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  1. The deadly duo of Pennel and Mo Wilk are readyyyyyyyyy.......................to get blocked.
  2. McCown is a putz, can't hold the ball that long in this situation.
  3. Worst call I've ever witnessed. ******* JOKE!!!
  4. Brady is such a little bitch, pointing at the ref for the flag lol
  5. Games over unless we start getting to Brady.
  6. 2 chances to close the half and the offense blows it both times.
  7. Offense has to do better, you gotta at least close out the half there.
  8. Terrible time to go 3 and out, Patriots have momentum.
  9. Only negative so far is that Brady hadn't head his head knocked off yet.
  10. I've been McCown critic this season but damn has he been impressive today.
  11. Lee upped his game considerably last 2 games.