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  1. 6 players before we pick. Packers, Hawks, Jags, Bears, Rams, Chargers, and then Jets. Available players: Cook, Robinson, Willis, Cunningham, King, Lamp, Melifonwu, Wilson, Awuzie, Williams, Rivers, Kizer, Baker, Schuster, Zay Jones, Dawkins, Bowser, Samuel. Who are the teams before us taking and what's our pick?????
  2. what player is taken before its announced
  3. sure why not we don't have a 4th rounder what do we have to lose.
  4. 9 slots left before we pick . Lots of quality out there.
  5. that's because trump care like Devin is overrated.
  6. cant see him falling into 2nd round to us. If he's there you have to pull the trigger and grab him.
  7. no Funny Bones this week for your kid!
  8. Here we go.......Adams yea baby!!!!!!!!! Holy sh*t I almost pooped in my pants when I thought he'd say QB Deshaun Watson
  9. He better take Adams who was slotted to go 3 or 4
  10. For who? Are u kidding? Browns are not giving up picks.
  11. Yeah baby Davis to Titans! We got Adams!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Suspense is too much!!!!!!!
  13. SF picks Thomas GOOD keep those DL coming