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  1. Sweet, championship!!!
  2. Jets traded back again, stockpiling the 7th rounders I guess. 🤔
  3. Any Rutgers safeties declare for the draft??
  4. I figured it out. Jets are drafting only safeties this yr. that's right, we will draft 7 safeties.
  5. Wtf???? Another safety??? What am I missing here???
  6. Jets looking to move up and trade with packers.
  7. Not in 3rd round. Maybe in 5th if there, would consider Sidney jones in that area too.
  8. Yes, he is so elusive he is practically invisible on the field.
  9. Hah, cash me outside biaaatches!!!!
  10. Jeezus this mackinley guy is a total loose cannon, atl must be crapping their pants after this display.
  11. Dang this dude is crazy!!
  12. Personal foul on this dude, bringing props on to the draft stage!
  13. Man that would suck, they need TE bad too.
  14. Probably draft another safety/db or DL
  15. Yeah no doubt. Our second rounder should be a good player. The qbs and wr are being overdrafted imo. Some good football players are being pushed down in the round.