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  1. And those f u c king JOKE of a halftime shows. They are bending to the will of morons. And guess what, the morons hate and want to destroy them. And they are succeeding. Now they have this CTE nonsense as even more make believe ammo
  2. They allowed cheating and game rigging for (mainly) one very special team. They let those cheaters change the rules so they could succeed. It ruined the game completely. Now the game is dead. The refs play more of a role in the outcome than the actual teams. ESPECIALLY with the cheaters "games" They push this FRAUD of a breast cancer campaign which goes straight into Susan Komen's personal bank accounts. Now they want to push political propaganda. They destroyed themselves. Good riddance. I hope it all fails spectacularly.
  3. We better effing lose every game

    You know we won't and will be picking in the 5-8 range somehow with like 2-3 wins
  4. This team must be sold

    We hope... Might simply be nightmare continuing at the hands of another Johnson... lol At least throw in some baby powder for that wicked arse rash you're giving the "fanbase" sirs.
  5. This team must be sold

    They had (and continue to have) a LOT of help from their best pal, named Cheating. This is a fact. Not opinion. Fact. Without cheating and without rules specifically tailored to hold their hand... They would be absolutely nothing and Brady would be long gone from the NFL and never even talked about.
  6. Interesting Colon Insights

    well I guess I have to say after reading that, I do maybe feel a slight interest in maybe wasting some time watching and seeing what happens. Because up til now, I have zero interest in watching this team. I can't stand what Woody has done and I wish he would sell the team but that aint never gonna happen. I think Bowles is gutless which bums me out because we come from the same hometown, but again. Jets. If they are at least entertaining, that will be better than any of the garbage I can remember from them..... But I am not happy about Mccown starting. It better be ONLY due to injury

    Budget. There's so much CGI now... I wish they had just made them all longer at least... They kinda did, but I mean... 5 and 6 min longer, really? (besides the last one or 2 of course)

    I hate to say it bro but I don't think you are far off at all as far as D&D and the mirroring, lack of cleverness (and flat out balls of steel) that took it above anything seen on tv and pushed the envelope, and I don't think it's a product of feeling spoiled. There has been a very real shift in overall... (philosophy?? what's the damn word O'm looking for)... direction or whatever. It's really almost a different thing now. They are, from what we know, clearly out of that fanfackintastic dialogue and masterfully intertwined situations etc, and have employed a mix of cliche Hollywood gutless moves and plot armor that doesn't jive at all with the full picture that's made it so special... They are also veering off of what the actual CHARACTER may do/act in many ways and instead, taking other liberties (changing fundamental psychologies that have been developed) in order to simply showcase the actors' acting chops... This is why you see so many long stares lately and very little dialogue... which ironically, may kind of help them since they CLEARLY have no imagination or talent to follow up GRRM and the way he had these characters speak, act, etc. D&D literally elude to this in post show extras... it's bizarre and kind of sad. I could go into this at serious length but I'd rather just hit you with a youtube link of someone who broke all this sh*t down and REALLY goes into detail and it really opened my eyes to a lot of things, but left me feeling like these guys are just some mindless trustafarian chodes who have their favorite pet actors and have shifted gears to try and show off how great they can make an emotional face.. or an angry glare... at the expense of where the story would actually be going. Apparently there was supposed to be a COMPLETELY different ending to Battle Of THe Bastards for instance... The director spoke about it... Such a damn shame they (D&D) basically ruined the hell out of it for the most ridiculous of reasons, all equating to, they are a couple of filthy rich douches who have no idea how things actually WORK on a set or in general. Ugh. Basically it bummed me out but I wasn't surprised... I could always tell they seem like total pretentious douches with too much money and no common sense about the real world. Basically, they RUINED Dorne because they liked the actress who Played Elaria and wanted her to be in a real palace instead of a set... to help her feel immersed to bring out her anger... and in doing so, being warned by every expert that what they wanted to do was impossible with the alotted time, ignored them... And absolutely BUTCHERED Dorne. One of many examples. Having said that, I loved the hell out of the season and they still got me hyped AF. I thought the final one was kick ass and enjoyed most all of the season minus that stupid ass greyworm wast of valuable time to appease some social BS... ugh. But I'm sure the last season is going to be epic. Just glad those 2 are only gonna be involved with 6 more eps. They will not be involved with any of the spinoffs which is music to my ears. I don't wanna call them hacks.... but... eh... ya know

    I believe I heard they will all be in the 90 minutes range and the last ep 2 hours? But it is believed they will all be the longest episodes in the series, with the final basically being a full length movie. Not certain but that is sure what it sounded like from many sources
  10. What are u listening to right now?


    Gonna agree with this... The thing that seemed more off to me, was how Jamie didn't land in a foot (maybe 2) of water, and instead sank into an endless pit his horse was running along the edge of. LOL
  12. Tannenbaum? we had our shot... we done goofed