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    Watching the Flight Boys on the sideline at Gilette Stadium in the 2010 playoffs
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    AFC Championship game vs PIT in the 2010 playoffs
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  1. for a team in transition and preaching character - this team sure has been in the headlines for negative things a lot this off season. multiple PED suspensions, assault accuastions, poor management decisions. looks like Macc is in over his head again.
  2. will you got to the games?

    no. i actually gave up my season tickets as well.
  3. NAILED IT! Taco at 28 for the Boys!
  4. JetNation Draft Day Final Mock

    i'm most excited to see how closely our JN mock draft is to the real draft.
  5. Jets Season Tickets

    anyone want my PSL? sec 128 row 13, aisle seats
  6. PSLs

    i'm in section 128, row 13 with aisle seats. if interested let me know.
  7. the dallas cowboys select: Blake Jarwin, TE, Oklahoma St. @Paradis is up.
  8. sorry! making my pick now!!
  9. really messed up there with the Jones pick...
  10. the Eagles select: Tanzel Smart, DT, Tulane @Matt39 is OTC.
  11. can i make my pick?