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  1. Horrible value on these trade backs!!
  2. If Butt is there with our 4th we have to get a good firm grip on him
  3. He can be a good player but hes small and is a little older. I think Godwin is better too. Least favorite pick so far
  4. When you take Adams you are taking a leader and a culture changer so that must be factored in as well. One of the best players in the draft on the field. He played 41% FS, 32% CB , 13% SS and 14% LB , he can do it all. Maye individually is a great player but I agree taking another is probably overkill. There were some great corners on the board or Cook. On the positive side Maye had the 2nd lowest catch rate at S in college and only missed 1 tackle in 438 snaps (per PFF). He is injury prone though . Trying to stay positive at least it looks like the 2nd round curse is over . He will be a good player , something this team lacks .
  5. Tony Pauline reporting Jets and Chargers trying to trade up for Davis Webb
  6. Dalvin Cook
  7. Gruden stinks, but hes right here. Adams is the best pick of the draft.
  9. Hooker
  10. No way, he's horrible
  11. He won 9 straight after losing his first start. Sam and USC were buzzing through out the entire winning streak. The people who think its based off just the Rose Bowl are wrong and didnt watch CFB