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  1. Other Games Thread

    I think refs got the Detroit TD reversal wrong.
  2. Other Games Thread

    Houston just bent over.
  3. Wtf were Houston doing, just terrible. God I hate the cheats so much, Brady out there throwing jump balls and connecting on every one of them.
  4. ******* Pats I swear to god...
  5. That was on the freaking money, great play. Also screw the refs.
  6. Bryce Petty: This is my second chance

    I can't think of a legitimate reason to carry on with this McClown shambles. Sink or swim with the kids otherwise it's another wasted season behind an over the hill QB.
  7. For a vet QB McCown has f all pocket awareness.
  8. LOL charity penalty by the refs.
  9. 30 secs and three time outs and you take a knee?! Todds not even hiding the tank job
  10. Just turned on to see The D getting toasted 👍
  11. Nice Petty article

    Basically yes, in the way he earned it by default of not being as terrible as his competition, maybe earned is too strong a word.
  12. Nice Petty article

    Petty earned the starting gig period, not just because he had a decent pre-season but because Hack is non-functional and McCown is an old as dirt perennial loser.
  13. I'm excited so long as McCown doesn't leave the bench.
  14. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    We need Oline desperately
  15. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    Mac forgot we had a 4th...
  16. ^^^The official 2017 NFL Draft Day Thread^^^

    This can't he happening...
  17. Name to watch: Ryan Switzer, WR

    Belicheat must be jizzing his pants.
  18. Jets have to re-sign Geno

    If given a choice I'd rather re-sign Geno than keep Fitz another year.
  19. Chan retires, 5 coaches fired.

    Rodgers and Boyer still have jobs? Wot
  20. Remember Chad Pennington's martial arts training? That was a good one.
  21. DeShaun Watson...Tonight

    Read your post again, it doesn't read that way.