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    Rex greeting the team in the endzone after Greenes TD. Foxborough AFCDG
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    Doug Brien, being in Pitt for the AFCCG L.
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  1. Poll: Rooting for wins? Or Tank?

    Tank. Can't get excited over McCown no matter how good he plays. Hes a fossil
  2. It was reported he explored trading up for Goff so I'm sure he would do it

    Imagine handing out a big contract to Mike Glennon? Man that's horrible, he really sucks and always has
  4. He stunk at Notre Dame so I'm not surprised
  5. Elite QB's...who are they?

    Brady Rodgers Ryan
  6. Bad player who doesn't play close to his athleticism. That being said, sign him
  7. Shefter: David Harris to Pats

    Good for him . He deserves a SB run, true pro
  8. From the Life is Unfair department...

    Sorry for your loss
  9. Parting Ways After 29 Years

    Should have given them up when you moved across the country
  10. Are the Jets actually tanking for a....

    Yup, QB is a high bust position. There are maybe 10 good ones in the NFL and 10 get drafted every year, most likely all being busts. Stupid to look at a handful of bad QBs and say the entire school will never have a good QB again
  11. Bob Stoops

    As a Texas fan I agree !
  12. Not having a good draft in literally 10 years is why we are currently the Browns. Not because we cut a bunch over 30 year old plus, overpaid players.
  13. No reason to keep him or Harris. Save the money and have it roll over for next season instead of maybe getting an extra win this year. The team stinks with or without them.