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  1. Unit isn't fast. Lee was a great pick, young and fast. Jenkins is not fast, ran close to a 4.8
  2. Josh Gordon too, can't stay on the field but when he is on it he's great
  3. Tom Brady is the reason you've been a dominant team, not BB's lackluster draft skills
  4. Bellichick is a weak drafter that's just a fact, no need to shine their tainted Super Bowl rings in our faces
  5. Well, it does make sense to do that. You could justify that you'd be hard pressed to find a player of Wilkerson's talent at 15, I know it's obviously been done, Wilk himself was like a 26th or 27th pick but it's a trade that could get fans excited and you may feel that nothing else left at 15 is worth passing on Mo. Still don't think it would happen but I'm sure Mac will make calls
  6. If anyone actually thinks the Pats would not explore, use, abuse, cheat and twist every single loop hole available to them re the cap like they do with everything else they are naive. You know I've heard that the Patriots are able to get a home discount on Brady just about every year, because Brady owns this water company and the Pats buy that water for concessions, players, etc. which he makes a fortune off of, but that doesn't count as compensation that counts against the cap.
  7. I don't think he's done an awful job this offseason, I wish he would've done more to try and retain Snacks but 9 million is steep, Ivory isn't worth what he got from Jacksonville, Forte is a good signing w/ the resigning of Powell. I don't like the Kerley release but I get that Bowles or Gailey had it out for him, and it's not detrimental. Wilk tag was the only move you could make, and you can't give Fitz 12 mill + despite his great season.
  8. I think the best situation for Petty's development is sitting for another year. He does have arm talent, I'd just like to put the kid in the best situation for him to succeed, even though I don't think he's any good. I'm actually okay with seeing what we have with Geno, especially with a talented offense like the one we have now. But I think the Jets would be more successful with Fitz, so I'd like to see us bring him back. But again, I don't see the issue with letting Petty sit another year. No one is saying base all your decisions on the development of the stud that is Petty, but if you could let him sit let him sit, then you have Geno, Petty, Rookie, as potential QB of the future, and hope that one pans out.
  9. I agree, I don't think he got a fair shake with the new regime, it seems they made their minds up before they even met the guy. This crap about Gailey liking bigger receivers is stupid, just because Thompkins is taller doesn't mean he'll catch a hail mary in the last quarter of a win and you're in game
  10. You don't need to break any news to me, I go to WVU watched Petty live, and his games in the big 12 his last year, he's mediocre at best and was awful in Morgantown. I don't think he's any good, but he may surprise me, obviously don't make plans around the guy, that's why you still draft a guy regardless and hope one of the 3 can put it all together.
  11. I agree, but Hoyer is awful, I'd rather it be Geno vs. Petty vs. Rookie in camp than giving Hoyer 5 million cause we lost out on Fitz. I think we'll wind up bringing Fitz back for 7-9 million on a 3 year deal that's really a two year deal. I just don't see the market for him, unless the Broncos want to make a move.
  12. I think the ideal plan was have a stop gap QB, draft another QB at some point over the next couple years whether it's in the 1st or 4th, and allow Petty to sit and watch for another year or two.
  13. Kerley will be a patriot, quote me when it happens
  14. Right well that's the problem, you lose out on Kaep and Fitz and then you really have to look at the draft with a Geno and Petty competition in camp