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  1. I'm excited so long as McCown doesn't leave the bench.
  2. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    We need Oline desperately
  3. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Mac forgot we had a 4th...
  4. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    This can't he happening...
  5. Name to watch: Ryan Switzer, WR

    Belicheat must be jizzing his pants.
  6. Jets have to re-sign Geno

    If given a choice I'd rather re-sign Geno than keep Fitz another year.
  7. Chan retires, 5 coaches fired.

    Rodgers and Boyer still have jobs? Wot
  8. Remember Chad Pennington's martial arts training? That was a good one.
  9. DeShaun Watson...Tonight

    Read your post again, it doesn't read that way.
  10. DeShaun Watson...Tonight

    Since when is Mariota black? He's Samoan, if you're going to unnecessarily bring race into this discussion at least get the race right.
  11. Strikes me as highly hypocritical for Revis to talk about the Jets handling his situation with 'class', like the 'classy' ways Revis had handled his multiple contract disputes.
  12. Congrats to Cleveland, a team that plays hard every week.