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  1. I feel like every rep that Hack doesn't get is a wasted play.
  2. Should be right next to a Museum of BDSM Fetishwear.
  3. Communication on offense, Corners who are an improvement over last year, How are new Safeties play, Will Powell spell Forte and be able to take over at times? Do Petty or Hack show anything? How is our pass rush going under Greene? How does Mo look after looking flat last year? Just a few thoughts and questions off the top of my head....
  4. I'm rooting for Hackenberg.

    I'm rooting for whomever gets us Sam Darnold on a silver platter.
  5. Sorry, I can't reply to articles that are pure garbage.
  6. I am so sick of the talk about Hack. I honestly think there are people who have so much invested on him failing just based on their initial opinions. The media needs to grow up. He will either show promise or crash and that's it.
  7. Throw Petty and Hack out for alternate games for all I care. With this O-line and those receivers, we aren't getting any where. Might as well find out if they will ever amount to anything.
  8. I am shaking my head at Macc's "find OL late in the draft" concept. I knew this was going to come back and bite us in the ass, esp. with all the young QB's we have.
  9. Only way we make a play for Cousins is if Hackenberg blows and we win enough games to miss out on a sure fire franchise QB.
  10. The real nightmare.

    How can you screw up a tank when haven't even started it yet?!
  11. Listen to Kevin Greene; Great Leader!!!

    So glad we have him. There isn't anybody who knows more about being a 3-4 backer and rushing the edge. I've always thought he was like a combination of Thor, Jack Armstrong and a Motivational Speaker, but that is just my own opinion! Seriously, the guy doesn't have a shred of pessimism in his entire body.
  12. If Hack turns out to be garbage (which there is a good chance he likely is) I won't care one bit about Lynch. Sorry, but I am only worried about the QB's on this roster.
  13. I was watching film of the A-train the other day. It's amazing how effective FB can be when you utilize it.