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  1. what's the extra point conversion percentages?
  2. well the only reason I like Devin smith in that role is because he did it and did it well at Ohio State but I get what you're saying the guy needs to focus on panning out as WR for this offense that was essentially a two man show in the passing game. For how little these late rounders pan out, we should be able to pick up an established punt and kick returner in the draft, it's definitely worth the pick and roster spot, I mean just watch the cardinals Seahawks game today, a good return game is a game changing aspect for a team and it's something we completely lacked this season.
  3. I know Devin smith muffed a couple but I'd like to see him in that opportunity because he has the kind of moves and speed you want in a player returning on special teams, that or draft a guy similar to Lockett. I guess it isn't entirely fair to can April considering Quigley is the worst punter in the NFL and kerley is probably the worst punt returner in the NFL. Coverage which sucked all year though, is on him in my opinion.
  4. Special Teams

    Marshall and Fitzpatrick had career years in this offense, Gailey is the first OC I actually like. Our offense was probably around as good as our defense was this year. No problem there imo, but I think the Kerley situation is the new regime just making their mind up about a player before even giving them an opportunity
  5. Special Teams

    Easy TD, special teams handed the bills 10 points essentially, that TD and the missed field goal on our part. That should get better with Folk returning though.
  6. Special Teams

    Quigley is awful, he should be gone by the end of the night, same with April. 
  7. I've never seen a Special Teams unit so inept, they begged all year for a chance to blow a game for the Jets. I also find it hard to believe that there hasn't been anyone available this season that would be an upgrade over  Quigley. 
  8. Jets to Select 20th Overall

    If Elliot or another top back is available go there, maybe an OT, an ILB who is not a complete liability in pass coverage. That's where I go with the 1st pick. Stop with the pass rushing OLB we have 3 first round picks on the DL let them generate the rush.
  9. Glennon

    Enough with this guy he sucks, I'll take Geno everyday over this clown. He sucked coming out of NC State and he sucks now.
  10. Even if that is true why would he just name Winston QB outright if he felt like Glennon was just as good or better
  11. Come on man Lovie outright named Winston the starting QB not even a QB competition
  12. You're completely speculating, just stop man you're really letting your true colors show. You act like Geno is some sh*t human being, and defending him in this situation is uncomprehendable, when the guy you're defending has assaulted a police officer in the past?
  13. His opinion wasn't even really football related? He said if you're celebrating or trying to justify a sucker punch then you're contributing to the negative stereotype of Jets fans. Unless Geno actually did something horrible, and according to Bowles nothing he did warranted a sucker punch. So, if you are the type of fan this guy is talking about and are saying IK was right to punch him or Geno deserved it, I agree that you contribute to misrepresention of Jet fans and that the word moronic probably applies to you.
  14. Who cares what his name is? Nothing he said isn't true, I don't think you're getting my point. Anything Cris Carter says isn't inherently more valid because you know the guy's name. That's just "moronic". They're all equally informed on this situation.
  15. What he said is true, doesn't matter whose mouth it came out of, I guess you're an IK apologist/geno hater and this has struck a nerve