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  1. QB Rotation for the Giants Game

    I would presume mccown will get at least the entire first quarter. It will be interesting to see if hack or petty will be the #2 guy in. I would hope we can at least see a semblance of functional football, an offensive TD would be nice too. If the regular season turns into a long string of 3 and outs it won't be worth watching at all.
  2. Hack did not even look like a functional qb this past game. Someone pulled randomly from the stands would have performed similarly. It was a total embarrassment. Starting him at this juncture would be the equivalent of a forfeit, it is possible the jets could be fined for starting him😁
  3. That kind of night, our first round safety had more missed tackles than our qb had completions😂
  4. The facts are hack looks like garbage and mahomes looks like a legit NFL qb.
  5. Great job as always. This was a very encouraging start for hack. Much improved from last year. He looked like a functional NFL qb. This is step 1 in his development. Would look for him to maybe start stretching the field next and then going through progressions faster and finally being able to manipulate the defense with his eyes. He has an NFL arm, NFL size, apparently is smart, and seems to have a good temperment. Consistency is what makes franchise qbs. Let's see if he can continue to improve.
  6. Petty got his shot last year and he was pretty terrible and was injured twice. There is a strong possibility he never throws a regular season pass again in the NFL (or at least for the Jets), according to semeni hack had 3 drops. So he would have been 11/19 58% comp with 2td and 0 picks, that is a good day in my book!
  7. Harper could make the team. He has good hands, which seems to be a rarity with this crew.
  8. Wheel route = death for Davis. This matchup must be avoided at all costs in regular season!
  9. Too many penalties but generally agree. It should also be noted that the tackling was overall very solid which was refreshing to see. Remember Bowles 1st preseason game a couple years ago, the tackling was atrocious and worse than a high school team. The increased contact in TC is already paying dividends.
  10. Martin is not a bubble player they just signed him to a 2yr contract. He did improve his chance of playing in base defense though. Mcdougle made more plays last night that he had in his entire career to date. He could enter the rotation as #4 DB
  11. I agree with max, a B. No picks was great. Scoring zero points on 8 drives is not good at all. He was victimized by some terrible drops that would have been driving extending first downs. He was very accurate and decisive. He took one sack and that was on a blown play. Definitely encouraging and something to build off. Needs to get the ball in the end zone next week.
  12. Camp Updates Wed 8/9

    Plus petty is older than hack and has actually started actual regular season NFL games. It should be expected for Petty to be ahead of hack for those reasons alone.