg is that they were supposed to work on his mechanics this offseason. We fired the quarterbacks coach and have know idea if they are even addressing that this mini-camp. Hopefully John Morton is somebody who knows what he's doing.
  4. Andy Reid's consistency is as amazing as his love for good barbecue. It's sad he hasn't won a SB. I sure as hell would love to see Payton as head coach of our team one of these days.
  5. The Patriots are so dominating that football really isn't fun any more. Baseball has some parity at least. But the NFL is basically just NE's fishbowl. There is really nothing to get excited about. No other growing dynasty or young turk coach building a championship caliber team. It's basically a race for second place. The Pats don't lose at anything.... not a draftt pick, not at free agency. They exploit every player personnel loophole. And there is no chink in their armour. Not Belicheck's fault that the rest of the league can't catch up with him.
  6. David Shaw would be a perfect choice. He's not exactly Harbaugh but he comes from the same coaching tree. He would probably want stipulations but give them to him. He's a damn good coach with tons of experience at the college and pro level.
  7. So much for a bad season guaranteeing you a cushy schedule the next year. Well at least we are in full on tank mode.
  8. I can see Justin Herbert, Oregon's second year QB being a first round pick in 2018 or '19. He's got great size and arm strength. Also put up good numbers for an absolutely terrible team. He broke the all-time single game yardage record and that is something even Marcus Mariota couldn't do. I don't know much about what kind of offense Willie Taggart plans to run this year but I've heard it's similar to the Saint's playbook. Might be a plus if Morton is still on the staff.
  9. Okay my picks... ESPN: Their lead-in story for three different shows was about a new Ronaldo Statue's hair style. If they aren't catering to the sports crowd, then why the hell should I be watching this sh*t?! Larry Scott - Pac-12 commissioner. Completely useless person. Michael Kay - How the hell did he get a show?
  10. I liked Kyuss better. That's when Josh Homme had some balls. The Desert Sessions were great too.
  11. Perfect gif. This guy wins. Little Feat are by far the greatest band nobody knows jack ____ about. Too bad Lowell George couldn't find the right mixture. He was so friggin talented. Slide guitar with a socket wrench. Amazing.
  12. Ohhhh man. Don't quote me. Emperor of Sand such a let down. Show Yourself sounds like ******* Queens of The Stone Age.
  13. They used to be awesome. But yeah, now they kind of suck.