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  1. His salary will be at least 30million if they franchise him again, would they even have the cap space to do that?
  2. I think he will be disappointed when he hits the open market. He was looking to break the bank but that will be hard to do if he has another 2-3 sack season.
  3. Darron Lee

    have to give credit where it's due, he made some nice plays out there today.
  4. Yep or massive pay cut. No way he comes back for 17million.
  5. His tackling is better than what he showed in the preseason, but that hasn't prevented the defense from giving up almost 200yds rushing a game. Would like see some splash plays like an interception or forced fumble too.
  6. Darron Lee

    Darron Lee game tape from yesterday
  7. Very solid game by the oline. Mack was pretty much neutralized. Run game was decent. Mcclown had plenty of the time in the pocket most of the time. Shell looks like a decent starter. McGuire needs more playing time.
  8. Need a football guy to run the whole show. Woody should just be consulted to sign checks and pick the bathroom wall colors in the stadium. Give blank check to John Dorsey the former KC guy to be team president and/or GM.
  9. If Toilet is still the coach it will be OLB or maybe even punt returner with the moron in charge!
  10. Mac will stay, he will get a chance to hand pick his own coach I think. If toilet goes 0-16 he will be fired, if his defense continues to look like complete garbage he will be fired.
  11. Yes either major pay cut or outright released, most definitely. Looks like jets will draft another d-lineman in the first round!
  12. I deleted all my cookies and history, it did help. Still get it occasionally but not as bad before.