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  1. Harris was a good player for us and solid guy from all reports. He was cut and needs a job, good for him, he went to a better situation.
  2. Right, a guy who knocked a girl out, a guy with a torn Achilles, and a drunk?
  3. Come on, he has had only 2 drafts. Still early to call. We won't discuss most recent draft since they have not played yet, but Adams has been very impressive early. Leonard Williams- stud already made pro bowl devin smith- bust, but had a lot of injuries too Mauldin- down year last yr, could be rotational player. Let's see how he does this yr petty- if he turns out to be decent back-up, ok pick harrison-bust simon-has flashed, I think he may end up starting honestly. Could be a gem. Lee- undersized, possible head case. Let's see how he does this yr hack- improving, we will see him this yr. jenkins- starter, solid pick Burris- will probably be starter this yr shell- will likely be starter, looked decent last yr edwards- punter, needs to get better peake- will see this yr, has potential.
  4. Jamal Adams has looked great so far with multiple PD and picks. He has made more plays in a few ota's than Pryor has made in his entire NFL career!😃
  5. Excellent write up, better than anything that those hacks manish or cimini produce.
  6. Ryan Sixpicktrick
  7. Very nice write-up. He certainly has skills, if he can be coached up and become consistent we may have a real good player here.
  8. If the second year guys can step up macs draft from 2016 could be a cornerstone draft for this team Lee- starting LB Hack- starting qb (unknown if he will be good though) jenkins- starting olb burris- starting corner shell- starting RT peake- wr4 maybe better edwards- punter (needs to improve)
  9. Don't forget oline, TE, and rb too. Should be set at safety hopefully.
  10. Why work out Ridley? He sucked 2yrs ago. Unless he has been taking near lethal doses of hgh and steroids there is no way he has gotten better in the last 2yrs.
  11. If it's in open space Pryor would just fall down anyway.
  12. Golden Tate is a good comp. Stewart had a lot of long scores in his game log and an impressive ypc, looks like a big play guy by those metrics.
  13. You can be damn sure he can take better angles on the field too!
  14. Louisville jogger, he always jogs into the screen at the end of a play.
  15. Yes he said he was going for a shrimp bowl